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Deep linking

3 Tips to Use Mobile Deep Link Strategy Effectively

Are you facing challenges to drive traffic to your ecommerce mobile app?

If the answer is YES, watch the video to know the tactics using Deep Linking!

What is Deep Linking?

Mobile deep linking is the process of using a URI to link to specific pages or locations within a mobile application.

Note that Deep Linking is not the default feature of your App, it must be developed while App Development. It opens the door to boost visitor’s engagement and drive more traffic by sharing deep links on social media and other online marketing platforms.

Advantages of DEEP LINKING

  • To leverage social media and other platforms for mobile app promotion
  • To enhance your app visitors engagement and re-engagement
  • To promote particular product/category app page
  • To design better marketing campaign like website
  • Improve App Discoverability

Tips to yield best results using ‘Deep Link’

TIP 1: Use Deep Link hand in hand with your Social campaigns

TIP 2: Use Deep Links in your Emailer & Newsletters Campaigns

TIP 3: Leverage your Blog and Guest Posts

Watch the video, to learn in detail “3 Tips to use Mobile Deep Linking Strategy Effectively” to drive robust customer engagement and re-engagement on your mobile app.

Mobile app push notifications

Maximize Sales from your App Users with Push Notification

Push Notification is a message that pops-up on your mobile screen sent from an app publishers. Users who downloaded the application get such pops-up as and when an app publisher decides to send it. Here, users need not to be in app to receive such notification.

It is a way to communicate with App users directly without any spam

The purpose of sending such notification is to communicate with users about latest products or offers and bring them back to app store and inspire them to order and buy the products.

Advantages of Push Notification:

  • High Visibility
  • High Attention rate
  • More User Interaction
  • Easy Communication

As per the study, Push Notifications boosts app engagement by 88%.

Tips to send Push Notification like a Pro,

  • Avoid being pushy
  • Consider it as a privilege to communicate and not a right
  • Hit the right target
  • Strategize the time and message to get best result


How to promote eCommerce mobile app and website using QR Code

QR code is beneficial in terms of User Convenience, just scan it and get details on hand without any search terms involved. As per statista, The number of internet users in United States who scanned a QR code amounted to 28.92 million within a period of 30 days.

QR code can be used in many ways to promote your app such as:

  • Danglers
  • Store Display Stickers
  • Price Tags
  • Product Tags, Product Packaging and Inserts
  • Business Cards
  • Print Ads
  • Add to your Social Media Page
  • Marketing Material Giveaway
  • Posters/ Banners
  • Local Portals Relevant to your Business


App Store Optimization – 3 Secret Weapons to Increase Your Mobile App Downloads

Is your business depend on mobile app? 2 million mobile apps in play stores, Finding your app is one of the biggest issues facing mobile app user today. Over a million apps are available for download. App Store optimization isn’t just helpful, it’s mandatory.