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Scandiweb Vs MobiCommerce PWA

Scandiweb Vs MobiCommerce PWA: Who Wins The Vote?

The battle of technologies is never-ending. When one appears great, other technology emerges and then are clashes in the market to be the best. There’s one such fresh fierce competition going on today between two PWAs and that is Scandiweb v/s Mobicommerce.

Since every second matter in ecommerce, companies have started giving importance to native apps more than the websites as the count of mobile users is spreading like fire. Smartphones have become a convenient way to shop things online due to their speed, seamless user experience, and convenience but then, every coin has two sides and people need more.

Customers today have no time to wait and due to certain issues with native apps like network connectivity, constant updates, space issues etc. mobile apps also have started upsetting users who expect more and more ease and convenience every time they shop online. There, a promising technology called PWA (Progressive Web App) emerged as a solution to all that was causing roadblocks for the customers.

Progressive Web Application, which is a combination of the best of the both – web and native apps came with phenomenal mobile user experience, offline usability, no downloads, auto-update feature, push notifications, faster—​instant load time, low data usage, and access to device hardware providing higher engagement, satisfaction, and conversion rates for your website or eCommerce store.

Now, the real trouble arises in getting a PWA for a business as there are types of PWA like Magento 2 PWA and React Progressive Web App as well as quite a number of progressive web app development companies which makes the decision even harder as whom to choose?

Well, to help you decide better, here’s a comparison of the two top PWA development companies along with a final verdict – which one is the winner. Let’s take a sneak peek.

Scandiweb PWA

Known to be the first ready-to-use, open-source PWA theme for Magento, ScandiPWA provides a powerful experience for both merchants and developers.

Unlike other solutions, ScandiPWA is not a storefront. It is an installable theme that can be implemented on any Magento 2.3 version project without making any changes to its core infrastructure. It comes with detailed documentation and consistent architectural solutions and does not have any middleware to slow down or cause bugs. It upgrades itself to latest stable version via composer and is quite easy to maintain. ScandiPWA’s out-of-the-box features prevent the need to reinvent the wheel as you get the best PWA solution for your Magento store just with the help of a single dedicated developer within a few hours of time.

Mobicommerce PWA

The PWA solution of Mobicommerce for Magento merchants is everything one needs to achieve success in their business. It is highly compatible with any project of Magento 2.3 version and allows you to create a fast, reliable, and engaging mobile customer experience that dramatically boosts conversions and client retention, smoothly, quickly and cost-effectively.

Mobicommerce’s Magento PWA (Progressive Web App) solution delivers both the convenience and utility of a mobile app combined with the reach and buying experience of a website in the way that benefits both the customers as well as the store owners.

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Its modular component & built-in theming architecture helps you customize & scale your business while its SEO friendly tools, techniques & most current best practices ensure your visibility in Google search rankings. You can sell more to your customers with its cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility and keep them engaged as well with its web push notifications.

So, who’s the winner?

ScandiPWA and Mobicommerce PWA are the best among the crowds indeed but if one wants to choose between two, Mobicommerce PWA turns out to a bit more preferable. Why? Check out the reasons for yourself why you must choose Mobicommerce for your Magento PWA or React Progressive Web App.

  1. Mobicommerce’s team of experienced Magento PWA Developers understands your business requirement first and provide you with a fullfledged PWA that meets all current standards and best practices. Hence, you can stay rest assured as you PWA will be in the good and the right hands.
  2. No product or solution of Mobicommerce goes out without being tested. Your Progressive Web App will be fully-tested once it gets developed so that you get an error-free functionality and your customers can shop using your PWA without facing any kind of glitches.
  3. Mobicommerce will provide you with a go-to-market-solution, meaning you can get started with your PWA solution on the spot without any further wait for the sales to flow in.
  4. The progressive web app ecommerce solution of yours by Mobicommerce will grow with your brand and business goals as it will be a scalable, customizable and a reliable solution that you can ever get anywhere else.
  5. The dedicated support team of Mobicommerce is just within your arm’s reach whenever you need them. The pre- and post-PWA development support is something unique and impressive about Mobicommerce that makes it the most desirable progressive web app development company in the market.

Final Thoughts

PWAs are making its way and may even outnumber the websites and native apps in the time to come who knows? Hence, if you haven’t given a thought about getting a progressive web application for your business yet, then now is the time. Since reading the entire article by now you might be aware of whom to approach to make an eligible progressive web app solution for you, better get it now!

MobiCommerce 4.0

Release Notes – MobiCommerce 4.0: Latest Features and Functionality

MobiCommerce always aims to upgrade its technology and products in order to meet high-end customer demand and market trends.

Three such versions have been launched so far and now MobiCommerce has come up with brand new version 4.0 with new features and functionalities on new technology stack.

The core idea behind this MobiCommerce 4.0 version is to give smooth and quick ordering experience with fast loading websites and native mobile apps to end-clients for better conversion rate and ROI for ecommerce businesses.

Are you eager to know what’s new in the new upgrade? Here you go.

Release Notes – MobiCommerce 4.0  

  • Progressive Web App (PWA) website and React Native Apps, Built on latest technology stack – React, React native and Redux
  • Page Builder with Advance Widget types such as Product List, Product Slider, HTML widget, Image Grid, multiple image layout/containers widgets
  • Segmented Push Notifications
  • Full-fledged customer panel like re-order, Order history, manage address etc…
  • 350+ payment gateways which Magento supports
  • Offline working capability
  • Multi-Currency and Multi Language support including SEO friendly URL
  • QR code based search
  • Social Media Login and sharing
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Manage Label & Messages including multi lingual facility
  • Category widget to design/customize Category landing pages
  • Advance settings to enable & disable features/modules
  • Multiple product listing view Grid/List/Full view
  • CMS pages support
  • SEO friendly URL support
  • SEO Friendly
  • OTP verification on Sign up
  • File Attachment while order, useful in pharmacy industry to take prescription from customer
  • Advance Reward points module
  • Refer & Earn module
  • Admin managed & mobile friendly email templates
  • Custom SMTP support for emailing
  • GEO Location support
  • Google Map integration on Address, so customer can PIN their exact location. Very helpful while delivery
  • Delivery date and time support on order, so customer can choose their preferred delivery schedule.
  • Multiple theme support
  • For B2B customer enable/disable Price & Add to cart based on customer segment or group

We would like you to have live demonstration of this new MobiCommerce version 4.0; we will give you detailed walk through of PWA website, React Native Android and iOS App.  Contact MobiCommerce Team NOW.

PWA for eCommerce

PWA for Online Marketplace: A Right Technology Investment?

Experimenting with new technology for an online marketplace can be scary, but should you be afraid of PWA?

Progressive Web App is the talk of the town, and the praises for its benefits have no end, yet, when it comes to investing in it, the cloud of suspicion forms in our head and gets stuck at one and the same point, “whether to invest or not?”