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Your online multi-vendor marketplace solution built by Mobicommerce on the Magento ecommerce platform accelerates your revenue quickly by delivering a feature-rich, scalable user experience complete with a responsive website, fully-tested Android and iOS apps, and a progressive web app. Mobicommerce helps B2C and B2B marketplaces in all industries boost sales across the globe with the fastest go-to-market Magento marketplace script and extension.

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Responsive Store

Your fully-responsive, search engine optimized online marketplace will look perfect on all devices.

Android & iOS App

Your multi-vendor marketplace comes with a fully-tested Android and iOS branded native apps. Use it to send automatic notifications and more.

Smart Search

The smart search feature in your marketplace makes it easy for customers to find the products they want, so you’ll sell more.

E-wallet and Store Credits

It’s easy for visitors to set up and pay using e-wallets and store credits.

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Social Media Login

Visitors can quickly and easily log into your marketplace using their social media account information rather than remembering another username and password.

One Page Checkout

The purchase process is as fast and easy as possible thanks to the simple one-page checkout system built into your marketplace.

Email and SMS Notifications

Send automatic notifications via email and text to confirm orders, re-engage customers who abandon their shopping carts, and more.

Vendor Storefront

Give every vendor its own unique storefront where only that vendor’s products are displayed and customers can look for it with simple search.

Vendor Dashboard

Each vendor gets a personalized dashboard complete with their storefront details, such as total sales, most viewed products, frequent orders, credit amount, and more.

Vendor Bulk Product Upload

Save time by uploading all products from a vendor at the same time.

Vendor Catalog Management

Vendors can set up their catalogs how they choose with product categories, featured products, and more, so they can maximize sales.

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Vendor Order Management

Vendors can manage their orders, invoices, credit, shipments, order return and exchange requests and more from their dashboards. Filtering features make it easy to find and view order details at any time.

Vendor Rating and Review

Customers can provide their opinions about the experiences they have with your marketplace vendors helping you identify problems and opportunities.

Generate and Print Shipping Labels

Create and print shipping labels quickly with all required information automatically included on each label.

Manage Vendors

You can manage all of your marketplace vendors through a single backend, including adding, editing or deleting vendors, orders, products, credit transactions, return requests, and more.

Commission Management

Set specific commission rules for each vendor using a fixed fee or percentage per sale based on the different commitments you have in place.

Vendor Payout

Manage all aspects of vendor payouts, so you’re in complete control of your finances at all times.

Tax Management

Vendors can manage the taxes for their own products, so you don’t have to worry about it!

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Product Approval

You can review and approve new products added by vendors through the admin panel prior to publishing them on your storefront, or you can turn off this feature and let vendors self-publish products.

Manage Withdrawal Requests

If you allow manual vendor withdrawal requests, you can receive the requests, transfer the money, and then manually mark the request as paid within your admin panel.

Payment Methods

Customers can provide their opinions about the experiences they have with your marketplace vendors helping you identify problems and opportunities.


Customers can choose to have orders shipped to multiple locations, and your marketplace automatically handles fees, taxes, and more.

Zip Code Check

Reduce shipping errors and the associated costs with the automatic zip code check feature built into your marketplace.

Per Product Flat Fee

Want to add a flat fee per product sold through your marketplace? You can do it with this handy feature.

Shipping Options

Vendors can configure their shipping options (free, flat rate, or table rate) along with their charges for each option.

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Marketing and Promotion

Maximize sales using in-built promotional features into your Marketplace


Your marketplace is built with the most current SEO best practices, so search engines can find it and direct web searchers to it.

Discounts and Gift Coupons

Set up gift coupons and discounts that customers can use on your website, web app, or mobile apps.

Daily Deals

Offer daily deals to customers to tap into the fear of missing out (FOMO) and boost short-term sales with time-sensitive promotions.

Social Media Sharing

Boost word-of-mouth marketing about your marketplace and the products you carry by making it easy for visitors to share them directly from the product pages or shopping cart.

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Mobicommerce Specializes in Building

Marketplaces for Multiple Industries

Generic Marketplace

Reach shoppers around the globe and sell more products with less hassle through a creative marketplace built with Mobicommerce. Your website and mobile app will look amazing and run seamlessly.

On-Demand Delivery Marketplace

Whether you’re delivering groceries or any other products on-demand, you’ll love the ease of use that comes with Mobicommerce. It’s simpler than ever to manage your fast-changing products and inventories.

On-Demand Service Marketplace

If you’re selling on-demand services, the Mobicommerce website and mobile app give customers a wide variety of choices that your vendors can easily and quickly add, update, and remove on the fly.

Booking Marketplace

The highly-adaptive Mobicommerce booking marketplace solution is perfect for event booking, show booking, car rentals, cruise booking, and more. It’s easy for vendors and customers of all sizes to use.

B2B Multi-Vendor Marketplace

When you choose Mobicommerce, you can launch and scale your customized B2B multi-vendor marketplace with confidence because you’ll know it was designed especially for wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors using best-in-class practices that are easy to adapt to your unique requirements. Go live quickly and start making money using the leading B2B multi-vendor marketplace software.



Complete Omnichannel Sales Solution

You’ll get a website, native mobile app for Android and iOS, and a web app, so you can connect buyers and sellers anywhere and anytime.


Your marketplace comes with all the features built in that you need to delight customers, impress vendors, and optimize sales.


Your marketplace will be 100% customized to your specifications, so it meets your needs today and in the future.


With Mobicommerce, you get a multi-vendor marketplace that’s built to grow with your business, so there won’t be delays in onboard.

Fully-Tested and Quick Go-Live

The team of development experts at Mobicommerce has fully tested all marketplace solutions, and with the fastest go-live in .

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