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When you choose Mobicommerce for your B2B eCommerce solution, you’ll get a responsive online store, progressive web app, and Android and iOS apps that are fully tested and customized for your business. Mobicommerce offers the most affordable and fastest go-to-market in the industry, so you’ll be live and selling in 2-3 weeks. And since you’ll get 24×7 dedicated maintenance and support services, you can eliminate many internal IT expenses.

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Critical B2B eCommerce Features to Maximize ROI

Bulk Orders

Your customers will love the ease of submitting bulk orders and reorders, which means more sales per customer and more repeat sales.

Custom Quotes

It takes seconds to create and send custom quotes to your clients, and using the one-click purchase feature, they can buy even faster!

Customer Segmentation

Create laser-targeted offers and communications for specific segments of your customer audience to boost your conversion rates and sales.

Custom Catalog

Create a completely custom catalog as well as catalogs for client groups. Proofing and deployment are easy and no coding is necessary.

Self-Service Portal

Your customers can quickly view product catalogs, ask questions, submit custom prices, and place and validate orders from the easy-to-use self-service portal.

Branded Dealer Storefronts

Increase sales by giving a branded storefront to your dealers or B2B clients so they can easily sell your products online.

Customized Price List

Offer different price lists to different customers depending on the factors you choose. The customized pricing feature lets you get very specific with your targeted pricing strategy.

Dealer and Sales Agent App

Sales agents and dealers can accept orders from anywhere and at any time using your mobile apps, which sync to your online store in real-time.

Essential Benefits to Your Business


Complete Omnichannel Sales Solution

We serve the most complete B2B ecommerce shopping software including an online wholesale ordering system, B2B shopping cart, and more.


100% Customized to Your Specifications

The team of our expert developers delivers you a customized B2B ecommerce solution, so it works exactly how you and your business need.


Dedicated Maintenance and Support

Run your business with confidence knowing your online store is always working with Mobicommerce’s dedicated maintenance and support.


New Feature Releases

Sell with peace-of-mind that your app has been fully-tested and will work perfectly on all major Android and iOS mobile devices.


Fast Go-To-Market

Mobicommerce has the fastest go-to-market in the industry. Your entire B2B ecommerce solution will be up and running based on your specs within 2-3 weeks.

Seize the E-Commerce Opportunity for Your B2B Business

Your B2B business is losing sales to competitors if you’re not leveraging ecommerce and social media platforms

  • Provide an instant catalog to customers, which is proven to increase sales.
  • Shorten the sales cycle by days, weeks, or months!
  • Deliver quick pricing and quotations, so you can close sales when leads are hot.
  • Reduce sales and marketing costs by using the tools built into Mobicommerce and integrating them with your existing business systems.
  • Leverage digital marketing and social platforms to build brand awareness, increase new and repeat sales, and boost customer loyalty.

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