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When you create a medical store app for your pharmacy with Mobicommerce, you’ll instantly gain access to a huge audience of online and mobile shoppers who want to buy prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines, health products, and more online and through their mobile devices. You’ll get a fully-tested online store, progressive web app, and mobile app branded for your business complete with the features you and your customers need.

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online pharmacy solution

You get all the features you need to sell to online and mobile customers with Mobicommerce. Everything is included to make your online medicine delivery business successful.

Prescription Upload

Customers can upload prescriptions from their desktops or mobile apps. It’s quick and easy!

Quick Ordering

The one-step, hassle-free checkout process ensures more customers will complete their transactions and you’ll see fewer abandoned carts.

Prescription Refills

Your customers can save their prescription, so it’s quick and easy for them to order refills in the future.

Order Tracking

Save time by tracking all orders, making changes, and monitoring deliveries through a single online dashboard.

Drug Information

Make drug information easily accessible to customers, so they can quickly get the accurate details they need.

Medicine Substitute Search

It’s easy for customers to find the medicines they need with the smart search feature built into your pharmacy mobile app and website.

Synced App and Website

Your website and mobile app are always synced, so you never have to worry about inventory problems or updates.

pharmacy storefront

Your Mobile App includes all of the features you need to create an amazing user experience just at fingertip.

DIY Layout Editor

Choose colors, images, and designs that match your brand with the easy-to-use DIY layout editor. You don’t need to do any coding to build a beautiful, fully-functional site and app.

Preferred Delivery Time Slots

Customers can set their delivery and time preferences from within your website or app. It’s an easy way to improve customer satisfaction.

Delivery Locations or Zip Code

Customers enter their addresses to get complete delivery information quickly and easily. You can also restrict delivery locations based on zip code or city.

Configure Shipping Charges

Configure all shipping charges exactly how you want to meet your unique business needs. It’s easy to make changes at any time.

Payment Gateway

Your customers can pay with PayPal, credit card, debit card, or COD in the currency of their choice.

Multi-Store eCommerce

If you operate multiple pharmacies or medical stores, customers can shop at all of them online and on their mobile devices while you manage everything through a single admin panel.

Email Notifications

Send payment confirmations, delivery notices, special offers, and more to customers through email notifications.

Maximize sales using the marketing and promotional features built into your online medicine delivery app and website.

Product Remarketing

It’s easy to add and remove products, change images, edit descriptions, and optimize your store for sales whenever you want.

Discounts, Coupons and Gift Cards

Create discounts, coupons, and gift cards for your customers to usefor their online and mobile app purchases.

Upsell and Cross-sell

Increase sales per customer by offering related, upsell, and cross-sell products to them.

Deep Links

Deep linking is built into your website and app, so customers see the most relevant information and your social media followers can place orders instantly.

Push Notifications

Update your users automatically about new products, discounts, special offers, and more to encourage them to place ordersright away.

Product Reviews

Allow customers to publish reviews directly through your website or mobile app. It’s an easy way to increase sales by leveraging the power of customer testimonials.

Google Analytics

Integrate your Google Analytics account with your pharmacy mobile app and online store to track behaviors and identify ways to attract more customers and increase sales.

Search Engine Friendly

Your grocery website and mobile app are built with the latest SEO best practices, so people are more likely to find it in search engine results.

Social Media Sharing and Review

Social media features are built into your pharmacy mobile app and website, so it’s easy for people to share your products with their audiences and write reviews.

pharmacy marketing feature

You always have total control of your automotive ecommerce solution from a single Mobicommerce dashboard.

Product Management

It’s quick and easy to add, delete or update products, change photos, edit descriptions, modify prices, and more anytime you want.

Bulk Product Upload

Save time and reduce the risk of manual errors by uploading items in bulk rather than one-by-one.

Order Management

View, process, and track current and past orders to ensure they’refulfilled accurately and delivered on time.

Inventory Management

Analyze your inventory and place reorders through your Mobicommerce dashboard. You’ll save time by automating many parts of the inventory management process.

Content Management System

Create and manage forms and other content without any technical expertise. It’s a great way to keep your customers engaged and to build brand loyalty.

Group Pricing and Tier Pricing

Configure pricing based on customer segments or other criteriayou choose to match your specific business strategies.

Reporting and MIS

Mobicommerce offers advanced reporting features so you can extract the data you need at any time andconfidently make critical business decisions.

pharmacy admin feature

Online Pharmacy App Development Solutions

Built for Your eCommerce Business Needs

online pharmacy store

Online Pharmacy Store

For independent pharmacies and medical businesses, Mobicommerce offers website and app development packed with sales-boosting and time-saving features and tools.

pharmacy delivery chain

Pharmacy Store Chains

Pharmacy store chains that use Mobicommerce for their online medicine delivery mobile app and website development can easily and efficiently increase sales and revenue across stores.

Pharmacy B2B eCommerce

If your pharmacy sells directly to businesses, you’ll get everything you need to optimize sales, operations, financials, marketing, and reporting, so you and your B2B customers are satisfied.

Differentiators You Can’t

Find at a Better Price

Mobicommerce offers more features at a better price for Pharmacy ecommerce website and app development than you’ll find anywhere else.

  • Easy to use and manage all aspects of your online and mobile store
  • Go live quickly with a ready-to-use and fully-tested website and mobile app
  • Free support and upgrades with the Mobicommerce Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
  • Highly customizable and scalable solution to meet your business goals
  • White label solution available
  • Built on the trusted Magento 2 Open Source Platform

Add-On Services to Meet

Your Unique Business Needs

Mobicommerce’s team of expert developers is agile and innovative. Most of our customers get everything they need with the built-in Mobicommerce tools, but if you need additional help, we can meet your unique needs through a variety of customized add-on services.

  • Product imports and go-live support services
  • Custom themes and UI development
  • Solution customizations to meet your specifications

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