Reasons That State Why PWA is The Future Of Ecommerce Apps

Progressive Web App | July 12, 2021
By Dipika Jadwani

PWA is believed to be one of the greatest innovations in the online sector offering several benefits unmatched. What is impressive about the PWA is that it leverages UX and conversion rates by many folds. Progressive Web Apps is a new and emerging technology that contributes to the way people interact with websites. PWA ecommerce solutions are used by several top industries worldwide. It offers several applications and ecommerce websites to run faster and grow the conversion rate.

Latest trends of PWA for ecommerce sectors:

The latest trends of PWA Development Company for ecommerce sectors have brought significant enhancements. The ecommerce industry is evolving with constant innovations that are changing the way customers purchase products and services. In the year 2019, it has been seen that around 65% of all online purchases were done using mobile devices. Therefore, it is estimated that PWA will soon replace 50% of consumer-facing apps.

Major reasons why PWA is the future of the ecommerce industry:

PWA Development Company

Open apps directly from web browsers:

One of the most significant benefits of Progressive Web Apps is that there is no installation required to use them. Unlike apps, PWAs can be opened directly from the web browser without downloading any particular apps. PWAs help to save time and space in our devices as it does not require any installations.

Applicable across devices:

Another interesting fact about PWAs is that they can be accessed in any browser, such as Google, Chrome, Opera Mini, UC browser, and many more. This gives the user independence to work across all the browsers or use a specific browser for the best results. PWA is a fantastic platform that is fit for all devices. You can use PWA on your mobile, tablet, laptop, or even computer.

Instant Development:

PWA is one platform that allows rapid development and can be updated automatically. Unlike apps, progressive web applications can be enhanced quickly. Changes made to PWAs can be experienced faster as the process is relatively quick when compared to apps. With quick development it offers a complete PWA software solution for ecommerce.

Add your favourite apps to the home screen:

The add-to-home screen features have made PWAs very convenient to access when required without wasting any time. Initially, the user has to load the page on the browser, but it is advised to add it to the home screen for easy accessibility when prompted. There will be an icon showing “add to the home screen.” It is advised to click the icon to allow the PWA to settle in the home screen for easy access. Using this feature, you can install PWA on any device and use it right from your home screen for the best results.

Enhanced experience on web browser:

One of the most exciting features of PWAs is that it offers a native app-like experience though being opened in a usual web page. Not just the look, but it works and feels very similar to a native app but with a quick response system. These features make PWAs truly compelling, giving them an advantage over native apps users. It also uses your smartphone features when used on your phone browsers features like contact, maps, camera, and many more. These features help to provide you with better suggestions and answers.

Offline capability:

One of the most talked-about benefits of the PWA is the offline functionality allowing users to browse even when there is no network. This is possible only with the help of service workers and cache API. This helps to store new content in the browser cache and allows offline functionality. The service worker is responsible for working on the background and is responsible for pulling in the cached material and push notifications.

Fast page uploads:

When compared with the native apps, the ability of cache in the PWAs is unmatched. This is also one of the most distinctive features of PWAs over native apps. Furthermore, the method is straightforward, wherein PWAs store the repetitive elements and feeds them to the browser system. This offers speedy responses loading up pages quickly and making ecommerce websites user-friendly.

Minimum data usage:

As discussed earlier, the PWAs can load even when the network is poor. This is because the PWAs use opens web APIs that are capable of delivering a mobile web experience that uses less data but at the same time loads fast. This helps to re-engage the users in multiple ways.

Minimum maintenance required:

PWAs are easily maintainable and can be used easily on all leading platforms. This means that there is no need to have separate developments for each of the platforms. PWAs are cost-effective compared to apps, as they do not require developers to develop them for each platform. By using single development and single code management, the maintenance and prices are both easy to maintain.

Compatible with SEO:

One great thing about PWAs is that they can be optimized as per Google’s guidelines and indexed by Google bots for the best results. Such advantages make PWA the right choice for many developing ecommerce businesses worldwide.

Magento Compatibility:

PWAs are compatible with Magento. In addition, the Magento PWA studio offers a set of development tools that helps in maintaining, developing, and deploying the PWA storefront. With the help of Magento integrated with PWAs, it is possible to use modern tools and libraries to form a build system framework for the best results.

PWA use cases for different ecommerce types

After understanding the benefits of a PWA storefront with an ecommerce store, it is essential to know the PWA use cases for different ecommerce types. Mentioned below are some of the options that you can use to build your storefront.


Diety is one of the most renowned PWA and micro service-oriented platforms. The Diety Falcon allows businesses of all sizes to be scalable by offering a robust web and mobile experience to users.


Gatsby is used with React to build static PWA sites. Gatsby is an overall framework having excellent documentation and community support. The community of developers helps to build websites and apps that are fast and reliable.

Vue Storefront:

Vue storefront is a universal and fast-growing PWAs that can be used with almost all ecommerce websites. The Vue developer’s community is growing, offering the highest benefits to ecommerce storeowners.

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Examples and success rates:


Starbucks launched its PWA in 2017, primarily to provide a fast and responsive performance to its customers. It has offline access and smooth animation that is very similar to an app experience. The success rate after launching the PWA has increased to 2x, which is remarkable. In addition, the PWA built by Starbucks requires just 233KB.


Forbes had built a PWA to rebrand their mobile experience. With the introduction of PWA, they were able to offer a solution that was fast and reliable compared to their mobile website. After incorporating PWA, Forbes has reported a 43% increase in sessions per user. In addition, there has been an increase of 20% in ad viewability.


PWAs are the future of web applications that are reliable, fast, and less space-consuming. When compared to an app, there are several advantages, much of which are mentioned above. PWAs have taken the ecommerce businesses to the next level, offering solutions that are reliable and profitable. Many of the ecommerce businesses are now opting for Progressive Web App as they believe it is the future for ecommerce businesses.

Dipika Jadwani

Dipika is a skilled marketer who manages marketing communications at MobiCommerce. From content and social media to branding and PR, Dipika overlooks all aspects of digital marketing meticulously at MobiCommerce. She collaborates extensively with the sales and operations teams to bring more business and build a loyal customer base.

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