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by MobiCommerce | August 11, 2016

Why Push Notifications must be part of your integral mobile commerce development and marketing plan?

Push Notifications are one major way to get customers occupied on your apps at regular intervals. They have proved it also with numbers. Thousands of infographics and statistics mention that push notification open rates range between 47-80%. These open rates lead to customer engagement and finally to sales. Still there
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by MobiCommerce | December 23, 2015

The State of Mobile Subscriptions and Subscribers from Q3 2015 to 2021 [Infographic]

The world is going mobile and there’s no doubt that this technology is one of the fastest adopted technologies worldwide. Reasons are being varying across the geographies for its adoption, the numbers increasing on daily basis left everyone astonished. According to Ericsson Mobility Report published in November 2015, mobile subscriptions
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