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Grow your B2B sells by accommodating wholesale eCommerce Platform

When it comes to online shopping, visualization that comes in mind is about individualwho is buying products from Amazon, ebay or Flipkart right? But ecommerce industry is not limited to that only in this technology-driven era.

Businesses have also started doing commerce online. Businesses selling to other businesses via ecommerce platform known as B2B ecommerce are performing great.

It means Wholesalers, Manufacturers and Distributors are selling to retailers, suppliers online. This is about direct B2B model. Just like B2C, B2B also offers ecommerce marketplace platform.

b2b ecommerce

B2B ecommerce product demo

Surprising fact is that though less popular and recently arise, B2B Ecommerce industry is double the size of B2C ecommerce!

Flexfire LEDs is one such brand which receives 80% of its revenue from B2B sales.

It is forecasted that global B2B ecommerce revenue will top $6.7 trillion by 2020.

73% of B2B millennial are involved into purchasing decision that has different mind-set and preferences for buying. And thus it’s necessity for businesses to be available at the places where their clients are. (Reference: forrester.com)

So are you ready to accommodate next wave of B2B ecommerce?

Running a B2B ecommerce channel is inherently more complex than traditional B2C ecommerce. B2B clients need extra functionality and personalization than B2C.

It can easily be overcome by modern B2B ecommerce platform.


Let’s review B2B ecommerce Software features to get sustainable growth

1. Custom Pricing Feature –

In B2B commerce, you have different pricing structure for different customers according the volume of business; order quantity, product type etc. Here the customers can also request for custom quote.

B2B ecommerce platform provides such functionality to handle whatever complex pricing structure your businesses have.

2. Custom Bulk Discount –

It has the feature to offer you bulk discount functionality in order to attract bulk purchase and develop customer loyalty ultimately enhancing business relationship. It also determines Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) to set your margins and make you remain profitable.

3. Customer Profiling –

Personal customer storefront would be given with single and multiple accounts where they need to register and submit their info. It also enables to give specific roles and access to particular user.

Based on the customer profile, custom order quantity, discounts, price, MOQ, payment terms etc. would be determined. Also, it will allow you to offer custom catalogues, one click reordering, personalised promotions and order tracking facility.

4. Convenient Payment Mode

It offers you multiple and flexible online payment mode along with selected days credit facility that is accommodated in your ecommerce store itself. It helps in improving reordering and managing customer loyalty.

5. Omni-Channel Presence

Responsive, fully customised and scalable ecommerce platform solutions including website, mobile apps, and web apps for your B2B ecommerce is to give comfort and ease to your client at your virtual store. Client can access their profile from anywhere from any devices. User Interface in B2B is as important as it is in B2C.

6. Integrated Marketing features

In-built marketing feature to enhance your sales made possible with timely reminders, notifications, personalised offers and discounts and many more. Search engine friendly solution to fulfill your desire.

So, this platform offers end-to-end solution reduces human resource efforts. Sales reps in this case are to assist clients and perform consultative role rather than manual paper work.

Benefits of B2B Ecommerce Platform:

  • More Online attention
  • Saves Time and Money of both
  • More valuable business relationship
  • Convenient mode of promotion
  • Customised, flexible and transparent business treatment
  • Develops new idea for business relations
  • Improved Customer Loyalty
  • So, what are you waiting for? Scale-up your B2B commerce by uplifting it to online with the help of B2B ecommerce platform!

    b2c ecommerce

    Rising Trend for Buy Online & Pick-up In-store – an Opportunity to grow for B2C E-commerce Industry

    New trend in e-commerce shopping in these days is all about making the purchase online via e-commerce website and mobile application but instead of home delivery get your goods picked-up from the store location – a concept known as Buy Online, Pick-up In-Store – BOPIS.

    Why to “Buy Online & Pick-up In-store”?

    BOPIS Concept is the combination of two different mode of shopping i.e. online shopping and offline shopping. Each has its own wins and pitfalls. Online Shopping offers ease of shopping from the comfort of our home, convenient access, you can order at anytime from anywhere from the device of your choice. You also can make the research about the market, products and pricing and then determine the seller to choose and platform to buy from all this without going out of your home.

    Online ecommerce sites does provides the ease in product availability by delivering it at your doorstep but here one also has to wait for few days to get it delivered and doesn’t work well when you’re in quick need. Also, it charges handsome bucks for shipping at your doorstep. Offline mode could be convenient in this sense but it asks for sheer waste of time in looking for the product in store, standing in queue for billing etc. Buy Online and Pick up in-store will help you to overcome the disadvantages of both the platform by allowing you to shop online and get your goods picked-up quickly from store without wasting your time with ready package and dedicated Pick-up stores.

    How BOPIS works?

    There are lot many companies who have implemented the concept in very well manner and is doing successful.

    Here, in this new trending concept called BOPIS, customers can search for the products they want online either on company websites, mobile application or at marketplaces. When Customer goes to any particular e-commerce site and searches for the required product it showcase the product images, features, product contents, cost etc at the first stage. Customer then decides the product they want to buy and clicks on ‘BUY’ to make order of it. At check-out process one has to fill the details regarding payment method, mode of delivery etc. So, at the mode of delivery step while doing check out one finds the option for “Pick-up In store” . For the one who wants to pick-up the products from the store can select that option and specify the conveneint sore from where they’ll pick-up the goods. Here, the products that are available for Pick-in store mode will show ‘Pick-up in-store’ option at check-out process. Once the order is made with BOPIS, the retailer arranges for the product from the inventory and makes the product ready in very few hours say 2 to 3 hours of purchase made and once it is ready for the delivery they sends email notification to the customer with the subject called “product is ready for pick-up” specifying the store location. Customers can then visit and collect the product by showcasing their ID proof and the email. As simple as that!

    How BOPIS works

    IKEA, one such example for BOPIS –

    IKEA, one such example for BOPIS -
    (Image Source – IKEA)

    Excited about In-store Pick-up facility? There are lot many reasons that people chooses BOPIS concept are –

  • Same Day Pick-up Alternative
  • With this alternative, you can get the Products on the same day and avoid 2-3 days of extra time to get it delivered at home. Very helpful when you’re in urgent need of the product and couldn’t wait for product delivery!

  • No Shipping Cost
  • According to the research, 65% of people choose this method to avoid heavy shipping fees. This is mostly chosen by the ones having pick-up stores near to their location.

  • Ease of return
  • Customers can view and check the products at Pick-up store, if it’s not as expected or not fitting to the requirement then one can have the option to return it at the store itself. This reduces the extra efforts of applying for return online and transit time taken by executive to pick-up and exchange if any.

  • Convenient mode of Pick-up
  • It is easy for the people to pick-up the product in very few minutes enabling quick purchase of products. Nearby locations made them to choose this alternative. 29% of people said that they chose this alternative because of convenience.

  • Attractive discounts for in-store purchase
  • Omni-channel sellers offer attractive discounts to customers to shop from in-store. When customer select in store pick-up they tend to get more discounts or gift vouchers, entice shoppers to choose it.

    BOPIS Trend and Forecast –

    The concept at its infancy level tends to grow faster with the high ratio of people willing to accept the new trend.

    BOPIS Trend and Forecast -
    (Image Source: Nielsen)

    Essentials to excite customers for BOPIS –

    Customers will choose the alternative only if they’ll get benefitted from it considering all the aspects. What essential factors are there which e-commerce owners have to give importance for smooth In-store pick-up mode?

  • Dedicated Pick-up store facility
  • Quick In and Out process
  • No waiting time
  • Designated Parking slots
  • Signage and guidelines for Pick-up
  • Ease of locating pick-up
  • Walmart is one such store provides great In-store pick-up facility to customers. It has separate pick-up store with quick signage and guidelines. It does provide dedicated parking slots to customers that allow reducing time in transit.

    If the normal retailer store and pick-up store would be same, it will take as much time as one can take for shopping in-store. That will not give any benefit. There should be different departments for each section for ease. So to improve more in-store pick-up, retailers must have to maintain this with consistency.

    Essentials to excite customers for BOPIS

    To name a few – Target, Mecy’s, Home Depot, Lowe’s are performing very well and catch-up the trend.

    Challenges in availing In-store Pick-up:

    Retailers will definitely get benefitted with the new model if planned very well. Such concept is getting failures due to

  • Poor Implementation
  • Lack of Local Pick-up stores
  • Hassles in in-store pick-up
  • Staff with lack of training and support leaves very bad impression on customers. This leads towards dissatisfaction.

    Stores need to manage and integrate Online and offline inventory in order to make the process ease. With most of the products not available with this option force buyers skip this alternative. There should also be integration among nearby stores in order to fulfill the shoppers need. Finding improper implementation leads towards failure.

    It is tough for e-commerce stores who have the warehouses only and not offline store purchase facility. They need to build offline store, if not pick-up store to provide this facility takes time and of course need the investment.

    The concept would be annoying for –

  • It is not suitable for the shoppers who want goods to be delivered at their preferred location; there are 82% such people
  • Do not have pick-up store nearby
  • Products not available in local store
  • On the other hand, the concept is very helpful to the one who face challenges in driving traffic to the offline store. Based on the survey, it was identified that people tend to buy something extra while going for in-store pick-up increases sales. There are retailers offering huge discounts to shoppers choosing in store pick-up. Increased in-store footfalls will definitely enrich the sales ratio.

    In nutshell

    It is a decisive role to be performed by e-commerce owners to convert customers integrating both the channel. Definitely giving benefits to both the parties involved, it requires great planning and execution to create enriching experience and lead towards success. Enjoy buying online with your most convenient mode and overcome its drawbacks with In-store Pick-up mode.

    b2b ecommerce

    B2B eCommerce Trends and Statistics

    Commercial activities made by business with other business via electronic commerce platform stands for B2B eCommerce. Considering the statistics, it is forecasted that the Global B2B ecommerce industry will top around $6.7 trillion by 2020. This determines the scope and trends in B2B segments now-a-days.

    Considerable amount of businesses are using this platform and many more to join the pace because the benefits is provide is highly recognizable.

    Benefits of B2B eCommerce Platform:

    • Functionality for self-service
    • High level of scalability
    • Custom pricing
    • Custom quote
    • Flexible payment options
    • Ease in reordering
    • Mobile commerce
    • Omni-channel support
    • PCI security

    All these have force businesses to match with the trend in order to boost the sales.

    Surprising fact about B2B ecommerce is that though recently arises and less popular, it is double the size of B2C e-commerce. There are various advance platforms over which you can build your B2B e-commerce multi-channel systems.

    In this Infographic, you’ll learn about trends and statistics of B2B Ecommerce industry and software solution which includes the importance of this platform, why it is in trends, countries having high demand of this platform, B2B sector industrial trends, platforms used to build the platform and lot more. Read, learn and share to empower the sector.

    b2b ecommerce trends