Mobile Commerce App: 6 Little Known Ways to Make the Most Out of It

Smart phones are the shortest route for any company to reach its customers. And nothing works better than having a dedicated mobile app for your eCommerce business. It is predicted that the sales initiated through mobiles would increase considerably in the next few years. Unless you want to miss out on some significant audience and revenue, it is important that you strengthen and diversify your mobile app strategy.

So, you might have come up with that eye catching and user friendly mobile app for your business but are you making the most out of it? What are some out-of-the-box ways to derive maximum benefits from your mobile commerce app?

1. Offer Offers

Discounts and Offers never go out of style! It doesn’t matter if you are running an online business or a brick and mortar store, discounts would always do the trick. The ‘off’ word could turn way more heads than having Angelina Jolie as your Brand Ambassador does. Give your users offers like Special Day Sales, Deals of the Day and the like through your mobile app. One thing I am sure users do hate is the regret they would have for passing up on a great offer. Apps could also alert users about such offers through push notifications.

2. Operation Interaction

I am sure you know that most MNCs spend millions of bucks on their market research. But did you know that your mobile app could get it for you free of cost? Use your mobile app to crowd-source answers and to conduct polls and surveys about your brand and its products. The benefits of this idea would be two-fold. While it helps you understand the pulse of the users and what they are expecting from the products, it also helps keep them engaged on your app.

3. Reward Loyalty with Offers and other Value Added Benefits

In a time when customers are spoiled for choice with too many options, rewarding your loyal customers does make very good sense. Reward customers who make regular purchases through the app with user-specific offers. This could be cash-backs, promotional gift coupons or even free downloads of apps and music. The deals should be good enough to entice them to stick with your app for future purchases too. Having a referral program that is rewarding is another good idea you should consider. Your users would be doing all the marketing for you.

4. Make it as Easy and Simple as Possible

It is a lazy world full of lazy people! Make sure that your mobile commerce app is designed keeping that in mind. Your app should allow customers to place orders very easily. The steps involved should be least complicated and should help them place orders conveniently and quickly from any place they are in and at any time they want to. Design it in a way that it helps them do comparison shopping too.

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5. Push, Push and Push

One unbeatable superpower a mobile app gives you is the power of push notifications. Alert users about new arrivals, deals and offers using your app’s push notifications. Give out one liner ads about your brand from time to time. The benefits are again multi-fold. There is more chance for your app to be opened and for your users to be engaged ultimately leading to a better conversion rate in the end. The brand constantly remains in your user’s mind too.

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6. It isn’t just about Sales

There is no strict rule that your mobile app should just be used to boost up your sales and revenue. It could in fact help you provide a better service for your customers and user-base. Wondering how? Try and develop your mobile app into an efficient mobile customer service and install a responsive complaint management system. The app could be used to collect user feedback about your products and services and to keep track of usage patterns of your customers.


With the increased usage of phones for multiple purposes, it is very important for eCommerce brands to start making the most out of its mobile apps. It is a bus they would surely hate to miss as once you fall behind, catching up won’t be easy at all!

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