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Grocery Ecommerce: 5 Things to Keep in Mind for Success

Online shopping has been gaining traction rapidly among all ages and geographic regions, and there is no reason to think this popularity will fall away in the upcoming years. This means there is no better time than now to invest in enhancing your capability to do online business.

Online grocery sales increased to 26.5% last year, demonstrating that the convenience of online shopping is not being overlooked in the food sector. As a local grocer, your potential to succeed in the digital space is still very much there if you make moves swiftly and smartly.

In this blog, we have listed five tips that may assist you in blooming in the grocery ecommerce business.

Simplify the checkout process

According to the survey, 27% of cart abandonment is due to a complex or extended checkout process. There are so many steps involved in placing a purchase which is one of the biggest causes of shopping cart abandonment. Streamlining the checkout process is ideal for boosting your eCommerce sales. 

This implies for some reason consumers do not complete the shopping. It refers to possible buyers who add products to the cart and leave before the checkout process finshes. So, all the additional step in your checkout process makes it harder to complete, and adding to that procedure will drive away a fraction of your potential customers.

Integrate with different vendors

Every business requires scalability at some point in time. To develop your online grocery business, you can either grow your inventory or tie up with retailers selling products you wish to add to your shop. Ensure your e-commerce platform supports multiple vendor integrations.

You can include the multi-seller functionality and add sellers, or you may also integrate with other shops to advertise desired products you want.

Make marketing a priority

Marketing is the process of persuading clients to switch to your online platform. Your marketing strategy should consider many possible tactics, such as offering coupons and other discounts on regularly bought items, free shipping on non-perishable items, free local delivery on orders above a specific amount, or launching meal packages online.

Choose an online marketing agency for your grocery store, or you can try offline marketing methods like distributing leaflets, banners, and brochures with coupon pamphlets at local places.

Own the entire customer experience

Think about the consumer experience from start to finish and solve the problems that hinders the entire shopping experience, not just the act of shopping itself. Here are a few possibilities, many of which you may already be doing:

  • Provide personalised deals
  • Guide something new about the products, shop or technology that you use
  • Offer an amazing in-store experience
  • Reduce coupon complications by delivering digital coupons
  • Provide product pairing recommendations

The final step is to integrate everything into a single, seamless experience. The convenience is lost if it takes numerous different tools to get it done.

Mobile friendly platform

Online grocery is the latest trend for buying groceries, and mobile makes this process easier. Grocery app development is the new trend in the retail industry. This technology has streamlined processes and made online shopping simple and fun. 

You don’t even have to access your PC or laptop to shop online nowadays, and mobile does the necessary work. Furthermore, you can operate it from anywhere, without much inconvenience. Ensure that your grocery ecommerce solution is mobile-friendly. Check it on multiple devices to be sure it has a remarkable look and feel.

Final thoughts

Your brand will remain at the top of local grocers’ minds if you take the time to understand better how your customer’s shop, what they frequently buy online and when, and how to make their experiences with your brand as simple as possible.
With MobiCommerce, you can grow your company and look ahead without worrying about failing. With balanced capabilities and pocket-friendly expenses, we have revolutionised how buyers manage their grocery stores. Participate with us in ecommerce development to create the best store.

grocery retail trend UAE

Emerging Trends in Grocery Retail in the UAE

The UAE is undergoing a once in a generation shift that is affecting how retailers operate. A country that is always hustling and bustling found it hindering when lockdowns were imposed which led to digital adoption and transformation. Retailers are quickly adapting to it to survive and thrive in a market highly driven by consumers undergoing a lifestyle evolution.

Before the pandemic, essential stores had underdeveloped e-commerce, and that is the reason why traditional grocery retailers registered a decline in the two years of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, grocers were quick to turn to digitalisation.

During the lockdown, retailers began approaching grocery delivery app development company in the Middle East; and a lot of newcomers like Noon daily, Sharaf DG and Areem emerged and benefited greatly. At the same time, existing retailers like Nana, Mrsool, Spinneys, with the help of grocery mobile app builders in the Middle East, expanded their digital scope by launching their delivery app.

The online grocery which accounted for only 5% of sales before the pandemic witnessed a jump of 24% during the lockdown. In short, with online shopping becoming the new normal in UAE and around the world, adoption of digitalisation accelerated; however, surviving and sustaining in it is becoming the tricky part due to the cut-throat competition. Let’s look at some of the challenges that grocery retailers faced in the UAE due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

1) Health and safety of employees and in-store hygiene:

Digital transformation is not a substitute for labour-free store operations. As essential services were still available during the lockdown, hence stores had to operate with staff. They gave their health and safety a priority. Thermal screenings, washing hands, wearing face masks and face coverings, minimising interactions with customers by placing glass barriers, and regular disinfection became the new normal as well as challenging.

2) Supply chain optimisation:

Lockdowns and travel bans led to a significant supply chain issue as it became increasingly difficult to meet the growing demand. Panic buying and confusion disrupted demand estimations for food products, causing a shortage of inventory and other challenges like meeting the increased demand for online orders and home delivery, constant food supply, and sanitation measures.

UAE currently imports 80-85% of food products; henceforth this challenge was the greatest of them all. To avoid contamination and to continue the proper supply of products, many grocery retailers implemented a supply chain management system like batch and lot tracking and warehouse management system.

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3) Customer engagement and satisfaction:

With the rising need for essentials and online stores being the only option, a lot of online grocery retailers faced the burn of cart abandonment during the pandemic. Since people had no patience to wait, they switched to another store if one failed to deliver as per their expectation. Some of the other reasons were the long checkout process, lack of payment options and lengthy account creation process that resulted in customers not returning to the site even when things settled down.

4) Last-mile deliveries and returns:

The two major bottlenecks for UAE grocers during the pandemic were last-mile deliveries and returns. People during the pandemic stocked groceries fearing lockdown which led to a sharp rise in online orders and fulfilling them all became almost an impossible task. Where delivery was a headache during the pandemic, needless to say, how big a challenge the returns were.

Trends that will continue

With the second wave of Covid-19, fearing possible lockdowns and travel bans, many retailers have already switched to online while there are a few yet to invest in digitalization. However, looking at the current trend of digital transformation and solving various challenges, researchers have noted the following trends that will stay in the grocery retail of UAE:

Online shopping:

A survey conducted by PwC reveals that the increase in the number of people shopping for groceries online rose from 29% to 51% during the lockdown. More than 90% said they are likely to continue shopping on smartphones even after the lift of social distancing measures.

Contactless payments:

Access to smartphones in the UAE is more than 100%, and social media penetration is more than 70%. Hence with an extensive demographic for all retailers, grocery retail is now fiercely adopting digital transformation. New players are harnessing this change by adopting new marketing strategies. Consumers are preferring contactless payment and would continue to do so even after the pandemic. This has led to collaborations with payment app companies, which profits the grocer and the payment channel equally.

Some players have launched their payment apps – for example, Carrefour now has CarrefourPay, enabling customers for a quick checkout process. A new Dubai Government-backed payment app-Empay- allows UAE users to pay for government, public and consumer services.

Omnichannel presence:

Choosing the right marketing channel is key to having an omnichannel presence. By collecting customer data through account creations and registrations-

> like signing in through Facebook/Gmail/apple account,

> products purchased,

> place of delivery and delivery times;

one can analyse the ways to put forward the brand in front of the customer and increase brand loyalty. By ensuring a seamless and consistent customer experience on every possible platform, grocery retailers can not only gain customers but earn their loyalty as well.

Safety and hygiene:

With Covid-19 still showing no signs of withdrawing, the practice of maintaining high levels of safety and hygiene to curb the spread of the virus is going to stay unknown for how long. Although it is a good thing to maintain safety and hygiene despite pandemic or not, grocery retailers must stay alert and carry out their responsibilities very well to keep everyone safe. Many are now encouraging residents to stay indoors by offering:

> 24/7 grocery delivery,

>  a 48 hours TAT (turnaround times) from placing an order to delivery,

>  options to view the supplies in-store,

> contactless payment and expanding its scope.

E.g., Talabat has expanded its free-delivery grocery service to 24-hours a day across Dubai.

In-store experiences:

Despite the accessibility of online shopping, some consumers are returning to shops after restrictions were eased. Lulu has recorded a pre-covid influx of customers after the ease of restrictions which indicates that in-store or offline shopping will continue but won’t be able to outsmart online anymore.

In a nutshell

There was a need for digital transformation in shopping in UAE even before Covid-19 and to some extent, it had already begun but, with the pandemic, it just gained momentum, challenging the basics of marketing for all retailers.

If you are someone up for this challenge and are looking out for a grocery delivery app development company in the Middle East, we at Mobicommerce are there for your assistance. Our app builders will take care of everything.

Business Ideas after COVID 19

Top Radical Business Ideas to Kick Start Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions”, goes the old saying and life post-COVID-19 pandemic will see the advent of various online businesses.

We have seen many financial recessions in the current and past centuries; however, few budding entrepreneurs took the tide on their side and emerged as great businessmen during those crises. HP was started soon after the recession of 1937-38, Fed-Ex overcame the challenges of promoting a new and unheard concept of that time and became the pioneers of courier services right after the recession of 1969-70, whereas Hyatt was launched during the recession of 1958 when travel was at its lowest due to tough economic times. These and many other companies across the globe are inspiring examples of entrepreneurship that started during acute crisis.

Similarly, COVID crisis appears to be staying for long and has also transformed the way we live our life, our habits, our thinking and so on. Hence, if you too have a business plan and are waiting for COVID to end or fear to take the step at all then you are simply wasting your time because online is today’s way and is going to be the future too.

The emergence of online businesses amidst pandemics

The current pandemic has also triggered a global recession but one cannot forget that while China was fighting the SARS Pandemic of 2002-04. Ali Baba group which was a small eCommerce store at that time emerged as the biggest retailer in Asia. Its growth was accelerated by the fear of human contact, quite similar to the situation we are facing today.

The world is expecting to see technology replacing the physical movement of people in the upcoming months or maybe years until the spread of the virus is contained fully. Therefore, companies that choose to capitalize on the inevitable changes post lockdown will be the ones climbing the ladder of success. Taking a shift from brick and mortar business system to online business will be the key factor of staying relevant in these changing times.

Why shift to the online business model?

A lot of IT and non-IT companies have started giving work from home guidelines to employees as they do not want to take risks with their lives. Many fun activities like playing board games and even visiting a bar have been developed as apps to minimize boredom in this isolation period. Shopping online for everything under the sun has also risen in the past decade. All these apps have been well received by people, especially the millennial. A reasonably good section of the older population also has started using social media and shopping apps. This trend will catch pace in the post lockdown phase as people prefer to stay at home as much as possible.

With most of the businesses trying to reach their customers amid this challenging situation, new ways of functioning will start. It may be possible that we see online appointments being made for almost every service so that crowding can be avoided or services being delivered at the customer’s homes itself. Either way, technology will play an integral role in the future of business. So, we have made a list of top business ideas that are most likely to catch up in the online market post lockdown phase.

Online grocery shopping app– Groceries is a part of our daily essentials. Most of us buy our groceries from super and hypermarkets which have the maximum number of people at any given point of time. It is where you are likely to get in touch with a lot of people, which is why; people are showing more interest in getting home delivery of groceries, veggies, dairy products and all other daily usage items.

With a supermarket app, you can turn out to be a life-saviour by providing them with features like doorstep contactless deliveries of groceries, digital payments etc. Therefore, grocery shopping app development for supermarket or even single shop owners is one and top-most business that you may see a boost very soon.

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Online pharmacy app– With a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food choices, health problems have increased amongst the people. Medicines, therefore, have become a necessity for all age groups, not just elderly people. If access to medicines is not made available to people on time, it could be life-threatening for many. Therefore, if you are a medical shop owner, online pharmacy app development can make you have a wider reach of customers. You will be able to deliver medicines and other essentials to your customers right at their doorstep or even take orders online so that they don’t have to stand for a long time with other customers in front of your shop.

Online automotive ecommerce solution- This is a great option adopted by the automotive industry for its customers. Features like finding parts of the vehicle, VIN search, wholesale order tracking and garage management have now become online services which can be accessed by customers without coming physically to the shop. A robust online automotive ecommerce solution will be the thing customers will be looking forward to and which can bring in more benefits for all as well.

On-demand professionals– Be it doctors, nurses, plumbers, electricians or even salon experts- getting their services at your home will be a common thing in the future to avoid unnecessary human contact. A common app can be built to book any of these professionals or for a particular industry like a beauty salon mobile app solution to provide the professional service safely at home.

Online food delivery– With restaurants being one of the hardest-hit sectors by the coronavirus pandemic, shifting to online food delivery will be the wisest way to sustain and gradually progress too. Even after upliftment of the lockdown, places, where major crowds gather like restaurants, will take time to start functioning fully. People might be not coming to your restaurant but they are definitely craving for that unique and favourite dish of your eatery. So why not start delivering your dishes to their homes by developing an on-demand food delivery app and satisfy their taste buds?

Wrapping up 

We all know how badly this global pandemic has taken a toll on our lives but, this doesn’t mean things won’t change and you have to give up on all hope. Getting an online business developed can be done easily while you are at home and hence; you make use of this time to prepare for the future. So, whether you are running a business already or have plans to invest for better tomorrow, the above-mentioned business ideas can work great for you in the future whose development you can leave at the hands of the experts like Mobicommerce.

online grocery app development

COVID-19 Effects: Time to Switch to Grocery eCommerce from Offline Grocery Business?

It will not be very late to say that the Covid-19 Pandemic has brought a 360-degree turn in the way we shop for our daily essentials, mainly groceries and also, it is an only retail category without which we can’t even pass a day. But, the thought of visiting a grocery store has built fear in people so much that it seems online grocery will take over even post-corona. So, is grocery eCommerce really the future?

The online shopping revolution for non-perishable commodities started way back globally, yet, many of us preferred going to super or hypermarkets and hand-pick our groceries for various reasons, mainly to choose the best of all options and having the ability to inspect the items before purchase. Now, the scenario is different. With Corona crawled into our life, the online grocery shopping seems to be the safe option which has led to the emergence of it and the sales of which are doubling up like never before.

Boom in Online Grocery shopping trends

Online shopping trend was picked up by consumers who do not enjoy the hassle of traditional shopping experience specially, to stand in long queues. Now, the current pandemic has further pushed consumers to buy their groceries online which are creating a huge scope for newcomers with innovative purchase models to create their own space in this global business market.

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There is no doubt about social distancing becoming the “The New Normal” in the post-COVID phase, making most of the grocery shopping digital. We know that a business is all about trust and as far as grocery shopping is concerned, the majority of the consumers prefer to buy from the same Kirana store only because there is a trust for quality and service. Therefore, to get the groceries delivered by the same trusted local grocery shop at one click will be something consumers will look forward to.

So, if you are a grocery shop owner, you must consider the below points to act fast and expand your local business by opting for grocery store app development right now.

For business continuity post-COVID: The crisis is going to end at some point but we don’t know when and since now you are getting enough time, it is advisable to prepare for the future which will be nothing like before. Henceforth, if you want your business to keep going, thinking online will be the right thing to do.

To be safe for you and your family: Continuous interaction with innumerable customers also puts you at risk. You need to keep the business running and remain safe for your family at the same time as well as ensure safety standards are being followed by streamlining the logistics. Hence, going digital will help you have a win-win situation overall.

Foreseeing changing business trends with innovative digital marketing ideas: Your customers will remain loyal to you if you cater to their changing needs. Quick delivery options, safety procedures, lucrative discounts and innovations will ensure your brand gets the required foothold in the competitive market.

Making your brand: Your local supermarket or grocery shop can get a brand name by going digital. Word of mouth and good online reviews will attract new customers for your business. You can grow your business by catering not just to people living in your vicinity but beyond if you expand your delivery area limit. A good grocery website builder will help you structure your business with minimal investment and lesser workforce.

For customers, who are still not convinced why to forgo conventional grocery shopping practices in these testing times, here are the top 5 reasons why switching to online grocery shopping now and in the future seems to be the right option.

Keep you safe from crowds and thus getting infected: The last thing we want is to enter a crowd of strangers and risk our lives. Although you might take all the necessary precautions, you can’t be sure if the person standing next to you is healthy or not. When online grocery apps can give you verified and quality products delivered at your doorstep, why take the risk? Also, you have the option of sanitizing the container and the items without any hassle.

It will help you maintain your budget: COVID-19 has definitely slowed down the world economy and the repercussions have already started showing up with many people losing their jobs. In such a situation, you don’t want to overspend which is likely to happen when you physically visit a store. With online shopping, you have the option at any given time to cancel a product and keep a tap on your bill.

Encouraging Digital Payment: Digitalization in payment methods started over more than a decade with the introduction of credit and debit cards but, cash transaction is still a preferred payment method for small purchases in local grocery shops. In this period of Covid-19 spread, cash transactions have been identified as one of the main reasons for spreading the infection, so by opting for online payment modes, you can avoid that risk as well.

24*7 availability: With more women coming to work front, managing household chores has become more tedious in a nuclear family set-up. Grocery shopping is mainly planned for weekends which consumes nearly 2-3 hours of your day. Online grocery shopping gives you the convenience to shop at any point in time so that you can spend your day-offs with your loved ones, not at departmental stores.

Your bit for the environment: The world has undergone a renovation with humankind sitting inside their homes. Pollution levels have dropped and water bodies are much cleaner now. So, it is our responsibility to maintain this by reducing carbon emissions as much as possible. We can avoid commuting again and again by buying our monthly groceries at one go, thus protecting Mother Nature from unnecessary air and noise pollution.

In a nutshell, 

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, an offline grocery shop owner or a consumer, we are sure that by now you can agree that a grocery eCommerce app is the most convenient and recommended way to shop or deliver groceries by all means, especially when such bad situation strikes.

We hope with these tips, you will now be able to make right and smart choices to stay relevant in this new phase. Our expertise in Grocery shopping app development will ensure that you get your app designed just the way you want and in time so that you continue to lead the business.

grocery app market European

Know Why Grocery App Market is Bubbling up in European Countries

Europeans are skipping the trek to a supermarket which requires pushing a shopping cart down an aisle after aisle and then waiting in the long checkout line to finally bring home their groceries and love the idea of saving time by shopping at the convenience of their home. Why? The reasons are many let’s take a look at it all.

No sooner did the trend of online grocery shopping hit the market, Europe witnessed a sharp rise in grocery mobile app downloads and its usage in the past few years. The reasons are many like inflationary price rises, convenience, time-saving, more premium and fresh goods all under one roof etc., which grocery shopping mobile apps are making it possible and easier for customers to get their groceries on-time without any hassle.

But it is not just because of any random grocery mobile app, the European market has risen up, it is in fact, due to the compelling reasons the European retailers have given consumers to switch from their neighbourhood grocers to the web or mobile app like;

  1. An entire supermarket squeezed into an app

Browsing a supermarket in search of a product with a shopping stroller is something which nobody enjoys. European retailers gave their customers freedom from it by allowing them to browse an entire supermarket on their mobile screen and add products to their shopping cart the instant, save them for later, wishlist or even book out of stock products in advance all via a grocery mobile app.

  1. Personal recommendations & customizations

Not all products a customer is looking for is available in a supermarket, hence, European grocery mobile app development cracked a way to it by giving personal recommendations to their customers based on their purchase behaviour to further ease their shopping of daily grocery needs. This made customers fall in love with grocery mobile apps even more. Moreover, the supermarket app development took a step further ahead with customization feature which helps customers to modify the packaging, weight, size, etc. of their products.

  1. Escape from long queues

Who doesn’t love a grocery shopping where checkouts take seconds and payments can be done without taking out a wallet for the purchased groceries? The grocery app development in European market won hearts by allowing customers to shop groceries without the need to wait in long queues with heavy shopping bags.

  1. Daily offers & special treatments

Compared to offline grocery shopping, grocery mobile apps began to give daily offers and discounts on products which attracted customers towards it like a magnet. Apart from that, when European customers started getting special treatments like membership and referral benefits, they look the jump to grocery mobile apps right away without giving a second thought which spiced up the online grocery app market in Europe like never before.

  1. Service that appeals to customers

For any shopper, how a particular brand treats a customer matters the most because once they like it, they become loyal to them forever. Today, Amazon, BigBasket and other such major grocery deliveries have come into action which is having good and regular traffic of customers due to the convenience they are providing in getting fresh daily essentials at the doorstep, eliminating the need – to wait in long queues, carry heavy grocery bags, move from one grocery shop to another in search of products, etc.

The grocery app development in Europe took it very seriously and developed grocery mobile apps with all necessary features for customer service like feedback section, rating & reviews, delivery slot selection, chats and support to solve customer queries, order tracking, multiple payment options, free delivery, and much more to serve customers at its best.

  1. Boon for busiest customers 

Half of the European population has no time for going grocery shopping personally due to their busy lifestyle which is the main reason why grocery delivery app development gained momentum in Europe suddenly and swiftly. People loved the concept of getting groceries at their doorstep more than wandering multiple shops with giant shopping bags struggling to find time from their hectic schedule.

Bottom Line

Consumers of today love their smartphones, which explains why 91% of them are always on them 24/7. Therefore, it should not be surprising for industries to understand why grocery mobile app development is the need of the hour.

Looking at the rise of online grocery shopping, more and more European retailers have now begun to develop on-demand grocery delivery apps equipped with all necessary features that benefit both retailers and customers. Since a grocery mobile app is helping businesses achieve their objectives and gain higher returns within a less period of time. So, it is in this way, the grocery app market gained popularity and become a sensation in Europe within a blink of an eye which is not going to disappear anytime near soon.

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Know Why a Mobile App is Good for The Health of Your Grocery Business

Know Why a Mobile App is Good for The Health of Your Grocery Business

Grocery shopping – one of the most daunting daily chores, is now an easy and convenient task with it becoming online, but is it worth?

“A mobile app for grocery business?” The doubtful picture that one paints in mind is indeed understandable as getting an app developed for a business is not something everyone readily agrees to at the very first. The fear of expense, the success of the business, the need, all that clouds up and one gets stuck whether to make an app or not. But guess what, mobile apps are ruling and a business without a mobile app is now like a body without a soul.

About 2.7 billion smartphone users across the world spent 90% of mobile time on mobile apps, thus, mobile apps are expected to generate $189 billion in revenue by 2020.

The reason for such a huge success of mobile apps is because of its impact on the growth of a business. With convenient features like mobility, easy access, secure payments, wide audience etc. they have multiplied businesses in no time which already justifies why your grocery business needs a mobile app too. Still, we are going to dig even deeper why you must get one right now.

To Satisfy the Rising Mobile Shoppers 

Mobile apps have redefined the art of shopping. It has wiped out all the headaches associated with shopping like wandering from one shop to another in search of a product, standing in long queues, facing payment troubles at billing counters, carrying heavy shopping bags etc., since all can be done simply via a mobile app sitting at the comfort of your couch. It accounts to the main reason why mobile shoppers are rising every second especially the online grocery shoppers because it is a daily need as well as a hectic job.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, milk and all other essential household items are almost daily essentials and getting them at the doorstep is what customers are preferring the most today which has given a significant rise to grocery app usage. As per the statistics, the global online grocery market will reach 150 billion $ by 2025, which proves how much people prefer mobile apps in comparison to the grocery shops.

For those who are still wondering how an online grocery mobile app will be beneficial? Here are some advantages of grocery app development.

  1. Because it is the era of digitalization – With every business becoming online having mobile apps, the competition is getting tougher hence to survive you need to get digitized. By creating your supermarket app, you can always be available to your customers.

  3. You get brand exposure – Since nowadays you will get customers more on mobile than anywhere else, with grocery mobile app development, you can get the exposure like never before. Once customers love your app, they will become regular shoppers and may even recommend it to others.

  5. Apps are time savers – An online grocery app is nothing but a boon to customers since it makes the biggest and most difficult task i.e. grocery shopping, as light as a feather. It eliminates the need to move around with a shopping basket, searching products, comparing prices, looking for discounts and offers, even ending the long wait at the billing counter. Hence, those hours one spends on grocery shopping offline can be reduced to a few minutes with ecommerce grocery stores. This means more people will use your online grocery mobile app which implies more sales for you.

  7. An opportunity to connect with customers – Customers make your business successful, therefore, by developing an online grocery mobile app, you can understand consumer behaviour as well build relations with them personally. By offering their needs, personalized offers and notifications, you can get closer to your customers which will make them stick to you forever.

  9. Makes management easy and effective – Store management is not a child’s play. There are too many segments like inventory, orders, deliveries, invoices, offers, etc. that need to be handled carefully on a daily basis. Mobile apps make it all easy and effective with its interesting features. Everything can be maintained systematically in a mobile app which is why creating one becomes important.

  11. Can attract busiest customers – The major reason behind the demand and rise for online grocery shopping is because of lack of time. Since in almost every home, all the members are working people today, nobody has the time to go grocery shopping. A mobile app comes handy there. It makes grocery shopping so much simpler that, not only a busy person can carry out the task anywhere, anytime, even an elderly at home unable to go shopping can do it via mobile apps, which means, there is no limit to the customers you can get via an online grocery mobile app

How Mobicommerce Can Help? 

By now you might have understood how important a mobile app is in today’s market. But, the secret of success also lies behind who you are trusting to develop a magento mobile app. There, Mobicommerce comes into the picture. The experience and expertise of mobile app development of Mobicommerce cannot be expressed in words because it is so huge. Mobicommerce knows how to make an app eligible for success hence handing over your grocery mobile app development to the team of Mobicommerce will only bring good fortune to your business.

Ready to develop yours? Reach out now!

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