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New website launch

Our Rebranded Website Is Here To Enthrall Ecommerce Business Owners!

We are incredibly thrilled to announce the launch of our new and improved website ( It was long in the making, but we took our sweet time to ensure we covered everything for the benefit of our potential customers.

As we grew from being known as only an eCommerce app development company to the one-stop-destination for all digital commerce solutions, having a platform to showcase our capabilities and USPs was the most viable option.

MobiCommerce has now been rebranded with a new corporate website, complete with a modern and enriching design, and a vibrant and simple user interface. We are a young, enthusiastic, and tech-forward company in a true sense!

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Rakesh Jain, has the vision to show our target audience that they can imagine a promising future fueled by innovation, customer satisfaction, and agility with us. With the revamp, we hit the bull’s eye as a leading digital commerce company!

Branding with a purpose

The new branding combines primary (yellow) and secondary (black) colors. While the latter is associated with high-end sophistication and professionalism, the former stands for clarity, optimism, and warmth. On being used together, both colors bring out the spirit of MobiCommerce as the full-service digital commerce service provider.

Features and functionalities take centerfold

The website explains the benefits of our flagship solutions in a transparent, user-friendly manner. The website content is comprehensive, coupled with attractive imagery and bifurcations to quickly understand the subject matter.

From tier pricing, customer segmentation, and payment integrations to one-click checkout and Refer & Earn programs — there are many features that businesses get to deploy to upscale their online stores, and they all have been listed clearly on the site.

Lightening-fast website speed

One of the biggest purposes of refreshing the website was to match the latest Core Web Vitals that favor high Google search rankings. Given that we want our visitors to enjoy a smooth browsing experience, we have ensured our website is fast with clear-cut navigation.

It is also responsive across multiple devices and screen sizes, enabling potential customers to check out the site on the go. We have proudly met all the vital web parameters to boost our SEO friendliness in terms of visual stability and interactivity.

Industry-specific products

From supermarkets and boutiques to groceries and cosmetics shops to florists and multi-city franchise businesses, we cater to a range of industries. Our new website has individual product pages for 20+ industries, each clearly stating niche-specific features that eCommerce businesses from different industries can benefit from.

CTAs to promote approachability

We have sprinkled CTA buttons across the website to ensure interested businesses can reach out to us easily. MobiCommerce is known for its excellent customer service, and we want to deliver that right from the beginning.

Higher trust factor on the site

A lot of emphasis has been given to display the fantastic work we have done for our clients. You can check out the written testimonials and also the dedicated portfolio section. Our clients have also reviewed us positively on Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and Clutch.

We want potential customers to land on our website and immediately decide to work with us and see us as a long-term partner.

To experience our latest website, please head here. We would love to know what you think of it. Also, please use the “Request for Demo” option if you want to see what MobiCommerce can do for your online business.

Best Magento 2 Extensions to increase eCommerce sales


Magento 2 can be considered as one of the most reliable and widely used eCommerce platforms currently available in the market as it has helped a lot of businesses in increasing sales and becoming successful.

Talking about increasing sales, a BONUS TIP here would be, to also learn Magento mobile app development to boost the growth of your business and make it stand out in the market. But for today, I am only going to be talking about the best Magento 2 extensions to increase eCommerce sales.

Even though there are a lot of other platforms available online but Magento development services should be your best choice as it has a more quality and comprehensive feel about it.
Therefore, here I have listed some of the best Magento 2 extensions which will help you boost your business!

Why You Need The Best Magento Extensions

With the extreme competition in the market, it becomes essential for a store that other than giving good sales, it also provides the best return on your investment.

There are multiple things that Magento merchants can do to increase their sales like building an e-commerce app for android and IOS or using the best Magento Extensions for their website.

These Extensions help you to improve the efficiency of your Magento 2 store, and give your customers the seamless experience they want and increase your sales.

Best Magento 2 Extensions for Business in 2021

  • B2BeCONNECT for Magento

This is a B2B extension for Magento that provides B2B functionality within a Magento store.

When it comes to changing any eCommerce store, B2B is the next big thing. This Magento plugin turns any basic Magento store into a store that is full of features. Through its amazing service offerings, a B2B Magento business serves a wide range of consumers.

  • Magento 2 Shop By Brand

Customers can use this extension to explore the dedicated brand pages of their preferred brands before making a purchase.

This extension assists merchants in creating numerous brands with logos and names, as well as promotes some of the most popular brands.

  • TaxJar Sales Tax Automation for Magento 2

TaxJar Sales Tax Automation is the finest Magento 2 extension out there since it deals with account calculations and financial-based business activities.

It aids in the automation of a variety of corporate activities such as sales tax collecting, reporting, and filing, and many others.

It can also help you connect with channels like

  • Layered Navigation

This extension is one of the most downloaded Magneto 2 extensions. This is mainly for businesses that have a lot of different kinds of products.

With this extension, buyers can click on a category, and it will display the products that match the criteria they applied.

While clients are visiting your store, this helps to reduce clutter and confusion increasing the chances of the buyer staying for a longer period and buying your products.

  • InstantSearch+

It analyses a visitor’s activities by showing them the most closely matched products first, which helps in the conversion of as many visitors as possible. Along with this function, it also includes other features like AutoComplete, Individual Results, and more.

  • Authentication

This extension prevents your website from spyware and maintains a list of trusted IPs.

By enabling additional authentication protocols for visitors, this plugin helps speed up the purchase and checkout process. This prevents hackers from interfering with payment procedures.

  • Auto Select Shipping Payment

The checkout screens are never-ending, therefore to avoid scrolling and go straight to the money confirmation page, you should use this extension.

It allows customers to skip to the final stage of the process after selecting their preferred shipping option, making it quicker for them to buy and exit.

  • Multi-Channel Marketplace Selling Integration

It enables online businesses to use a single platform to list and sell products on numerous prominent marketplaces.

This is also a useful tool for cross-border selling, as it allows you to sell Magento products on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

  • Magezon Page Builder

Magezon Page Builder is a set of tools that allows you to build and maintain your Magento website. You can easily configure product descriptions, site structure CMS Page in seconds using this extension.

  • Magento One-step Checkout

Abandoned client carts are the last thing a Magento business wants to deal with. This plugin improves the checkout process, lowering cart abandonment by 66 percent, cutting checkout time by over 80%, and leading to an increased conversion rate (more than 30%). The One-Step Checkout addon allows you to check out in only one step.

  • Bingo ElasticSearch

If you use this plugin, the search results appear instantly.

Furthermore, this plugin has a thorough search box that is capable of understanding both singular and plural words. It also has catalogs, products, characteristics, and admin features.

  • Nosto Personalization

Nosto is another great Magento eCommerce development extension for allowing the display of personalized product recommendations for buyers online. Nosto provides AI-powered shop personalization. It analyses data points in real-time across a whole store and allows users to create, deploy, and optimize marketing campaigns.

  • Magento 2 Marketplace Extension

This extension allows you to sell products just like popular markets like Amazon, eBay, etc.

The admin, in particular, has complete control over the store, including advanced reports such as bestsellers, most seen products, a line chart for sales statistics by day, month, and year, most recent orders, and a list of the top countries that consume the products.

You can also design an attractive theme to display your products.

  • Magento 2 Contact Form Extension

This allows online store owners to quickly and easily add an easy contact or feedback form for customers to fill. The information is communicated with the business owner in a few minutes after the form is submitted using Flexible Magento 2 Contact form Extension.


So, these were the 14 extensions that you can use for improving your online eCommerce store, for more sales, and for increasing your profits. Do check them out and make your eCommerce store stand out!

Redefine manufacturing

Top 5 Trends That Will Redefine Manufacturing in 2021

Covid-19 is without a doubt a game-changer. It has revolutionized everything from inside us to the outside world such that it is becoming necessary to walk with trends if one needs to keep up with the changing market and the Millennials.

Apart from the world populace getting affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; there has been a sea-change in other sectors too and one of the major domains among them is manufacturing. Although each of us felt the push towards online due to the pandemic, the manufacturing industry that was already on its way to converging the physical and digital before the widespread disruptions of 2020, experienced some major systemic changes.

The struggles of maintaining cost-effectiveness while adopting or planning to adopt Industry 4.0 digitization initiatives will end in 2021 and the manufacturing industry will evolve despite the impact of coronavirus. So, let’s take a look at the top five trends that will reshape the manufacturing industry by providing operational visibility, enabling cost reduction, expediting production times, and delivering exceptional customer support.

1. Adoption of Latest Technologies 

Before the pandemic, even though e-commerce was riding on a high note, a majority of selling and buying that happened between the customer and the end client was in-person. Then came the deadly pandemic and jolted the entire way of conducting a business to shopping by customers. The preferred mode of business and shopping became online since that and manufacturers are especially taking a lot of interest in it.

Thanks to the pandemic, the transition to online from offline started taking place more quickly than before and; the manufacturing industry is now on the road to embrace the latest technologies and tricks to stay put in the unprecedented times today and for the uncertain future ahead.

Although there has been economic uncertainty looming large at present, most of the companies, or nearly all, are making the transition or have initiated steps in this direction. AI and machine learning incorporation to automate the process and get intelligible insights into the market trends are picking up pace. While other new technologies like PIM system Eliminate, CPQ, voice commerce, and headless e-commerce have already made headway into the online e-commerce landscape. It is just a matter of time, in the immediate future, before these new technologies would be a day-to-day affair.

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2. Supply Chain Technology

The supply chain sector felt the burn during the pandemic the most due to the terrible rise in online shopping. Fearing lockdown and restrictions, the panic buying by people put tremendous pressure on the supply chain management of online businesses. So, in 2021, we can see more of a flexible supply chain system as manufacturing companies have started implementing the latest technologies and strategies in every step of the manufacturing process i.e., procurement, inventory, assembly, logistics, transportation, and sales to scale through the ebb and flow of the current situation.

With effective supply chain management and the latest technologies like AI, machine learning, robotics and automation, Blockchain, IoT, etc. manufacturers can save on costs, deliver products to customers on time, track and improve anything during the process, can reduce operational downtime by finding backup suppliers for the most vital materials, services, or components, stay connected with both suppliers and customers with communication and collaboration tools etc.

3. Real-time Data Integration

Real-time data collection and monitoring can enhance smart manufacturing. It helps the manufacturing process in many ways like you can say goodbye to order errors as the integration of data across platforms bypasses the possibility of a human error in entering data, an increase in equipment efficiency can be achieved, logistics management becomes easy, pursuing greater speed, scale and simplicity across every area of the operations becomes possible etc.

4. Predictive Maintenance

One of the key trends in the manufacturing industry, predictive maintenance helps save a ton of cost and time. A breakdown can happen anytime in equipment, and the time and money one invests behind its repair causes enormous downtime and loss of productivity. Therefore, predicting breakdown, faults or errors in equipment and taking necessary maintenance measures is what predictive maintenance is and; the benefits that follow are – reduced costs, fewer failures, minimized scheduled downtime, optimized parts delivery etc.

With the latest intelligent solutions like IoT, AI, and machine learning, predictive maintenance can help manufacturers dodge downtime by detecting issues even before they arise. It helps them ensure that they are in a healthy working condition to avoid heavy or unplanned expenses in the future. Moreover, monitoring tests can be conducted while equipment is in operation, which means there will be no loss of production due to equipment shutdown.

5. Shifting Focus from B2B to B2C

A manufacturing business does not necessarily have to be B2B; in fact, it is slowly shifting from B2B to B2C and even D2C (Direct to Customer).

Selling to customers is bringing in more appealing benefits for the manufacturing industry than the other way around which is why this trend is going to accelerate further in 2021. Shifting to B2C or D2C for a manufacturing industry means:

Increased Profits: Rather than wholesale prices for their products, companies can get the full manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

Faster Time to Market: The lengthy traditional retail sales cycle that requires a company to lock in product development far ahead of order and delivery can be skipped and manufacturers can rapidly prototype, test, and push products to market while achieving a distinct competitive advantage.

Brand Control: The risk of a manufacturer’s brand being diluted or misrepresented by third parties gets eliminated.

Price Control: The MSRP can be reinforced.

Better Customer Data: Manufacturers can collect customer data resulting in better products, stronger relationships, and increased sales.

Final Thoughts

There is uncertainty in the world going back to normal as the pandemic is showing no signs of slowing down. Hence, preparing for the worst and the future is what one must do right now. As per study and statistics, the above-mentioned trends are going to rise and will bring revolution in the manufacturing industry and to survive, as a manufacturer, approaching a prominent ecommerce mobile app development company is the step to be taken at the moment to avoid repenting later.