Leading B2B eCommerce Solution for Manufactures, Wholesalers and Distributors

MobiCommerce provides B2B eCommerce solution for medium and large size of B2B companies i.e. Manufactures, Wholesalers and Distributors. We are enabling online and mobile presence of B2B businesses that helping in their business expansion in new market without adding additional cost.

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Benefits of our B2B Ecommerce Solutions

  • Instant Catalogue Updates
  • Shorten Sales Cycle
  • Quick Pricing and Quotation
  • Reduced Sales and Marketing Cost
  • Leveraging Digital Marketing & Social Platforms

Our unique features helping B2B Businesses to Leverage eCommerce

  • Custom Catalogue

    We provide easily accessible online catalogue solution with features like multiple order quantity option, custom order, and custom price alternative.

  • Self Service Portal

    Online platform for customers where they can check catalogues, submit orders & inquiries, submit custom price and make order validation and amendments.

  • Branded Dealer Storefronts

    Give branded storefront to your dealers or B2B clients to sell your products online. Providing power of ecommerce to dealers will increase your business.

  • Customize Price list

    Price list can be different for customers depending on their business size and other parameters; we allow configuring alternate pricing for specific customer groups.

  • Customer Profiling

    Our solution provides option to segregate your customers and create groups based on customer’s product requirement, buying capabilities and pricing offers.

  • Access, Roles and Rights

    You can create multiple accounts in your B2B storefront and assign roles, set rights, also give temporary access of selected accounts based on the functional work areas.

  • Dealer and Sales Agent App

    Give power and good experience to sales agents or dealers to take orders from anytime from everywhere on available devices and to submit orders.

Integration with Existing Systems

Why MobiCommerce

Mobile Commerce App Features of Mobicommerce
  • We give not only website but Android and ios App solution too, which is very essential in day-to-day activity of B2B customers.
  • We customize and deliver it as per your business requirement.
  • We do provide dedicated maintenance and support service which eliminate IT requirement at your end.