Is your site Mobile-Friendly? Google’s revised algorithm wants your site to be mobile friendly by April 21st

google mobile friendly algo - mobicommerce

Have you been avoiding optimizing your website for making it mobile friendly till date, well you now can’t drag your feet anymore? Google has come up to fear you.

The catch is beginning April 21st Google’s new algorithm will officially include mobile-friendly usability factors and app indexing in their latest version.

The revised algorithm will show a significant impact on the search results, which clearly notifies that those websites that are not mobile friendly will be ranked lower by Google.

By releasing the latest update Google makes it very clear that they want to come up with relevant and good quality search results which are genuine, tightening Google’s policies and algorithm they want to make sure it comes up with a fair search environment.

Here is the Guide published by Google for users who want to make their site mobile friendly before April 21st.

So make sure your site is mobile friendly so that it ranks better in mobile search at the same time make sure the apps are indexed well by Google through App Indexing which will have a significant impact on better ranking in mobile search.

All the web store owners make sure you are prepared for the downfall if you fail to make the optimize your sites and your apps.

Rakesh Jain started his career with Rightway Solution as Director - Project Execution for 12 years. With a successful execution of a number of projects, he has been the main contributor in taking business to next level. Rakesh has got immense technical expertise and well-versed with recent trends in mobile commerce and mobile apps sector.