Benefits of Building a Marketplace Using Magento

Magento | marketplace | May 8, 2020
By Dipika Jadwani
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Building an online store is not something you can just Google up and do it yourself for free. No, there are things needed to be done right using the right tools in the right manner. So, if you are Googling how to develop an online marketplace then you might come across one name – Magento and might be wondering why the name Magento is everywhere? Allow us to break it down to you.

Websites or online marketplaces, Magento is now a household name for businesses and entrepreneurs due to its popularity. Magento has already wooed website developers which in turn have attracted people to get their site developed on Magento and now even marketplaces are after Magento platform to stand out in the competition. Reason? With more than 250,000 active eCommerce sites powered by Magento as of 2020, there is no doubt why it is called the best e-commerce platform till today.

The magnetic effect of Magento multivendor ecommerce marketplace solution 

It is quite natural to wonder why Magento eCommerce multi-vendor marketplace is gaining popularity. Well, why not as it comes with a win-win situation for both customers and the store owners. Moreover, one needs not to be tech-savvy to understand and operate it and comes with a truckload of other features which we will discuss in detail below and which are the reasons why investing, selling, and buying in Magento multivendor ecommerce marketplace makes it worth for all, the store owners, vendors, customers. Let’s understand why is Magento so desirable?

  1. 1000s of curated extensions and themes

Magento marketplace has thousands of free and premium relevant themes and extensions designed by over 450 developers to revolutionize any digital business. It can cover the tip to toe of customer interaction online – between identifying the consumer need to fulfilling it – and aims to provide a safe, smooth and satisfying shopping experience. From optimising the website, smooth browsing, secured payment gateways, easy, prompt, and constant customer support, ethical marketing practices to partnering with trustworthy shipping partners, Magento eCommerce’s extensions and themes are perfect in all terms. With the host of Magento plugging; to bring a new level of personalization in Magento multivendor marketplace store become possible.

  1. To the point product search and dashboard functionality

The organized product search functionality with intuitive product categorization and collection of Magento eCommerce is worth praising as it makes product search easy and within a snap of a finger. Talking about its dashboard, its centralised purchase system makes it easier for store owners to manage their extensions and developers to avail of comprehensive metrics to evaluate sales.

  1. Highest standards of quality

Magento marketplace has quality as the top priority hence; it is very much trustworthy because its extensions undergo a 3-way review process wherein they are assessed for business, technical, and marketing guidelines which include plagiarism, coding standards, compatibility, and security etc.

  1. Product reviews and customer ratings

Magento very well knows how much the ratings and reviews matter in a marketplace, which is why it provides a new-and-improved rating platform where customers can leave their genuine reviews about the products they purchased. It also provides editorial content that features products that stand out for their quality and uniqueness.

  1. Clean design and attractive UX 

Design and user experience are the two most important things for any online business which is taken care of in Magento marketplace solution. With Magento, you can have a simple, smooth and clean design and UX that is easy to navigate and please the viewers also helping them to explore products much quicker and efficiently.

How does Magento marketplace solution benefit multivendor ecommerce business?

How to set up a Magento Marketplace? 

There are a lot of things to be done right as we mentioned before hence; it is advisable to approach an expert Magento marketplace software builder or a Magento multi-vendor marketplace development company as a whole to get a market-ready Magento multivendor ecommerce marketplace solution developed in such a way that you greet success in every step.

Wrapping up

You might have now got a clear idea about how Magento eCommerce multi-vendor marketplace solution is beneficial to not only owners but sellers and customers as well hence; investing in it is undoubtedly going to give you more than you expect. However, don’t try to do it yourself or hire someone not well-versed with it in order to save cost because by getting it developed at the hands of an experienced Magento multivendor marketplace development company will help you either find the right extension that meets your business needs or better get a custom-build extension developed as you need. So, quit wondering and go get it now!

Dipika Jadwani

Dipika is a skilled marketer who manages marketing communications at MobiCommerce. From content and social media to branding and PR, Dipika overlooks all aspects of digital marketing meticulously at MobiCommerce. She collaborates extensively with the sales and operations teams to bring more business and build a loyal customer base.

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