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Now MobiCommerce Team is in Dubai, UAE for In-Person Meetings

Organizations that walk the extra mile to keep their clients happy and satisfied are always more successful than those who don’t.

A Microsoft study states 54% of customers have higher expectations for customer service today as compared to 2016. That shows client satisfaction is considered an important metric for business growth – one that can’t be ignored.”

And MobiCommerce, a leading eCommerce software solutions provider, entirely agrees with that. In a bid to accelerate business expansion in the GCC region, MobiCommerce has appointed Danish Hussain, an eCommerce expert, to work from their Dubai office from next week.

Physical Representation in UAE: Next Plausible Step

MobiCommerce hopes to ensure more transparent and timely communication with its clients and convert prospects faster through the physical representative in the region. They already have a steady stream of clients from Middle Eastern countries such as:

  • Kuwait
  • Bahrain
  • Saudi Arabia
  • UAE
  • Qatar

Danish, who has visited Dubai several times in the past for representing MobiCommerce at various events and to hold meetings with clients and prospects is only too happy with the opportunity to work from Dubai.

He has been with the company as a Business Development Manager since 2015 and is also the face and voice at many webinars conducted by MobiCommerce. MobiCommerce is confident the strategic move will help them in gaining a competitive edge, given that a majority of their clients hail from UAE and surrounding countries.

Customer First Approach, Always

Face-to-face interaction with the clients indeed boosts satisfaction, retention, and loyalty levels. With the help of Danish, MobiCommerce hopes to arm itself with a faster system concerning clients and prospects for:

  • Resolving issues around product features
  • Convince passive buyers to make a purchase
  • Reinforcing benefits of the MobiCommerce products
  • Convert interested prospects quickly

Danish holds an MBA degree from the prestigious Symbiosis International University. He is an expert in demonstrating product pitches, negotiating tactfully, tapping new business opportunities, and using sales CRM systems.

Wrapping Up

Danish starts work from Dubai on June 25, 2019. So, if you are reading this and are interested in getting in touch with him when he is in Dubai, we have something for you. Please feel free to schedule your one-to-one meeting with our BD Manager Danish Hussain.

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Feature Image Germany

Gearing up for Germany! MobiCommerce up for its next business hunt at Munich

Ahmedabad, India: The summer is all set for MobiCommerce, an eCommerce expertise having a fleet of 500+ clients around the globe, who recently announced its next business hunt from 14th to 17th of May on the grounds of Munich in Germany.

The visit will be led by Dheeraj Jain, Sr. Sales Consultant of MobiCommerce who along with his flamboyant team are looking forward to seeking potential partners, finding new opportunities, exploring the latest trends and technologies in the eCommerce market and much more on a global level.

Speaking about the visit, Rakesh Jain, the CEO and Co-founder of Mobicommerce said, “We are confident that it is going to be an exciting meet-up for MobiCommerce because as always we have our super-enthusiastic team as our driving force who never misses an opportunity to learn and explore what’s new in the eCommerce industry. We enjoy demonstrating what we offer and how our solutions help people achieve their business goals, which we are looking forward to doing the same at Munich as well.”

Adding more to the purpose of the visit, Dheeraj Jain said, “The eCommerce opportunities in Germany is growing incredibly well. The forecast of German eCommerce itself is expected to be worth 58.5 billion euros by the end of 2019 and the average online spend per shopper saw a 30 percent rise than the last year. Hence, it is evident from the figures how much the German population are into eCommerce and its trends which we are very much excited to explore.”

MobiCommerce is leading the eCommerce market, making its presence felt in every industry at every step with its extensive knowledge and market experience to support a variety of businesses in both B2B and B2C brands. Their commendable expertise in eCommerce solutions has helped many businesses set out on their online journey smoothly, without any pause. Visit Mobicommerce for more details.

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KSA business trip

Gracias KSA Entrepreneurs for Enriching eCommerce Business Partnership Experience, Says Mobicommerce

Ahmedabad, India: The visit to Saudi Arabia turned out to be a land of opportunity for Mobicommerce, the leading e-commerce solution provider across the globe. The team of Mobicommerce was at Riyadh in Saudi Arabia from 16th to 26th February 2019 in order to meet up budding ecommerce aspirants as well as the experienced players in the ecommerce field.

Once again, the visit turned out to be a major breakthrough for Mobicommerce who returned successfully from Saudi Arabia fulfilling the purposes of their visit. Mobicommerce got the chance to interact with many well-known IT and eCommerce entrepreneurs and industry experts from various backgrounds. The meet turned exciting when each one contributed their thoughts upon eCommerce technology advancements like PWA, Native Mobile App, Ecommerce, Cloud, DevOps and Magento performance. Even the talks of technology partnerships emerged during the discussions which can be seen soon in the near future because for the people of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), it was a first-time experience and an out-of-the-box meet up which they embraced beautifully. The visit of Mobicommerce and certain turnkey solutions discussed during the meetup will definitely empower the small and medium businesses of KSA to start taking their first step into the online market.

“The meet-up was so much more than we anticipated. I and my team had a great time exploring and connecting with varied experts in the ecommerce field. We shook hands to a lot of long-term business partnerships and returned with many pleasant memories of the visit. For us, it was no less than a golden opportunity as we were blessed to hear from our already existing old clients who were present there, their business success stories after using our solutions” says Rakesh Jain, the CEO and Co-founder of Mobicommerce.

Expressing the gratitude for this meet-up to the people of KSA, Mobicommerce is looking forward to such opportunities and is always on their feet to enhance and support such new-age ecommerce entrepreneurs to come up, establish and bring a change in the online market.

GCCI member

MobiCommerce Becomes A Member Of Gujarat Chamber Of Commerce & Industry

The year 2019 is off to a good start for MobiCommerce as it now joins the impressive list of members of Gujarat Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (GCCI).

An end-to-end eCommerce software solution provider, MobiCommerce builds customized, scalable and feature-rich eCommerce websites, mobile apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). It currently caters to more than 500 clients across the globe from countries like the USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy Netherlands, Australia, India, UAE and more.

The company takes pride in developing a solution tailored to business requirements in a span of two to three weeks and for a lot less money than the industry standards. It doesn’t matter whether the business is hyper-local or global, Mobicommerce has a solution for everything.

As a member of GCCI, MobiCommerce is set to enjoy various benefits such as:

  • Assistance for exhibiting in trade fairs
  • Ease in establishing trade in foreign countries
  • Access to representations made by GCCI at various public bodies
  • Opportunity to participate in lectures and meetings on subjects of topical interest
  • Prospects via social networks & customer references
  • Opportunity for low cost advertising
  • Access to industry-related database
  • Abhishek Agarwal, CMO of MobiCommerce, calls the step as ‘groundbreaking’. “It is indeed an honor for us to be known as the member of GCCI. The credential adds to our credibility and puts focus on the brilliant work we do. Moreover, this stamp of approval enhances the trust amongst our clients. What more can we ask for?”

    Seamless- Feature image

    MobiCommerce to Welcome Exciting New Opportunities at Riyadh and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia

    Ahmedabad, India: MobiCommerce, the most trusted ecommerce website and mobile app solution providers for B2C and B2B brands as well as multi-vendor marketplaces, have finally announced the dates of their most awaited business meet at Riyadh and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, which is scheduled from 16th to 26th February 2019.

    Just as always, with this meet, MobiCommerce is aiming to open up remarkable partnering opportunities for businesses looking out there for new endeavours. With the advancement of the ecommerce market all over the globe today, businesses are taking interest in e-commerce solutions, for which MobiCommerce is all set to guide and support them.

    Describing the visit, Rakesh Jain, the CEO and Co-founder of Mobicommerce said, “We at MobiCommerce believe in walking together than competing because one business needs another business in some way, at some point to grow and achieve success, that’s what we are planning to attain with this meet up. We have a specially designed program for that called “Mobicommerce Solution Partner Program” through which businesses of any size can partner with us for all their eCommerce and mCommerce needs required to survive the market today.”

    MobiCommerce Solution Partner Program is for everyone; Web and App Developers, Software Vendors, Graphic and Web Designers, Good Networkers, Digital Marketing Agencies, Business and/or E-commerce Consultants, Bloggers (eCommerce, technology, or others). It is a partner focused business model that comes with complete assistance, tech support and dedicated account management, that any business can take advantage of.

    “It gives the privilege of co-marketing, using which, a business can gain good market exposure as the trusted partner of MobiCommerce and enjoy our partner-specific offers as well as gain access to our partner-specific support and knowledgebase portal. To add more, we even get our partners listed in our Mobicommerce Solution Partner Directory, which acts as a profitable boost for those businesses,” adds Danish Hussain, the E-commerce Expert of MobiCommerce.

    MobiCommerce is one of the premier providers of feature-rich, customizable, scalable, reliable, and affordable eCommerce and MCommerce solutions with 500+ clients across the globe. To partner with such a big fish in the ocean is an opportunity one must not miss.

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    Step by Step Guide to Make your Business Comply with GDPR

    Is your website compliant with the new policy of GDPR? Read the effects, guidelines and know-hows of the policy in order to make your website compliant with GDPR policy.

    About GDPR policy

    General Data Protection Rule – GDPR is Europe’s new data protection law came into effect on 25th May, 2018 will protectpersonal information of individuals. It will have impact on how companies will collect and use personal data of their customers. With this, Europe is now covered by world’s strongest data policy law.

    Europe had initially launched data protection law in the year 1990s but due to the changes and updates in the technology it struggled to follow it. After four years of crucial discussion and two years of preparation time it was finally came into force on May, 2018 replacing the previous data protection law. The purpose of the law is to protect individual’s information by boosting their rights and providing more control of information use by companies.

    Who are getting impacted by new GDPR Policy?

    All the Individuals, Companies or Organisations who are ‘Processors’ and ‘Controllers’ of data are getting affected by new GDPR compliance. Irrespective of the business location, the policy applies to all the businesses dealing with European customer.

    Whether the business is based in Europe or outside Europe, whether they have branch in Europe or not, if the business is selling the products to European customer they must have to comply with this new GDPR policy.

    What is covered under GDPR Policy?

    • Personally Identifiable Information like Name, Address, IP address etc. that can identify as a person
    • Sensitive Personal Data includes religious data, genetic data, political views etc.
    • Pseudonym personal data also added to the new policy wherein fictitious name which can also identify someone as a person

    Consumer rights in the new GDPR policy

    Due to massive data breaches of Linkedin, Yahoo etc. in recent years, giving protection to individual is become important. Many rights are given to individuals in order to protect the data of in this new compliance.

    • Responsibility of an organisation to take the consent of the people to collect the information
    • Easier access to individual about the data companies hold about them
    • A new fines regime

    This policy is a positive move, leading towards an evolution in the industry.

    Organisation’s accountability towards Individual

    Companies collecting the data of individuals are accountable for the data they are processing. They have to maintain data protection policy, data protection impact assessment and documents mentioning how it’s processed. One must need to revise their privacy policy according to the GDPR compliance and need to mention lawful basis.

    Companies having employees of more than 250, have to prepare and maintain the documents about customer data collection, how the data is processed and used. Companies have to keep the track record of your data processing activity.

    Companies processing sensitive personal information of individuals for ‘regular and systematic monitoring’ at a very large scale have to employ a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

    It is important for an organisation to take the consent of an individual before keeping and processing the personal data. It must be freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous.

    Easy Access to customer’sdata

    Customer can now ask for the information company possess about them and how they’re using it. Under Subject Access Request (SAR) they can ask companies to provide the data at no cost.

    Companies or organisations must have to serve the information to client within a month of duration when SAR is submitted by customer. They do have the rights to deny its usage and remove from companies database if won’t find convenient.

    New fine regime

    The most talked elements of new GDPR policy is its Penalty regime. The new compliance started charging fines to the companies or organisation not following the GDPR rules and regulations although falling in the category. If the organisation doesn’t keep and maintain the user’s data in correct way, don’t keep the documentation of how the process the data if required, if required to keep the data protection officer and still not employing falls under breaking the compliance and thus penalty would be charged.

    Read ICO’s guide to prepare for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    It’s essential for the companies to plan their companies approach in order to comply with the rules and regulations.

    Ecommerce Store owners and GDPR

    GDPR has to be followed by all the sites, ecommerce businesses, tools and every kind of business although there are few liberties for Small businesses. Be it Apple or Samsung, Walmart or ebay, search engines like Google, Marketing tools like Mailchimp, ecommerce platforms like Magento etc. the regulation has to be followed by everyone.

    Find below what are the actions e-commerce companies need to take in order to comply with GDPR.

    1. Free Opt-in form, Mention term and conditions for opt-in, Easy opt-out

    2. Mention clear and detail Privacy policy and Terms of use on your website

    3. Online payment details data processing– foe ecommerce website while processing online delivery and payment you must be collecting the database. Make sure you determine the usage of it and how you process it. Also, mention on what interval you erase that data.

    4.Clear Cookie policy statement and banner

    It must be important for the businesses to take the consent regarding cookies policy.

    5. Make sure third party tracking software also comply with GDPR
    Marketing Automation Tools like Mailchimp etc. also have to comply with it. Mailchimp has incorporated the norms mentioned in the system in order to provide the continued great services.

    6. Your digital marketing campaign should also comply with New GDPR policy
    One must need to clearly mention how you going to use and process the data for your marketing campaigns before bombarding customers with the promotional emails. Stop buying the list of emails anymore. You must need to take the consent of your clients to send them emails.

    7. Personal Data documentation – Collect, Combine and Align the data and prepare a document so that whenever any Subject on request comes you can immediately deliver the details and process. Identify the source of data.

    8. Allow user to access and delete their data

    To sum up:

    Don’t take it as a headache! It’s an opportunity to do more business with European clients. Chances are higher that Europeans will associate with you, if your business complies with GDPR.

    For more information, review –

    Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    Data Protection in EU