eCommerce Online Store
by MobiCommerce | May 10, 2016

6 Reasons Local Businesses Need Online Stores

Opening an online store is easier than ever. There are dozens of great e-commerce platforms that allow merchants with no coding experience to build up and run complex online store systems and reach customers from all around the world. Since the use of mobile internet also saw a huge increase
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eCommerce eCommerce Trends
by MobiCommerce | February 22, 2016

Why If You Are Into Ecommerce, You Need Amazon

With regards to ecommerce, is the reigning king. In addition to offering millions of different products, it also offers a high end user experience through their professional customer service and digital best practices. Although today’s ecommerce business owner has a plethora of options when it comes to how and
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eCommerce News & Events
by MobiCommerce | February 3, 2016

Indian Ecommerce Expo, 2016 – Mumbai

What can be better than weekend with industry peers !! It was great learning weekend in Mumbai with 500+ eCommerce industry people at IEE (India Ecommerce expo). India Ecommerce Expo is the largest B2B Trade platform in the E-commerce space in India. This event showcases Ecommerce Ecosystem and facilitates business
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by MobiCommerce | January 26, 2016

8 Tips In Creating Engaging Product Descriptions In Your E-Commerce Site

Perhaps the biggest challenge business people and marketers face today is how to connect best with their target customers. To be effective, marketers should know how to present their products attractively to their customers. Successful salespeople engage prospective buyers and audience with powerful presentations through face-to-face or phone presentations. Skilled
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