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New website launch

Our Rebranded Website Is Here To Enthrall Ecommerce Business Owners!

We are incredibly thrilled to announce the launch of our new and improved website ( It was long in the making, but we took our sweet time to ensure we covered everything for the benefit of our potential customers.

As we grew from being known as only an eCommerce app development company to the one-stop-destination for all digital commerce solutions, having a platform to showcase our capabilities and USPs was the most viable option.

MobiCommerce has now been rebranded with a new corporate website, complete with a modern and enriching design, and a vibrant and simple user interface. We are a young, enthusiastic, and tech-forward company in a true sense!

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Rakesh Jain, has the vision to show our target audience that they can imagine a promising future fueled by innovation, customer satisfaction, and agility with us. With the revamp, we hit the bull’s eye as a leading digital commerce company!

Branding with a purpose

The new branding combines primary (yellow) and secondary (black) colors. While the latter is associated with high-end sophistication and professionalism, the former stands for clarity, optimism, and warmth. On being used together, both colors bring out the spirit of MobiCommerce as the full-service digital commerce service provider.

Features and functionalities take centerfold

The website explains the benefits of our flagship solutions in a transparent, user-friendly manner. The website content is comprehensive, coupled with attractive imagery and bifurcations to quickly understand the subject matter.

From tier pricing, customer segmentation, and payment integrations to one-click checkout and Refer & Earn programs — there are many features that businesses get to deploy to upscale their online stores, and they all have been listed clearly on the site.

Lightening-fast website speed

One of the biggest purposes of refreshing the website was to match the latest Core Web Vitals that favor high Google search rankings. Given that we want our visitors to enjoy a smooth browsing experience, we have ensured our website is fast with clear-cut navigation.

It is also responsive across multiple devices and screen sizes, enabling potential customers to check out the site on the go. We have proudly met all the vital web parameters to boost our SEO friendliness in terms of visual stability and interactivity.

Industry-specific products

From supermarkets and boutiques to groceries and cosmetics shops to florists and multi-city franchise businesses, we cater to a range of industries. Our new website has individual product pages for 20+ industries, each clearly stating niche-specific features that eCommerce businesses from different industries can benefit from.

CTAs to promote approachability

We have sprinkled CTA buttons across the website to ensure interested businesses can reach out to us easily. MobiCommerce is known for its excellent customer service, and we want to deliver that right from the beginning.

Higher trust factor on the site

A lot of emphasis has been given to display the fantastic work we have done for our clients. You can check out the written testimonials and also the dedicated portfolio section. Our clients have also reviewed us positively on Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and Clutch.

We want potential customers to land on our website and immediately decide to work with us and see us as a long-term partner.

To experience our latest website, please head here. We would love to know what you think of it. Also, please use the “Request for Demo” option if you want to see what MobiCommerce can do for your online business.

Mobicommerce Themes

MobiCommerce Launches Six Customizable Turnkey Website Themes For Easy Ecommerce Setup

It’s no secret that to turn eCommerce store visitors into customers, an attractive website packed with user-friendly functionalities is paramount. After all, consumers of today seek convenience while shopping online, and if your eCommerce store can’t give them that, you are at a loss!

Therefore, in a bid to make setting up an eCommerce store easier, MobiCommerce has launched six turnkey website themes, designed for those business owners who want to start a fully functional store at the earliest, hassle-free.

A typical turnkey website is loaded with essential features such as website hosting, shopping cart systems, domain names, and scripts. But, the MobiCommerce team has gone the extra mile to give their customers an unparalleled experience by including functionalities such as:

  • Full customization
  • 100% responsiveness across multiple devices such as desktop, mobile, and tablet
  • Google Fonts
  • RTL support (apt for Arabic and similar language-speaking market)
  • SEO-friendliness
  • Ajax programming

The reason MobiCommerce decided to take the step was to overcome the constraints of ready-made themes and allow eCommerce store owners to make any customization and upgradation on the website with the click of a few buttons.

Without further ado, let us learn about the features that these six themes have:

1) Mobi-Naive

The theme is perfect for those eCommerce stores that focus majorly on running offers and showcasing new products. The layout of the website is sales-driven, so if the goal of your eCommerce store is to drive revenues, this theme’s perfect for you. It is also available in Arabic.


Key features include:

  • Footer section is divided into four parts: contact details, product pages, social icons, and copyright page.
  • Add cross-selling, upselling and related products in the admin panel.
  • In navigation section, you can show all the category lists.
  • Multiple banner slides to promote offers and new products
  • 2) Mobi-Ignite

    A step ahead of theme one, you can show the clients you cater to and showcase three USPs about your eCommerce store. The product pages are loaded with different types of information, such as descriptions, reviews, and specifications. It is also available in Arabic.

    Mobi-Ignite eCommerce Theme

    Key features include:

  • Users can mage storena, currency, login/signup sections separately.
  • Added three extra features such as free shipping, money back guarantee and online support in the content section
  • A brand slider to showcase all the eCommerce companies selling on your website
  • 3) Mobi-Lorix

    If selling products on the website is not your only aim, then this theme will give you plenty of options to add on the homepage. For starters, you can showcase testimonials and latest blogs – nudging potential customers to see you as a well-liked, leading store in the market. You can even add a newsletter subscription form at the bottom, and switch to the Arabic language.

    Mobi-lorex eCommerce Theme

    Key features include:

  • Users can easily manage the banner slider and change it from the admin panel.
  • An Instagram section, displaying latest posts on the homepage itself – built with an aim to increase social following.
  • 4) Mobi-Opus

    Whether you want to showcase your new products or promote your blogs – you can do it all with this theme. And if you are keen to display your clientele, you can do that too. The theme is also available in Arabic.

    Mobi-opus eCommerce Theme

    Key features include:

  • Footer section is divided into two parts: contact details and social icons.
  • Add cross-selling, upselling and related products in the admin panel.
  • In navigation section, you can show all the category lists.
  • Multiple banner slides to promote offers and new products
  • 5) Mobi-Suprimo

    If driving sales is a priority for your eCommerce store, the homepage banner will sweep you off your feet. Not only can you promote multiple sales simultaneously but also do it most attractively. If you cater to the Middle Eastern market, you can even get the theme in languages like Arabic.

    Mobi-suprimo eCommerce Theme

    Key features include:

  • Users can manage store, currency, login/signup sections separately.
  • Added three extra features such as free shipping, money back guarantee and online support in the content section
  • brand slider to showcase all the eCommerce companies selling on your website
  • 6) Mobi-Nyon

    If your eCommerce store is lifestyle-focused, you can use this theme to showcase the offers running and new product launches conveniently. You also have the liberty to promote your most recent blogs on the homepage and the clientele you cater to. It is also available in Arabic.

    Mobi-Nyon eCommerce Theme

    Key features include:

  • Added a blogs section that can be easily managed from the admin panel
  • An Instagram section, displaying latest posts on the homepage itself – built with an aim to increase social following.
  • Over to you

    MobiCommerce websites are fully-responsive, highly customizable, and implement cutting-edge technology to deliver the very best customer experience. With us, you can be assured of nothing else but quality.

    So, which website are you going to select for your eCommerce store today?

    P.S. We offer full customization according to your business requirements.

    Certified Magento 2 Developers

    MobiCommerce Upgrades its Team, Makes Them Magento Certified

    Ahmedabad, GJ; July 4, 2019: With websites powering up by the open-sourced platform Magento, developers with a forte in Magento development is becoming the need of the hour. Hence, to meet the demands of ecommerce merchants, and to serve them a website with a professional touch, MobiCommerce is progressing up its team by helping them achieve the title of certified Magento developers.

    Magento 2.3 has already swept people off the floor with its extraordinary features and functionalities, but it can woo the customers entirely only if it is developed at the hands of certified professionals who have the expertise in handling any complexity during the development and deployment phase.

    “We at MobiCommerce always maintain a development environment to encourage our team to participate and sharpen their skills on their own. We make sure that they get the right platform and nurturing to help them bloom to their fullest. We are just showing them the way towards the real-world experience with the Magento tools, and we are proud that two from our team have become perfectionists in using Magento.” says Abhishek Agarwal, CMO of MobiCommerce.

    The Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer certification has different categories which a developer can choose on the basis of interest and expertise, and they are; Solution Specialist, Front End Developer, Associate Developer, Professional Developer, Developer Plus, Javascript Developer, and Cloud Developer. MobiCommerce has kept the options open for all its team members to pick whatever they want to master themselves.

    Nothing can rule out the compatibility between eCommerce store and Magneto 2 platform. In spite of being clearly superior, Magento never fails to continually improve its product, which is why, every new release of it is concurrent and futuristic, helping it to stay on top of the game. Hence, to give that level of experience, MobiCommerce decided to take its team a level up.

    “Considering the business and clients and customer reach of MobiCommerce, having certified Magento 2 developers in-house will open a plethora of opportunities for us without a doubt” adds Agarwal.

    If you wish to spice up your eCommerce store or want to give a promising start for your online store, leveraging the extensive experience and expertise in developing innovative eCommerce solutions of MobiCommerce will be the smart and right choice. Reach out to us to know more.

    Live webinar UAE

    Now MobiCommerce Team is in Dubai, UAE for In-Person Meetings

    Organizations that walk the extra mile to keep their clients happy and satisfied are always more successful than those who don’t.

    A Microsoft study states 54% of customers have higher expectations for customer service today as compared to 2016. That shows client satisfaction is considered an important metric for business growth – one that can’t be ignored.”

    And MobiCommerce, a leading eCommerce software solutions provider, entirely agrees with that. In a bid to accelerate business expansion in the GCC region, MobiCommerce has appointed Danish Hussain, an eCommerce expert, to work from their Dubai office from next week.

    Physical Representation in UAE: Next Plausible Step

    MobiCommerce hopes to ensure more transparent and timely communication with its clients and convert prospects faster through the physical representative in the region. They already have a steady stream of clients from Middle Eastern countries such as:

    • Kuwait
    • Bahrain
    • Saudi Arabia
    • UAE
    • Qatar

    Danish, who has visited Dubai several times in the past for representing MobiCommerce at various events and to hold meetings with clients and prospects is only too happy with the opportunity to work from Dubai.

    He has been with the company as a Business Development Manager since 2015 and is also the face and voice at many webinars conducted by MobiCommerce. MobiCommerce is confident the strategic move will help them in gaining a competitive edge, given that a majority of their clients hail from UAE and surrounding countries.

    Customer First Approach, Always

    Face-to-face interaction with the clients indeed boosts satisfaction, retention, and loyalty levels. With the help of Danish, MobiCommerce hopes to arm itself with a faster system concerning clients and prospects for:

    • Resolving issues around product features
    • Convince passive buyers to make a purchase
    • Reinforcing benefits of the MobiCommerce products
    • Convert interested prospects quickly

    Danish holds an MBA degree from the prestigious Symbiosis International University. He is an expert in demonstrating product pitches, negotiating tactfully, tapping new business opportunities, and using sales CRM systems.

    Wrapping Up

    Danish starts work from Dubai on June 25, 2019. So, if you are reading this and are interested in getting in touch with him when he is in Dubai, we have something for you. Please feel free to schedule your one-to-one meeting with our BD Manager Danish Hussain.

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    eCommerce software solution company

    MobiCommerce Among Leaders of Ecommerce Development Companies!

    Since 2014, we have been the India’s most trusted ecommerce website development, mobile app development, and marketplace development companies for B2B and B2C industries. For our ability to deliver, Clutch has named MobiCommerce a leader among eCommerce development companies in India.

    Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews firm dedicated to helping businesses solve their current business hurdles. Direct-client feedback is obtained by Clutch business analysts from clients who have used our services. Aside from our services, Clutch ranks services based on a unique methodology that evaluates a firm’s technical capabilities, market presence, and in-depth client reviews. On Clutch, we obtained a 4.8-star out of 5-star rating from our clients and here’s what they said:

    “Their extensive Magento knowledge helped us a lot. – Head of IT, Safari House General Trading Company

    We had access to speak with everyone. – Marketing Director, Total Ink Solutions

    Furthermore, The Manifest, also ranks MobiCommerce amongst the top eCommerce development companies. The Manifest, Clutch’s sister-site, provides industry reports and other metrics to help companies narrow their searches for the best B2B services to fit their business needs. Additionally, our work is also featured on Visual Objects among the top web development companies in India.

    We want to thank our clients for their support as well as Clutch and their hardworking team for gathering first-hand accounts and reviews of our work. We look forward to continuing the success of MobiCommerce into the new year and throughout the years that follow.

    Mobicommerce has been featured as Top E-commerce Software Development Company.

    Feature Image Germany

    Gearing up for Germany! MobiCommerce up for its next business hunt at Munich

    Ahmedabad, India: The summer is all set for MobiCommerce, an eCommerce expertise having a fleet of 500+ clients around the globe, who recently announced its next business hunt from 14th to 17th of May on the grounds of Munich in Germany.

    The visit will be led by Dheeraj Jain, Sr. Sales Consultant of MobiCommerce who along with his flamboyant team are looking forward to seeking potential partners, finding new opportunities, exploring the latest trends and technologies in the eCommerce market and much more on a global level.

    Speaking about the visit, Rakesh Jain, the CEO and Co-founder of Mobicommerce said, “We are confident that it is going to be an exciting meet-up for MobiCommerce because as always we have our super-enthusiastic team as our driving force who never misses an opportunity to learn and explore what’s new in the eCommerce industry. We enjoy demonstrating what we offer and how our solutions help people achieve their business goals, which we are looking forward to doing the same at Munich as well.”

    Adding more to the purpose of the visit, Dheeraj Jain said, “The eCommerce opportunities in Germany is growing incredibly well. The forecast of German eCommerce itself is expected to be worth 58.5 billion euros by the end of 2019 and the average online spend per shopper saw a 30 percent rise than the last year. Hence, it is evident from the figures how much the German population are into eCommerce and its trends which we are very much excited to explore.”

    MobiCommerce is leading the eCommerce market, making its presence felt in every industry at every step with its extensive knowledge and market experience to support a variety of businesses in both B2B and B2C brands. Their commendable expertise in eCommerce solutions has helped many businesses set out on their online journey smoothly, without any pause. Visit Mobicommerce for more details.

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    Seamless Expo

    Hello, Dubai! MobiCommerce Set To Visit Seamless Middle East 2019

    Exciting times ahead! MobiCommerce, a leading end-to-end eCommerce software solution provider, is all set to attend Seamless Middle East 2019 in Dubai from 10 to 11 April. The free-to-attend expo will be held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

    Although the MobiCommerce team will attend Seamless Ecommerce, the event covers five significant industries of the world, including Payments, FinTech, ID, Retail and Ecommerce on a single platform.

    With a steady clientele from the GCC region which includes countries like UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, MobiCommerce is excited to gain exposure at the event. According to its CMO Abhishek Agarwal, Seamless Ecommerce is a catalyst for growth in the eCommerce landscape across the Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia, and North Africa.

    “We look forward to meeting interesting startups, digital marketing agencies, business consultants, and web and app developers. We hope Seamless opens new avenues for us in the eCommerce space,” adds Agarwal.

    Over 35o exhibitors and 40+ product categories (i.e., Omnichannel, Ecommerce Platforms, Checkout Carts, and others) will feature at the event. In the “eCommerce” leg of the event, fast-growing startups will be encouraged to meet interested investors, like-minded entrepreneurs and potential customers under “Startup Showcase.”

    A two-day programme on “growing a profitable online business” will also be held during the event that will focus on giving practical advice to young entrepreneurs who are stepping into the eCommerce space.

    Primarily known for developing scalable and feature-rich eCommerce websites, mobile apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for both hyper-local and global clients, MobiCommerce boasts of being more cost-friendly and fast as compared to its competitors.

    The MobiCommerce team will be in Dubai from 6 April to 11 April and are looking forward to having one-to-one meetings with interested customers. That will allow the team to understand the business and eCommerce requirements of their potential customers.

    Does this sound like something you would do? Book an appointment today.

    KSA business trip

    Gracias KSA Entrepreneurs for Enriching eCommerce Business Partnership Experience, Says Mobicommerce

    Ahmedabad, India: The visit to Saudi Arabia turned out to be a land of opportunity for Mobicommerce, the leading e-commerce solution provider across the globe. The team of Mobicommerce was at Riyadh in Saudi Arabia from 16th to 26th February 2019 in order to meet up budding ecommerce aspirants as well as the experienced players in the ecommerce field.

    Once again, the visit turned out to be a major breakthrough for Mobicommerce who returned successfully from Saudi Arabia fulfilling the purposes of their visit. Mobicommerce got the chance to interact with many well-known IT and eCommerce entrepreneurs and industry experts from various backgrounds. The meet turned exciting when each one contributed their thoughts upon eCommerce technology advancements like PWA, Native Mobile App, Ecommerce, Cloud, DevOps and Magento performance. Even the talks of technology partnerships emerged during the discussions which can be seen soon in the near future because for the people of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), it was a first-time experience and an out-of-the-box meet up which they embraced beautifully. The visit of Mobicommerce and certain turnkey solutions discussed during the meetup will definitely empower the small and medium businesses of KSA to start taking their first step into the online market.

    “The meet-up was so much more than we anticipated. I and my team had a great time exploring and connecting with varied experts in the ecommerce field. We shook hands to a lot of long-term business partnerships and returned with many pleasant memories of the visit. For us, it was no less than a golden opportunity as we were blessed to hear from our already existing old clients who were present there, their business success stories after using our solutions” says Rakesh Jain, the CEO and Co-founder of Mobicommerce.

    Expressing the gratitude for this meet-up to the people of KSA, Mobicommerce is looking forward to such opportunities and is always on their feet to enhance and support such new-age ecommerce entrepreneurs to come up, establish and bring a change in the online market.

    GCCI member

    MobiCommerce Becomes A Member Of Gujarat Chamber Of Commerce & Industry

    The year 2019 is off to a good start for MobiCommerce as it now joins the impressive list of members of Gujarat Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (GCCI).

    An end-to-end eCommerce software solution provider, MobiCommerce builds customized, scalable and feature-rich eCommerce websites, mobile apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). It currently caters to more than 500 clients across the globe from countries like the USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy Netherlands, Australia, India, UAE and more.

    The company takes pride in developing a solution tailored to business requirements in a span of two to three weeks and for a lot less money than the industry standards. It doesn’t matter whether the business is hyper-local or global, Mobicommerce has a solution for everything.

    As a member of GCCI, MobiCommerce is set to enjoy various benefits such as:

  • Assistance for exhibiting in trade fairs
  • Ease in establishing trade in foreign countries
  • Access to representations made by GCCI at various public bodies
  • Opportunity to participate in lectures and meetings on subjects of topical interest
  • Prospects via social networks & customer references
  • Opportunity for low cost advertising
  • Access to industry-related database
  • Abhishek Agarwal, CMO of MobiCommerce, calls the step as ‘groundbreaking’. “It is indeed an honor for us to be known as the member of GCCI. The credential adds to our credibility and puts focus on the brilliant work we do. Moreover, this stamp of approval enhances the trust amongst our clients. What more can we ask for?”

    Seamless- Feature image

    MobiCommerce to Welcome Exciting New Opportunities at Riyadh and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia

    Ahmedabad, India: MobiCommerce, the most trusted ecommerce website and mobile app solution providers for B2C and B2B brands as well as multi-vendor marketplaces, have finally announced the dates of their most awaited business meet at Riyadh and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, which is scheduled from 16th to 26th February 2019.

    Just as always, with this meet, MobiCommerce is aiming to open up remarkable partnering opportunities for businesses looking out there for new endeavours. With the advancement of the ecommerce market all over the globe today, businesses are taking interest in e-commerce solutions, for which MobiCommerce is all set to guide and support them.

    Describing the visit, Rakesh Jain, the CEO and Co-founder of Mobicommerce said, “We at MobiCommerce believe in walking together than competing because one business needs another business in some way, at some point to grow and achieve success, that’s what we are planning to attain with this meet up. We have a specially designed program for that called “Mobicommerce Solution Partner Program” through which businesses of any size can partner with us for all their eCommerce and mCommerce needs required to survive the market today.”

    MobiCommerce Solution Partner Program is for everyone; Web and App Developers, Software Vendors, Graphic and Web Designers, Good Networkers, Digital Marketing Agencies, Business and/or E-commerce Consultants, Bloggers (eCommerce, technology, or others). It is a partner focused business model that comes with complete assistance, tech support and dedicated account management, that any business can take advantage of.

    “It gives the privilege of co-marketing, using which, a business can gain good market exposure as the trusted partner of MobiCommerce and enjoy our partner-specific offers as well as gain access to our partner-specific support and knowledgebase portal. To add more, we even get our partners listed in our Mobicommerce Solution Partner Directory, which acts as a profitable boost for those businesses,” adds Danish Hussain, the E-commerce Expert of MobiCommerce.

    MobiCommerce is one of the premier providers of feature-rich, customizable, scalable, reliable, and affordable eCommerce and MCommerce solutions with 500+ clients across the globe. To partner with such a big fish in the ocean is an opportunity one must not miss.

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    Gitex 2018

    Throwback to the MobiCommerce’s Participation at GITEX 2018, Dubai

    Last week, the world witnessed a spellbinding future at the largest tech expo that took place at the Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE, where more than 4,000 exhibitors and 750 start-ups from over 175 countries gathered together exhibiting their best.

    MobiCommerce, the most trusted e-commerce website and mobile app solution providers for B2C and B2B market, too, exhibited at the 38th GITEX Technology Week 2018. Annually held, this year GITEX was organized between 14 Oct and 18 Oct 2018 where around 146000 industry leaders and professionals were expected to assemble under one roof showcasing their intriguing innovations like every year.

    Under the theme of ‘Experience Future Urbanism’, GITEX Technology Week was a visual treat to the eyes. From flying cars, robot pharmacists to automated pizza delivery carts, tastes of new future were served at GITEX. Products and solutions from every bit of Technology, Computer, Information Technology, Software, Digital Marketing, Technology Management, and Mobile Apps were exhibited that made the event a remarkable one as always.

    MobiCommerce was honoured to be a part of it and here are the highlights of our exhibition at GITEX 2018;

    • Interacting with clients and prospects was one of the best experience for us at GITEX 2018. Receiving their reaction, answering their queries, explaining to them about our solutions, all was a learning experience for us too. Their presence at Mobicommerce booth itself made our GITEX incredible.
    • As promised, the discussion about our eCommerce and mCommerce opportunities and tech trends in detail went surprisingly well. The engaging audience encouraged us further and we too enjoyed sharing our core with them which will be unforgettable for us.
    • A whopping 150,000 attendees from across 120+ countries with many key prospects from the Middle East were present at GITEX which opened up exciting opportunities for us too, to interact with them. Mobicommerce left no stone unturned in meeting and interacting such a vast audience at our best.
    • Mobicommerce is thankful for having got the chance to meet multiple business entrepreneurs from around the world, out of which 20% of them were the key prospects.
    • GITEX 2018 indeed turned out to be a fruitful exhibition not just for us but for all those who participated or were a part of it, to develop a business relationship and generate new clients, nurture leads, networking and much more.

    “It is impossible to describe GITEX 2018 in few words because it was not an event but was more like living an experience. I and my team are so thrilled to have participated in GITEX that words are falling short for us. The presence of people and professionals from around the world at our Mobicommerce booth doubled our excitement and we were always on our feet to meet and interact with them. I must say, each and every one who participated and were present at the visually impressive GITEX event, did a fabulous job and I wish them all a bright future ahead” says Rakesh Jain, CEO and Co-founder of Mobicommerce.

    We would like to shower our special thanks to GITEX for conducting a wonderful tech event and salutes their management and organization team who handled such a gigantic event as smooth as silk. Mobicommerce is blessed and honoured and will look forward to exhibiting next year as well.