MobiCommerce went “Internationalizing the User Interface” with RTL support

News & Events | October 23, 2015
By MobiCommerce

MobiCommerce, with its improved and advanced version has improved on lots of features such as widget systems, on/off features, theme personalization, store locator and many others. MobiCommerce has fetched attention with its earlier version as well and thus with customers’ feedback, they have done the required improvements.

With its earlier version, it created lot of buzz and caught interest of customers from Middle East. The major concern of customers from Middle East was RTL support as they use languages such as Urdu, Hebrew or Arabic in day-to-day life. Thus new mobicommerce has been launched with proper RTL support.

MobiCommerce framework is designed in such a way that it supports all RTL languages, if the language files or messages they have used is in RTL languages so there’s no additional work required to enable RTL. This makes it vendor independent to get started with RTL.

This is really important when we talk about Globalization and Localization strategies and, cannot be overlooked, if you want to give complete user-friendly experience.

It’s now easy to create beautiful Android and iOS apps for all your users, whether they use a right-to-left or left-to-right language. We look forward to seeing some great apps!

We have created some great apps with RTL support. Checkout their Full-fledged app on Android and iOS Store –


MobiCommerce is a leading end-to-end eCommerce software solutions provider. Known for developing scalable and feature-rich Marketplaces, eCommerce websites, mobile apps, and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), MobiCommerce boasts of being more feature-rich and fast as compared to its competitors. It has a steady clientele from the GCC and Europe.

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