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Leverage our online cake selling solution and build both a mobile app and website with MobiCommerce. Meet the hungry demands of consumers comfortably.

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Don’t compromise on your vision; visualize!

The front end of any mobile application plays a vital role in creating an impact on the consumers. The incredible layout offered by Mobi bakery offers bakery owners the option to customize their frontend to make a maximum impression. Several features of Mobi Bakery make the front end more enhanced for bakery owners.

  • Run a decoupled site that can work seamlessly across all the channels available.
  • Products can be configured and sold based on multiple variants.
  • The serviceable locations of bakery owners can be stated so that it restricts any kinds of unwanted orders.
  • The app supports over 100 products with their variants for the best experience.
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Run your back office fairly, squarely and transparently

The backend operation of Mobi Bakery is excellent and robust, offering consumers the liberty to order products hassle-free. You can track food orders, make necessary changes and manage deliveries using a single dashboard, which is remarkable. Besides, the website and the mobile app of Mobi Bakery are synced so that you can keep up with the inventory in real-time. Some of the features that make Mobi bakery a market leader when ordering bakery products online are mentioned below.

  • Products are generalized into categories to enable easy search for customers.
  • Customers can schedule their orders in a particular time slot at their convenience.
  • The customers can update their delivery location on both the web and mobile applications.
  • OTP verification helps avoid any fake orders
  • Shipment tracking is visible on the storefront as well as on the mobile app.

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Market yourself as aggressively as you can

Marketing and promotion are very vital aspects for the success of any business. Mobi bakery has several platforms to encourage sellers to market and properly promote their business. In addition, there is a range of marketing activities available in the admin panel that can be used to enhance the marketing strategy.

  • Promotion techniques using exclusive discount coupons and limited period sales.
  • The products can be shared on social media with a simple click.
  • The web and mobile push notifications allow sellers to freely send offers, discounts, and other promotional activities.
  • The refer and earn program offered by Mobi bakery helps to run and manage programs smoothly.
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Power up your storefront with third-party apps

The Mobi bakery app is an excellent platform to power up the backend with third-party plugins. In addition, the storefront can be upgraded using various types of tools.

  • Incorporation of different payment methods such as credit and debit cards and COD for the convenience of customers.
  • Facebook pixel and GA can be embedded in the app to track the behavior of the buyers.
  • The app also allows partnering with top shipping channels such as FedEx, USPS, and Aramex.
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Integrate new functionalities to boost performance

Why stick with the basics when you can add entirely new capabilities to your eCommerce system? There are various other core functionalities you can integrate to deliver an outstanding performance:

  • Configure shipping charges exactly how you want to
  • Add a range of taxes to be applied to your products depending on your location
  • Integrate with the latest online payment gateways like PayPal
  • Allow your customers to pay with PayPal, credit card, debit card, or COD
  • Design a form to capture additional info from customers during checkout
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Dreaming of selling cakes and goodies?

Make your customers drool through a baking business software solution

The ability of performance offered by the Mobi Bakery app is paramount. You can set up a separate decoupled site, PWA, and mobile app to offer customers a wide choice of shopping. All of this can be managed from a single admin panel using the Mobi Bakery app. In addition, the Mobi Bakery maker tools enable sellers to scale and upgrade their frontend the way they desire for the best results.

Headless Commerce

In a headless commerce platform, the frontend is decoupled from the backend. This means that the backend can be updated or edited without interfering with the front end. Thus, there is complete separation between the front end and the back end in a headless commerce platform.

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Progressive Web App (PWA)

Progressive web apps have revolutionized the ecommerce market, allowing consumers to benefit from both web and mobile using a single platform. PWA offers ease of access to consumers, helping them engage with the app and boost sales.

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Mobile Apps

Mobi Bakery offers a fully customized app that is curated to suit your brand and needs. In addition, the app works on both android and iOS devices, offering a pure omnichannel experience that is unmatched by any other mobile apps in the market.

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Attract sweet tooth customers with your online cake business

When using mobi commerce to set up the storefront in Mobi bakery, you are entitled to several benefits, some of which are mentioned below.

Try before you make a move

Before making any final purchase, you can opt for a mock site so that you can ensure it works for your business. In addition, the free trial feature is excellent for new sellers looking for a better application.

Use the DIY layout editor

The editor is easy to use and highly intuitive that helps you to edit the product and landing pages hassle-free. There is no requirement for coding knowledge to edit using the DIY Layout editor of Mobi bakery.

Get “go-live” support

The go-live assistance features help sellers set their storefronts with the help of experts’ advice for the best results.

Full Customizable

Mobi Bakery offers a platform that allows you to completely customize your storefront as per your liking when it comes to customization.

Lazer-fast delivery

The lazer fast delivery functionality offers a quick and hassle-free mode to add modules and widgets to your online site and save time on development.

Attractive themes

The Mobi bakery app offers a wide range of themes with built-in HTML CSS and JavaScript for the best results. This feature helps to save money on onsite creation.

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Utilize B2B and B2C bakery eCommerce solutions

Irrespective of your target audience, we have a solution for every business model.

B2C Store

If your bakery store sells directly to end customer, you’ll get everything you need to optimize sales, operations, finance, marketing, reporting, and more. Break no sweat!

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Multi Chain Ecommerce

Bakery store chains that use Mobicommerce for their mobile app and website development can easily and efficiently increase sales and revenue across stores. Be a part of the league.

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Bakery Marketplace

If your bakery store brings buyers and sellers together in a single bakery marketplace, you can manage everything through a single Mobicommerce admin panel.

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How you can collaborate with MobiCommerce?

Our team of expert bakery eCommerce developers can help you to launch your brand-new store.

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We’re much more than just another supermarket in Dubai and Abu Hail – you’ll find only top-quality items i.e. from home to office stuffs on offer when shopping with us because it’s what our customers deserve.

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Paris Gallery

A leading luxury retailer in the Middle East, Paris Gallery is the eponymous flagship brand of Paris Gallery Group, with over 1 million sq. ft. of luxurious shopping space and 40 stores located in prime retail addresses spanning across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain.

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Meet the branded online grocery store in Kuwait that promises to deliver fresh groceries in just 24 hours, and cut out all those annoying trips around town. All you need is a computer with internet access!

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Fantasy World

Fantasy World is a fantastic place online for children to go and get the most entertaining gift, while also learning about science or math. They have products with the latest educational trends in mind; check it out today!

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Now, you can get all your groceries delivered right within some minutes of placing an order in Saudi Arabia without any hassle whatsoever! An online shopping app and website that delivers grocery, food & vegetables at the client’s doorstep.

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Boozebite is an on-demand liquor ordering and delivery app that helps customers order for their favourite alcoholic beverage right from the comfort of their location.

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