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7 Tips to Design an Excellent UX of a B2B eCommerce Platform

Imagine if you have various products in your store, and still, you are not able to generate enough sales from your store. 

What could be the reason? 

According to Adobe research, 38% of online shoppers don’t purchase from the website when they feel the design is unattractive to the store. 

So, you need to focus on the user experience of your eCommerce platform. A good user experience helps your users engage and encourage them to make purchases. The more easy actions of purchasing any product, the increase the chances of sales.

That’s the reason why you should focus on the user experience of your website, and making your website easy to navigate, helps you to increase purchases. Let’s get started to know the tips that actually help you design an attractive UX for your eCommerce platform.

What is eCommerce User Experience?

eCommerce user experience means designing a familiar interface from the end user’s point of view and figuring out how you will provide your users a simple, enjoyable, and logical online shopping.

eCommerce user experience is about creating a user journey to know how a user will interact with your website. 

If you are unable to keep the smooth user experience of your eCommerce platform, then there are chances that your users might abandon the cart. 

As a result, you face massive abandon carts in your eCommerce application, where your users left your B2B eCommerce platform in-between making purchases.

As you know, user experience is essential to attract and retain the users to your platform, and let us know the reasons why user experience is a key element when building an eCommerce platform.

  • A B2B eCommerce platform is not similar to a B2C platform because B2B products include a detailed description of product specs, technical information, product compatibility data, and even comparison options with other relevant products. 
  • The buying process in B2B is different than in B2C because the B2B buying process includes some common administrative duties. So, all the administration should be easy to perform and less complicated.
  • A satisfactory B2B eCommerce platform makes the users’ navigation easy for the end-users. It reduces the time and efforts of buyers in searching for categories, top products, discounted products, and product filters. 
  • The less complexity in the B2B eCommerce platform results in more engagement.
  • Most B2B eCommerce software solutions have a massive catalog of thousands or millions of products, so providing on-site search is essential. This way, your users can search the product for and land on your website.

Considering all the above-listed points, it has now become clear why UX is essential for your business.

To design a user-centric UX for your B2B eCommerce platform, you must consider various design elements. 

Here are the tips that will help you develop a B2B eCommerce software catering based on elements of good UX.

7 Tips to Design a User-centric and Attractive User Experience for Your eCommerce Platform

1) Offer Smooth User Experience on Your B2B eCommerce Website

Make it easy for your users to navigation easy to your website. Your whole user journey from searching for products to making a purchase should be smooth without any user-facing errors. To offer the best user experience to your site, you need to offer the following things. 

  • Buyer-specific payment or shipping methods
  • Saving the order lists in the carts
  • Option of flexible pricing
  • Create purchase orders
  • Ability to review the orders

2) Place Call-To-Buttons in the Right Places

On any eCommerce website, CTAs are the most crucial design element and effective for results, so make sure to keep CTAs in the right place, and your CTAs should be easy to find by users. 

Keeping the eye-catching CTAs on your website draws your customer’s attention and tempts them to take action on your website.

3) Voice Search and Shopping in Your Mobile Platform

Over the last few years, the curiosity about voice search features increasing in eCommerce platforms. Siri and Alexa are the two most popular accurate voice assistants offering results when asking something. In addition, today people want to shop using voice assistants. 

Adding this feature to your mobile B2B eCommerce platform will enhance your platform results. But, make sure when you add this feature, it is easily accessible in your store for your end-users. So, when you hire an eCommerce developer, ask him/her to place it at a visible place in the store. 

4) Place Relatable and Effective Content on Your Website

When you design your B2B eCommerce store, you should need focus on your content part. In B2B eCommerce sites, content is also essential because your users should get the relevant and correct information on products.  

Deliver the correct information to your viewers, so it helps you to generate authenticity for your website. Offering personalized content on your website to your users. This way, you connect your users to your store in a more personal way.

5) Provide Extra Value to Your Users

As said above, the content of your website is essential, so it is also important to engage your customers on your platform with multiple content materials. 

For example, offer educational purpose content to your users to engage them easily. Here’s the list of information you can provide to your users. 

  • Video tutorials of your products
  • Provide manual and documentation of your products
  • Explain the products features and working process through blog posts or articles
  • Offer marketing material to your user’s new products and releases

6) Allow B2B Customers to Manage the Multiple Invoice Properly

In B2B eCommerce businesses, invoices are very essential. It becomes frustrating if your users can’t find the invoices at the correct timing, so providing an effective and proper way for your users to manage the invoice is very crucial for your platform. Following the below steps makes invoicing access easier for your customers. 

  • Send your users automatic emails of invoices
  • Offers a separate invoice section to your users to manage invoice
  • Offer simple navigation from order history to access the invoice
  • Allow the option of downloading a particular invoice to multiple invoices from the dashboard

7) Provide a Good UX Journey for Product Discovery

As the B2C websites are not similar to B2B eCommerce websites, the product discovery journey should be an effective one for your users. As millions of products are available on your B2B platform, ensure providing results with industry-wise, category-wise, and popularity sections.

  • Create industry-specific products pages
  • Create popularity-based product pages
  •  Create top category-based product pages
  • Show your new products on your home page
  • Offer comparison functionality for effective decision making


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