Live Webinar

Live Webinar: Magento 2.X Native Mobile App Solution Demonstration

Do you know that more than half of the internet traffic is shopping from mobile devices?

Are you aware that 79% people prefer to buy from mobile apps?

If the answer is NO, you need to explore and analyze the eCommerce market wildly to learn about it. If the answer is YES, are you ready with your strategic plans to penetrate the market and serve the audiences?

Magento is the right tech solution to go for mobile Commerce to create engaging, shoppable, next-gen experience for buyers.

MobiCommerce team has bring this exclusive webinar for you to get complete understanding of Magento native mobile application builder Solution.

In this webinar, we will throw lights on-

  • Mobile Commerce Trends
  • Trending Mobility Solution
  • Highlights of Magento as Back-end Solution
  • Native Magento Mobile App Builder – Live Demonstration
  • Delighted features of Mobile Apps
  • Live QNA

So, ready to grow your e-retail sale by 3X? Register for this webinar and sit back until the live session.


21st April, 2021 | Wednesday

12.30 PM to 01.30 PM GMT


  • Danish Hussain- eCommerce Industry Expert
  • He is an eCommerce sales manager at MobiCommerce. Holding the wide areas of expertise in the industry for 7 years, he tackles the market well with core tech understandings and offering the right suit for the business needs. Get to know from his experience in this live webinar. Get your questions ready for him.

See you soon!

live webinar demonstration of pwa and headless centric mobicommerce solution

Live Webinar: Demonstration of PWA and Headless Centric MobiCommerce Solution

Were you missing our live product demonstration on the latest tech-stack?

MobiCommerce team is back with exciting and upgraded product technology and exciting new features to super-scale your business and its performance.

PWA & Headless Commerce is hot in tech-talks nowadays.

Aliexpress has improved the conversions by 104% and 2x the page visits with 74% more time spent per session.

We will be discussing the technology behind this success story. Yes, it is PWA and headless commerce. Our team will take you through the key features like single code, code reusability, browser access, no installations, offline usability and many more. Our new updated version is as exciting as the new market trends.

Things we will cover-

  • Basics of PWA and Headless Commerce
  • Market Trends and Use cases
  • Key Features of the Solution
  • Behind the scene technologies: React Native and Magento
  • In-depth Demonstration of our eCommerce PWA and Headless Solution: front & back-end solution upgradations
  • Case Studies
  • Your Favourite: Live Q&A Session

When?7th April, 2021 | Wednesday
1.30 PM to 2.30 PM GMT

Who can attend?

  • eCommerce & Mcommerce enthusiast
  • B2B and B2C businesses
  • Tech Talents and partners
  • IT Retailers


  • Danish Hussain- ECommerce Industry Expert and Tech Analyst
    Helping businesses to start and increase the online journey through powerful & latest eCommerce solutions.

Get ready to demonstrate the trending tech-stack live!

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Webinar: MobiCommerce 4.0 – Magento 2 React PWA and Native App Platform

Want to build an eCommerce mobile app which is faster, less expensive and built over advance technology stack? MobiCommerce 4.0 React PWA and Native Magento App is the right solution which always keeps your business growing.

Attend our free webinar to learn about React PWA and Native Application for eCommerce along with live demo of our solution.

Key points our expert will talk about –

  • React PWA and Native Magento Mobile App Solution
  • Advance Technology Stack – React, Redux, Varnish
  • Page Builder Functionality
  • Multifaceted App Marketing Features
  • Segmented Push Notifications
  • Easy-to-manage Magento Back-end panel
  • Full-fledged customer panel
  • Live Demonstration of Our Solution

Excited to learn about latest growth-oriented eCommerce trends?

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  • Danish Hussain – BDM – eCommerce
  • Dipika Jadwani – MARCOM expert

Date: 19th February, 2020 | Wednesday
12.30 PM to 1.30 PM GMT

Webinar - PWA Marketplace Solution

Live Webinar: “PWA for eCommerce Marketplace Solution”

  • Flipkart’s PWA is driving 50% of its new customer acquisition!
  • BookMyShow witnessed 80% increase in the conversion!

Nowadays, eCommerce Marketplaces with ‘PWA – Progressive Web App’ are boosting their revenues. And, to help you do so, to understand the technology and its aspects in better way, MobiCommerce team thought to come up with a full-fledged knowledge sharing session through Webinar. MobiCommerce is one of the early initiators to introduce PWA eCommerce technology with advance technological features.

Webinar outlines,

  • PWA – a next-gen eCommerce solution
  • How PWA technology benefitting Marketplaces
  • How PWA helps to increase user experience and conversion rates
  • Live Demo of MobiCommerce Magento PWA solution
  • Current giant PWA Marketplace players – case studies

Register yourself now and learn all you need to know about PWA marketplace solution.

Date: 27th November, 2019

Wednesday | 12.30 PM to 1.30 PM GMT


Danish Hussain – BDM, eCommerce

Dipika Jadwani – Marketing Communication expert


Webinar on Magento Migration 01

Live Webinar: Magento 1.9 to 2.X Store Migration Made Easy

Are you running eCommerce store on Magento 1.9 version?
Afraid of breakage of smooth store operation due to migration?

You’re at the right place. In this webinar, our eCommerce expert will give you complete guidance on how you can smoothly migrate your store without any data loss. Yes, your customer data will remain safe and as it is.

Key point our Experts will cover in this webinar,

    • Comprehensive overview of Magento 1 v/s. Magento 2
    • Key Steps and Processes for migration approach
    • Migration along with solution up-gradation overview
    • Migrate to Shopify, Woocommerce or Magento 2.X – comparative analysis
    • Why to Migrate to Magento 2.X?

Magento 1.9 will ends it support in July, 2020! Is your store ready to compete the market? Attend the webinar and get the complete idea about Magento store migration.

Danish Hussain
eCommerce Expert
Dipika Jadwani

23rd October, 2019
Wednesday | 12.30 PM to 1.30 PM GMT