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4 Ways to Build B2C Marketplace Software Solutions from Scratch

As per the reports of GrandViewSearch, the global market size of B2C eCommerce software will increase to USD 7.6 trillion by 2028. The statistics suggest that B2C eCommerce platforms will grow with a CAGR of 9.7%. All of us know that online marketplaces whether you take B2B or B2C are growing at an incredible growth rate. 

So, entrepreneurs are profounding to create futuristic eCommerce software solutions that fulfill market demands and solve the existing problems of eCommerce with their software.

As a top eCommerce development agency, we have experience in creating more than 2500 custom mobile and web solutions in different business verticals. Based on our experience, we have a wrote an in-depth article on building B2C marketplace software solutions. So let’s begin.

First, let’s understand what B2C marketplace software is. 

What is a B2C Marketplace Software Solution?

The B2C refers to a business model of software that allows store owners to sell products or services directly to customers. For example, some examples of B2C marketplaces are Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

Before you learn about the ways, let’s understand the things you should take care of before creating your software solution. Here is the list of the points. 

  • Validate your business idea for your software
  • Gather data on your target audience and conduct market research
  • Find the nice for your marketplace software
  •  Decide the revenue model for your business
  • If you are unsure about your idea, first create an MVP version
  • Decide the features you need to integrate into your software solution
  • Decide whether you want to buy a ready-made solution or develop from scratch
  • Make your software solution mobile friendly
  • Decide the marketing channels for your software 
  • Check your competitors to learn their weak points

So, as you understand the points to take care of, now you must be interested to know the ways to create it. So here are the __ ways to create custom B2C marketplace software.

4 Ways to Create B2C Marketplace Platforms

To create marketplace software that becomes successful in the long run, you must be clear with your idea, vision, and scoop. These three points help you to communicate with your software development partner. Let’s check out the first way.

1. Create Your B2C Marketplace Platform By Your Own

You can create your software with a B2C eCommerce platform builder. It allows you to create your eCommerce solution according to your requirements from scratch. With the use of advanced technologies, you can create reliable and high performance providing software solutions with customization as per needs

Based on your experience, you create your marketplace solution with the user experience that attracts users for a better engagement ratio. You provide the best speed performance of your application with technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React Native and Flutter, and Magento. So building your B2C marketplace software using an app builder offers you several benefits. Here is a list of benefits.

  • You create your solution exactly as per your requirements
  • Save your costs of development
  • Faster the time to the market 
  • Get ready-made architecture
  • Increase your development speed

2. Hiring an eCommerce Development Agency

The next option to create your marketplace software is hiring an eCommerce development company. With the help of expert eCommerce app developers, you create your marketplace that is the most suitable, reliable, secure, fast, and professional solution.

With the help of experts, you can create your solution as per the latest software development trends and with advanced technologies. So you have a futuristic and scalable solution for your business. This way, you develop software that is as per your business and creates an impact in the market. Apart from that, you get support from the development team whenever users face errors in your eCommerce platform. Here are some of the benefits you get when you develop software by hiring a professional company. 

  • Complete Customization 
  • You can focus on your core activities of the business 
  • Full-time support
  • High-performance the software
  • Utilization of professionals’ expertise
  • Don’t need to pay fees of monthly or yearly subscription prices

3 Developing Your Software with the Help of Outsourcing Developers

With this option, you hire freelancer developers to create your B2C eCommerce platform. By hiring from Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr, you create your software. 

Freelancer developers create your software according to your requirements and relatively charge less than professional agencies. You hire dedicated freelancers who completely on your create your software. As this model is efficient, but it has some disadvantages as well. There is the possible risk of information or idea being compromised. Although, businesses do plan to outsource to freelancers as they are cheap in charge and offer quality work as well. Here are some of the benefits of hiring freelancers.

  • Save your development cost
  • Create customized software solutions as per your needs
  • You get timely deliverables of your software
  • Hiring a global level of developers to build your software
  • You don’t need to hold the developers for a long time

So these are ways to create your B2C marketplace software for your business. You can choose the most suitable approach for developers of your software. 

4. Hiring in-house eCommerce Developers to Create Your Software

The fourth way is to hire in-house eCommerce software developers to create your B2C eCommerce platform. For that, you need to build an in-house developers team by conducting hiring. This is a long process as you need to hire software developers first and then explain your explain requirements. The benefits you get from choosing this option are as follows:

  • Develop your software exactly as per your requirements
  • Getting full customization as per your needs
  • Complete control of your software development team
  • Highly secure development of your software
  • No chances of getting harm on your development integrity


Developing B2C eCommerce software is beneficial in the long run. As the market for marketplace software will increase, the need for exception service providing marketplace will also increase. So, this becomes the right time to convert your idea of a B2C marketplace idea into reality. 

We hope this article has resolved all your questions regarding B2C marketplace development. Still, if you have any questions or queries, contact us. As a leading eCommerce development agency, we have experts who can develop your dream solution as per your requirements and help you to streamline business processes.