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PWA for eCommerce

PWA for Online Marketplace: A Right Technology Investment?

Experimenting with new technology for an online marketplace can be scary, but should you be afraid of PWA?

Progressive Web App is the talk of the town, and the praises for its benefits have no end, yet, when it comes to investing in it, the cloud of suspicion forms in our head and gets stuck at one and the same point, “whether to invest or not?”

PWA Webinar

Live Webinar : PWA – Next-Gen eCommerce Technology

PWAs have proven to achieve 50% higher conversion rates for eCommerce companies along with a better customer experience and higher searchability on the web app.

No wonder popular eCommerce brands like Alibaba, MakeMyTrip, Jumia, and George.com launched their PWA-enabled websites. Alibaba achieved 76% higher conversions across the web and mobile browsers!

Learn how you can enhance your online store performance using Progressive Web App technology.

MobiCommerce is one of the early movers in PWA development with successful implementation. Our full-fledged framework is built over preferred React technology stack.

Key points will discuss in the webinar,

  • PWA – a next-gen eCommerce solution
  • Exciting features of PWA
  • Why PWA for better user experience and higher conversion rate
  • PWA for Desktop & Mobile – suitable for all size of devices
  • The reasons why PWA eCommerce performs better in Google Search engine
  • Live Demo of MobiCommerce Magento PWA solution
  • Successful case studies of PWA solution

Danish Hussain
eCommerce Expert
Dipika Jadwani

25th September, 2019 – 12.30 PM to 1.30 PM GMT

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