VF Shop, Spain

Read out the success story of “VFShop” achieved with MobiCommerce’s Prestashop App Solution

“MobiCommerce has helped to globalize our business with its customer-focused, multilingual and multi-currency feature to increase reach and revenue”

– Sam Soo, “VFShop” Spain, Europe

1. Give us a quick overview of your business?

Ans: We are into vegetable farming and selling business, both wholesaling and retailing via an e-commerce platform in Spain, Southern Europe named “VFShop”. With the business based on Vertical Integration Model, we serve organic food directly from farm to dinner table via our end-to-end service of vegetable growing, harvesting to selling and delivering it to doorsteps.

2. How did our solution help your business to achieve its objectives?

Ans: Mobicommerce has helped us to ‘Go Mobile’ by providing a Mobile Application which is perfectly synced with our Prestashop store with easy to use solutions and a complete suite of backend support and training. Its simpler user interface has enabled our customers to place their order anytime from anywhere with their handy devices – be it a mobile or a tablet. It allows customers to order and buy quickly with one step check out, helping us at a great extent to increase our revenue.

3. What challenges or needs did you face in your industry that led you to look for a solution like ours?

Ans: Our customers’ basic requirement for a medium through which they can place a quick and easy order as per their need, led us to think about a mobile application. MobiCommerce’s demo app and free trial and guidance from the team has given us the confidence to believe and invest in this asset.

4. How long have you been using our solution?

Ans: It’s been 3 months now we are using this app and many more to go with this best technology solution.

5. Did you explore any other solutions prior to this that did not work out? If so, what happened?

Ans: We hadn’t explored any other solution prior to this and are confident enough that we will not face any such need as we have MobiCommerce now. We are happy being associated with MobiCommerce.

6. What was most important to you while evaluating your options or what made our solution stand out against our competitors?

Ans: Stability of the app was the most important factor for our business while evaluating the alternatives and MobiCommerce has justified the need.

7. Which unique feature of Mobicommerce Solution do you like the most? Why?

Ans: Multi-language feature in the app provided by MobiCommerce is the most wonderful for business providers like us to generate more sales as it is highly convenient for customers. I liked it the most.

8. What is your future planning of expanding your business and how you think our solution can help you out in the expansion?

Ans: After investing in a fruitful asset with the help of MobiCommerce, I am now exploring other areas to work upon to expand our business potential.

9. Would you recommend MobiCommerce to others? Why?

Ans: Yes, I would definitely recommend MobiCommerce to others. The perfect sync of the app with our Prestashop store has advantaged us a lot.

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