Why your app may get rejected by Apple? Here are Top 5 reasons!

We have come across a lot of clients who always wanted to have their online store in the form of a mobile application but they even had a fear of investing a huge amount in building the application and not sure if Apple would approve the application. As we all know publishing an application on the Apple’s App Store is a big deal… yes a real big deal. With millions of apps in the app store they have tighten the policies and security to avoid any tom, dick and harry create anything rubbish and publish it on the app store hence lowering their standards.

Their discriminate review process makes sure all the apps that are published on the app store are the best in all the aspects be it content, user friendliness, navigations and application design. No doubt it gives a tough time to the developers while making the improvements and resubmitting the apps expecting it to get approved. Hence everyday thousands or may be lacks of applications get rejected by Apple.

While being a premium mobile commerce solution company, MobiCommerce was successful in listing down few top reasons why application gets rejected over Apple and a few tips to take into consideration while submitting your app to the App Store and increasing its chances of getting accepted in the first effort itself.

Engaging Content:

Make your app engaging while creating an interactive content that users would love to read. You may write about the wow features of your app, the usability that will entice users to use the app. Do not use content as similar to any regularweb content, attract your users with content that makes them download the application and user it regularly.

The User Interface:

Make sure the application you have created has a user friendly interface and it is tested thoroughly before submitting to the App Store. Make sure the app is bug free.

Erroneous Descriptions:

Make sure the description of your app clearly mentions the purpose of the app and the functionalities. The description acts as a guideline for those who browse through your app details before downloading. Hence the description should be precise and up to the mark before making it live.

Broken Links:

Each and every link on your app should be functioning properly. All the contact details, email addresses mentioned in the app should be functional. If any information is missing or found faulty, the application will definitely get rejected.


Make sure to upload all the application screenshots and app images before submitting the app to the app store. Applications without images will definitely get rejected.

Since the App market place is growing, it is obvious for Apple to be selective and strict in verification process. Hence once needs to be creative enough when plan to submit the application to the app store.

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