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Maximize Sales from your App Users with Push Notification

Push Notification is a message that pops-up on your mobile screen sent from an app publishers. Users who downloaded the application get such pops-up as and when an app publisher decides to send it. Here, users need not to be in app to receive such notification.

It is a way to communicate with App users directly without any spam

The purpose of sending such notification is to communicate with users about latest products or offers and bring them back to app store and inspire them to order and buy the products.

Advantages of Push Notification:

  • High Visibility
  • High Attention rate
  • More User Interaction
  • Easy Communication

As per the study, Push Notifications boosts app engagement by 88%.

Tips to send Push Notification like a Pro,

  • Avoid being pushy
  • Consider it as a privilege to communicate and not a right
  • Hit the right target
  • Strategize the time and message to get best result