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PWA Benefits

PWA benefits: Ways to Leverage it for B2B eCommerce services

In order to improve user experience, businesses are increasingly turning to progressive web apps, which combine the best features of regular apps and websites. 

Ecommerce businesses which have created mobile-first PWAs have seen significantly faster page loading times, better conversion rates and improved engagement. On average, a website using PWA can increase speed performance by 63% compared to its previous mobile app, and pages load 2-4 times faster with PWA.

So let’s explore what PWAs are all about for B2B ecommerce services.

What is PWA?

Progressive Web Application is a web app that utilises web browser features and APIs to make a cross-platform web application look like a Native one and deliver the same user experience. In simple terms, it is a type of Native application that opens with the help of a browser and is possible to download on the mobile home screen. It can offer additional features based on what the device supports, providing push notifications, offline capability, and almost native app speed and look.

Progressive Web App development is done with modern techniques like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This assists in making the mobile user experience much more refined than a usual mobile-optimised website. 

This is why PWA apps development is becoming crucial for E-commerce B2B businesses to generate sales. However, other businesses can also benefit from these technologies to create an app-like experience for their customers and enhance their potential sales and revenues.

Benefits of PWAs for E-commerce B2B

Customer engagement

Re-engage customers by using location monitoring and PWA push notifications. With tailored notifications on abandoned carts, flash promotions, or seasonal discounts, these tools assist eCommerce firms in targeting the appropriate customers at the right moment to boost conversions.


PWAs offer security for both user data and digital assets of your store because they are rendered using HTTPS protocol.

Continuous innovation

Updates, customisations, new features, or fixes can be pushed into the application easily as the app runs only on a single code.


According to Google, 53% of visitors will leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. PWAs load rapidly and can meet customers’ expectations for rapid access.


Different businesses use different screen sizes for their eCommerce store, and the developers are responsible for ensuring various users enjoy the store experience regardless of the device they use. PWA are a perfect option for such responsive designs.

PWA technology

Well-designed PWAs can enhance overall performance in search results. Security, a responsive layout, and quick page load all improve user experiences and enhance your website’s technical search engine optimisation (SEO).

New functionality and features can be implemented straight away, and because users always have the latest version, customer support queries can be reduced. 

Compared to many mobile apps, PWAs offer superior security because they are created utilising the most recent web protocols. 

PWAs can remove the need for development teams to create and develop separate iOS or Android versions of their native applications, which can be expensive.

Are PWAs the future?

Gartner estimates that PWAs will act as the bridge between mobile app capabilities and web experiences. Some companies have already decided that PWAs are a better alternative than keeping a website and one or even more mobile applications.

With more than half of web traffic coming from mobile phones, providing the best user experience is becoming an important need. PWAs can be the next logical step for B2B organisations that don’t already have a mobile app to complement their e-commerce website.

Final thoughts

Progressive Web Applications are well known for providing value to E-commerce B2b businesses. With low data use, reduced bounce rates, engaging user experiences, and fast page loading, search engine performance for your website will enhance.
B2B ecommerce website development offers significant benefits over native websites and traditional mobile apps by integrating the best features. They are not only assisting businesses to gain more website traffic from organic search but are also turning more website visitors into eCommerce transactions and leads.


Magento PWA Builder 2.0 – Release Notes

We spoke, we listened. We are ecstatic to announce a refreshed version of our Progressive Web App (PWA) builder, complete with updated functionalities and features.

In this day and age, any business must have a prominent presence on mobile. After all, that is where the majority of shoppers are active. So if you strive to be a market leader, you must utilize our PWA builder to deliver a shopping experience designed for conversions.

If you want to create the perfect crossover of mobile and web to attract new customers, check out our product notes to get an idea about everything you can do with our solution. Build a PWA that is compatible with Android, iOS, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

What’s New In Our PWA Builder?

1. Mobile-first UI for the PWA frontend UI

mobile first UI for the PWA

  • The new UI has a mobile-centric design, offering the native app-like experience. Better UX means higher conversion rates.
  • The APIs can be cached based on the Magento Standard setting and caching layer such as Varnish.
  • Enable Smart Caching to allow end-users to browse through the storefront on the Magento mobile app — even without the internet.

2. New tech introductions for super user experience and performance

new tech introductions for super user experience and performance

  • The Magento mobile app solution has been re-coded using React and GraphQL APIs.
  • The APIs can be cached based on the Magento Standard setting and caching layer such as Varnish.
  • Enable Smart Caching to allow end-users to browse through the storefront on the Magento mobile app — even without the internet.

3. An easy-to-use, standalone Page Builder

standalone page builder

  • Design different pages such as the homepage, category pages, and marketing promotional landing pages.
  • No coding experience required.

4. Dynamic (and virtual) product listing feature

Product listing feature

  • Use our Dynamic Product Listing option to create various virtual product collections and recommend them on any page.
  • Do not stay dependent on the standard product collection due to MobiCommerce’s new virtual collection mechanism.
  • Boost seasonal cheer with varied product collections. Christmas, BFCM, Thanksgiving — whatever the season, add products based on a specific theme, vendor, or pricing.

5. Advanced widgets to unlock the pages’ potential

Advanced widgets to unlock the pages

  • Run and display custom HTML, JavaScript, and CSS in widgets.
  • Use the image plugin to image widgets in banners, grids, mosaics to the custom pages.
  • Emphasize product categories by simply adding the widget to a sidebar with the category widget.
  • Display the products in lists and sliders based on attributes, location, categories, pricing, and more, using the product widget.
  • Add MobiCommerce’s 15+ advanced widgets and UI plugins like a gallery for blogs, horizontal opt-in forms, social share icons, styled lists, highlight boxes, and other media.

6. An extensive, mobile-friendly media library

Mobile-friendly media library

  • Access, upload, and personalize media from anywhere, using any device.
  • It is centrally controlled and helps you reflect changes on the pages in real-time. Enjoy real-time Magento synchronization.

7. Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics embeds supported as default

Facebook pixel and google analytics

  • Embed Facebook Pixel to track app visitor activity and deliver personalized ads on the social media channel.
  • Track app visitor behavior and high-ranking product pages via Google Analytics and change your eCommerce storefront.

8. Deep linking capability for personalized product promotion

Deep linking

  • Create any number of product collections and promote them on any page.
  • Use the deep linking capability only to show the most relevant products or catalog on a specific page.
  • Optimize your Magento mobile app with the latest SEO best practices. Ranking on Google and Bing would not be a challenge anymore.

9. Higher reusability — create once, use multiple times

Higher reusability

  • Save and reuse the designs on any of the pages in the future.
  • None of the pages of the storefront are tightly coupled anymore.
  • No need to upload images separately for desktop, mobile app, and PWA versions.
  • Unlike the previous cumbersome version with little flexibility, one can easily design the PWA homepage, category pages, and individual product pages.

10. Real-time synchronization across screens and devices

real-time synchronization

  • Even the marketing catalogs will show up on the PWA.
  • Add an extension to connect the PWA to the Magento store to reflect whichever products or categories present in the storefront.

11. Flexible configurations and settings for the admin

flexible configurations and settings

  • Implement high-end search capabilities such as product sliders on landing pages, QR codes, and product-specific filters.
  • View how the pages look on different browsers and devices in real-time. No page reloading is required.
  • Map different areas of a banner on the pages to different links. This is helpful when selling different products on the same banner.
  • Use the deep linking capability to show the most relevant products or catalogs on a specific page.

12. A storefront for a global customer base

storefront Customer base

  • Offer different currencies to customers — regardless of their geographies.
  • Translate the storefront in multiple languages depending on the target audience.
  • Avail RTL-supported PWA and cater to Arabic, Persian, Hebrew-speaking customers.

13. Seamless mobile-focused usability for the admin

mobile focused usability for the admin

  • The new solution is now built using the Magento Native UI component that optimizes the admin experience.
  • The entire Magento extension codebase is written as per the Magento Coding Standard and validated against the Magento Provided Tool.

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