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Top 8 Benefits of Using Magento Mobile App for E-commerce

About 79% of smartphone owners purchase online using their mobile devices. Magento remains the most popular open source platform for e-commerce worldwide, with over 260,000 merchant websites and over 28% of the total mobile apps.

Magento offers all the functionality businesses require to build a wide range of applications, modules, plug-ins, and e-commerce features, including thousands of extensions. Thus, if your eCommerce company is not using Magento, our blog aims to highlight functionalities around how Magento mobile app development can assist you in scaling to the next level.

Why Magento 2 Mobile Apps Must Be Your Choice.

Customisable Features

The Magento 2 mobile app builder provides the best customisation options. It offers several secure payment alternatives, a quick and safe checkout procedure, and order tracking. These are some of its most considerable customisable features. It also offers customers an outstanding shopping experience. You can go throw the Steps to Install Magento 2 Mobile app Extension to know it in batter way.

Multilingual assist

This best feature makes Magento a preferred option for business owners.  To more easily serve consumers worldwide, the Magento eCommerce mobile app supports special languages. Consumers from different vicinity can buy and sell in their preferred language. Furthermore, businesses can convert the entire content, photos, and banners into any preferred language.

Catalogue management

The Magento CMS allows unified management of product catalogues across different categories. It provides powerful support for inventory management for various product types. If you intend to sell a range of several thousand items, you should switch to Magento. Also, the administration interface makes it easy to apply group updates, saving significant time.


Along with regular updates, Magento offers several security extensions and patches. To secure the back end of your website, you can run a two-step authentication process and add an SSL certificate. All Magento sites must adhere to the PCI standard. Thus, Customer data is not sent or stored without their consent.

Multiple Design Options

You can select from various design options in the Magento 2 mobile app builder. The Magento 2 store supports all product types, including those with simple designs, among others.

You can create a store you wish with the assistance of the number of designs available. It will assist in giving your store the appealing appearance you want. 

Tracking and Analytics

The analysis and reporting capabilities of the Magento android app development platform allow companies to monitor business performance across different campaigns. Magento’s Business Intelligence tool enables seamless report generation for the sales function, the items in inventory, the abandonment of carts, the consumers, and more. The numerous reports make it possible to evaluate your website’s activity with precision.

Top-Notch Dashboard

A tool built using Magento 2 eCommerce platform provides great convenience to the clients and admins. The app has a simple and interactive interface that makes it easy for the administrator to retrieve data.

One can get data and information about frequently searched products, sales targets, past orders, new clients, etc.

Automatic Synchronisation

Creating a Magento mobile app does not involve lines of code or manual synchronisation. The complete eCommerce store synchronises with the app in a few simple steps, irrespective of the type of products. Additionally, the procedure’s automation does not affect the display’s quality.

Final thoughts

Speed, personalised and relevant content are some factors that influence the user experience with eCommerce mobile apps. So, choosing the most appropriate e-commerce platform like Magento to assist in creating, managing, and maintaining an online store determines the company’s success or failure. Check Steps to Install Magento 2 Extension.

In case of any difficulties, you can consider to hire ecommerce developer. MobiCommerce provides a rich and cost-effective way to empower your Magento e-commerce business app. As a Magento mobile app development company, we help to integrate great features into your apps by transforming customer satisfaction and driving precise conversion.

Magento 2 Mobile App Builder

How MobiCommerce’s Magento 2 Mobile App Builder Helps to Grow Business Digitally

Are you looking to improve the conversion rate of your online business? Do you want to launch a fully-featured mobile app quickly in the market? If so, you are reading the right blog. 

According to a report by Bankmycell, the total population of smartphone users in the world today is 6.648 billion. As you see, around 83% of people in the world are using smartphones currently. Therefore, it is the correct time to take benefits in the market by creating a mobile app. Because smartphones become an effective way to stand out from the competition. 

With Magento app development services, you can create a powerful and feature-rich mobile app easily and quickly. In this article, we will describe MobiCommerce’s Magento mobile app builder and how it helps you to launch your business app in the market quickly. 

Let’s first understand the meaning of Magento mobile app builder.

What is Magento Mobile App Builder?

A Magento mobile app builder is a readily available solution that helps to create customized native mobile apps for iOS and Android. This is the easiest and most flexible way to build a mobile app. With app builder, you are able to do the following things: 

  • Convert the Magento website into a native iOS and Android app
  • Get all your eCommerce website features and business flows within your business app

Moving further, let’s now check the features of MobiCommerce’s Magento mobile app builder.

What are the Features of MobiCommerce’s Magento Mobile App Builder?

Being a leading Magento 2 mobile app development company, we have successfully delivered 2500+ mobile solutions. Based on our experience, we know the core features and functionalities required in a mobile app builder. Also, we knew the challenges faced by the clients when using mobile app builders. So, we designed our Magento 2 mobile app builder to consider all the points and offer the most effective and relevant features. 

Check the following section to know the features of our Magento 2 mobile app builder. 

  • Create Product Catalogue – It allows you to upload bulk products and offer a grid or list view products to your users.
  • Search Functionality – Search products with text, voice, QR code, and advanced search filters.
  • Auto Address Detection – This feature automatically captures the user’s location via GPS and autofill the address. 
  • Offline Access – It allows users to browse your mobile app when they are offline. 
  • Push Notifications – This feature allows you to instantly send updates and news to your customers regarding new products, discounts, offers, and sales. 
  • SEO Optimization – It allows you to optimize your mobile app in terms of SEO so you can rank well on search engines like Google. 
  • Social Media Sharing – Share products, offers, and discounts with your friend and family with social sharing.
  • Google Analytics – Integrate GA into your mobile app to get the data of your mobile app like track individuals, behaviors, pages, and products, and make decisions accordingly.
  • Run Ads with Facebook Pixel – Embed Facebook Pixel and track the app activity and delivery ads on social media accordingly
  • Integrate Banners – Create and place promotional banners at the top of your mobile web screen to showcase trending or products. 
  • Discount Code – Create and set up a discount code for your eCommerce store and increase your sales.
  • Multi-lingual support – This allows your customers to convert your website into their familiar language for extensive user experience.
  • Multi currently support – Set up multiple and different payment options so your customers can make purchases easily.

What are the Benefits of  Mobile App Builder?

To create a Magento app for your eCommerce store, you must know about the advantages that lead Magento in mobile eCommerce. Because of the following advantages, it becomes easy to develop a Magento 2 mobile app. 

Fast Time to Launch

When you create a custom mobile app from scratch, it takes more time for development as well as testing. Whereas, with mobile app builder, it takes a short duration to create a Magento app because of its framework and features. Mobile app builders shorten the development time. 

Because of this, you can market your app within a short duration. Due to ready-made solutions, it becomes easy to convert your website into an app. Also, you can keep the same functions and features of your app according to your website. 

Cost Saving

Custom mobile app development with code takes time. As developers need to code the application from scratch, it takes time to create algorithms as per the requirement. The development process for a custom app is longer and that includes the following parts. 

  • Designing 
  • Development 
  • Testing 
  • Launch 

As the development process is long, the cost of creating apps results in high costs. Also, the cost depends on external factors like app features, complexity, and integrations. So, you end up spending more money. Whereas, if you use a no-code Magento app builder, it reduces the overall development time and cost. App builders reduce the work of developers and result in faster development. Therefore, pricing is much more cost-effective here.

Complete Control of App

With mobile app builders, you have complete control of your mobile app development as you create apps for your business. Whether you hire Magento app developers or outsource to a company, you don’t need to check every small detail. 

But, with a mobile app builder, you get less flexibility in integrating features compared to custom app development. Although, you can integrate features that can be added with code so it becomes good to launch your app in the market easily. Certainly, no-code mobile app development is preferable when you want to create an app within a lower budget. Install pluggable MobiCommerce Magento 2 Mobile App Extension.


To sum up, Magento 2 mobile app development is quick and easy with app builders. Our Magento app builder allows you to create a feature-rich app according to your requirements. Whether you want to add multilingual support or push notifications, everything is possible.


Magento App 5.0 – Brief Note on the latest version

It has always been our endeavor to offer the best possible solution to all aspiring and established eCommerce business owners. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce the launch of the new version of our Magento App Builder 5.0.

Perfect for launching high-performing mobile solutions on Android and iOS and standalone Progressive Web Apps, our Magento App Builder 5.0 helps business owners convert their eCommerce ideas into a reality.

What is more — you can build a mobile presence without any coding expertise. If you are looking to launch mobile apps for your eCommerce storefront, check out our brief notes to get an idea about everything our latest version brings to the table.

What’s New In Our Magento Mobile App Solutions?

1. New tech introductions for super user experience and performance

New tech introductions

  • The Magento mobile app solution has been re-coded using React and GraphQL APIs.
  • The APIs can be cached based on the Magento Standard setting and caching layer such as Varnish.
  • Enable Smart Caching to allow end-users to browse through the storefront on the Magento mobile app — even without the internet.

2. A Magento Native UI offering seamless usability for the admin

A Magento Native UI offering seamless usability for the admin

  • The new solution is now built using the Magento Native UI component that optimizes the admin experience.
  • The entire Magento extension codebase is written as per the Magento Coding Standard and validated against the Magento Provided Tool.

3. A central media library for the storefront

A central media library for the storefront

  • It is centrally controlled and helps reflect image-related changes on the pages in real-time.
  • The “Image Collection” option allows adding photos to the media library from any device, anywhere and anytime.

4. A virtual/dynamic product listing functionality

A virtual/dynamic product listing functionality

  • Create virtual collections of products as per different sizes, materials used, colors, gender-specificity, patterns, and so on.
  • This helps set up seasonal or thematic product collections (e.g., Thanksgiving Sales — Under $200) on the storefront.
  • The admin does not have to stay dependent on the standard product collection, thanks to MobiCommerce’s new virtual collection mechanism.

5. Flexible configurations and settings for the admin

Flexible configurations and settings for the admin

  • Control all frontend settings in a single place under “Store Settings,” which were previously tightly coupled as “API Settings” in the earlier versions of the solution.

6. A storefront for a global audience

A storefront for a global audience

  • Offer different currencies to customers — regardless of their geographies.
  • Translate the storefront in multiple languages depending on the target audience.
  • Avail RTL-supported Magento mobile apps for Android and iOS and cater to Arabic, Persian, Hebrew-speaking customers.

7. Create once, use multiple times — higher reusability

  • None of the pages of the storefront are tightly coupled anymore.
  • No need to upload images separately for desktop, mobile app, and PWA versions.
  • Unlike the previous cumbersome version with little flexibility, one can easily design the homepage, category pages, and individual product pages.

8. Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel embeds supported as default

Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel embeds supported as default

  • Embed Facebook Pixel to track app visitor activity and deliver personalized ads on the social media channel.
  • Track app visitor behavior and high-ranking product pages via Google Analytics and change your eCommerce storefront.

9. Deep linking capability for personalized product promotion

Deep linking capability for personalized product promotion

  • Create any number of product collections and promote them on any page.
  • Use the deep linking capability only to show the most relevant products or catalog on a specific page.
  • Optimize your Magento mobile app with the latest SEO best practices. Ranking on Google and Bing would not be a challenge anymore.

10. An advanced page builder with advanced widgets

An advanced page builder with advanced widgets

  • No coding expertise is required.
  • Access MobiCommerce’s 15+ ready-to-use widgets and UI plugins for designing the pages.
  • Use the page builder to design different storefront pages (e.g., homepage, category pages, and marketing promotional pages) and improve your conversions.

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