Marketplace Admin Features

Vendor Management

You can manage all of your marketplace vendors through a single backend, including adding, editing or deleting vendors, orders, products, credit transactions, return requests, and more.

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Vendor Commission Management

Set specific commission rules for each vendor using a fixed fee or percentage per sale based on the different commitments you have in place.

You can manage

  • Product imports and go-live support services
  • Configurable Vendor Plans
  • Differential commission structure

Advance Vendor Payout System

Manage all aspects of vendor payouts, so you’re in complete control of your finances at all times. You can have multiple payment methods like –

  • Automatic and Manual payment options
  • Automate payouts to vendors to save time
  • Vendor debt payout – Motivate vendors to pay on time
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Tax Management

Vendors can manage the taxes for their own products, so you don’t have to worry about it!

Product Approval System

You can review and approve new products added by vendors through the admin panel prior to publishing them on your storefront, or you can turn off this feature and let vendor’s self-publish products.

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Manage Withdrawal requests

If you allow manual vendor withdrawal requests, you can receive the requests, transfer the money, and then manually mark the request as paid within your admin panel.

Payment Methods

Customers can provide their opinions about the experiences they have with your marketplace vendors helping you identify problems and opportunities.

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Multiple level of administrative access

With our multi-vendor platform, you can register your employees and assign them different levels of access on the admin panel itself. That way, you can make running your marketplace hassle-free and engage yourself in more fundamental aspects of business growth.

Order Management System

Managing orders can be tricky, especially when a customer orders products from different vendors. Our multi-vendor marketplace solution allows your vendors to manage their newly placed orders from the backend and ensure prompt delivery.

  • Most convenient checkout process
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Multiple Storefronts

Start as many storefronts as you want – ones that support multiple languages, vendors and currencies, and manage them on a single admin panel. Kickstart your own global marketplace effortlessly with MobiCommerce.

  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-currencies
  • multiple taxes

Return Merchandize Authorization

Product returns are inevitable in an eCommerce business. A well-thought-out RMA program helps your vendors and customers stay on track. MobiCommerce ensures all refund requests not only go in one place but are managed and analyzed right from the admin panel.

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Shipping Line Management

Shipping can be a big pain point for vendors that sell through a multi-vendor marketplace. Our solution includes automatic shipping costs to ensure your vendors don’t spend time specifying the shipping costs for each order manually but can avail custom shipping methods.

Vendor Ratings and Review

In this day and age, customer feedback is paramount. That’s why our multi-vendor marketplace solution enables your customers to rate and review your vendors, and help you manage the feedback and ensure improvements in the product or service accordingly.

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