Watch out all Ps to build a perfect app marketing plan

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A perfect app marketing plan with proper execution is only way to make your mobile commerce strategy successful. You might have come across tons of marketing guide, success mantras for increasing your mobile app downloads with all sets of suggestions like good description of products, quick checkout process, discounts and offers and many more.

Have you got successful with those guides and plans for marketing mobile app? If not, try categorizing your efforts with placing these Ps in place for your app marketing – Product, Price, Place, Promotions, Physical Evidence, Process and People.

1. Product in your app marketing plan

Mobile Commerce or for that means any online shopping medium lacks ‘touch and feel’ aspect but I would not say ‘look and feel’. Powerful and beautifully captured images can give the right look and feel touch to your products on mobile app. So keep good, high-res and properly optimized images. Since we are talking about product, special care is needed on product pages of mobile app –

This screenshot from Walmart app fulfils most of the aspects of a clearly defined product pages and tick most of the check-boxes for product details page.

product in app marketing - mobicommerce

Image Source –

2. Pricing in your app marketing plan

Pricing in app marketing is very important, one of the reason majorities of users prefer shopping via mobile app is reduced prices there. With app only discounts, coupon codes to use during app shopping, special sales for mobile users, setting prices over mobile app is critical decision. Mention discounts and coupon codes which can be used for specific products very specifically.

There are high chances of customers abandoning shopping carts during checkout process. So, make sure that during checkout all products in bag of customers have defined prices considering discounts and offers. Be big, bold and catchy with call-to-action buttons.

Moreover specific price break-ups like shipping charges, handling charges, gift wrap charges and many more gives customer confidence why and for what are they paying you. Keep in mind to set all these price break ups specifically.

pricing in app marketing - MobiCommerce

Image Source-

3. Place in your app marketing plan

Place is about taking your mobile app to your customers – submitting it to android or iOS playstore and let people access it from there. Place is all about finding best place to let customers access your mobile app for shopping.

Further more in case of ecommerce mobile apps, it also involves distribution channels, logistics partner, locations you serve (national and international), managing warehouse and distribution centres, and reverse logistics. Disclosing your logistics partner can build a certain sense of transparency and trust among customers. For that matter, zip code estimator for cash on delivery help customers to know about your place of distribution.

With description and indicators like this, people will easily know what and how to manage returns and exchanges, so be generous in guiding them about place of return and exchange. Zappos quote a good example of that

Place in app marketing plan - MobiCommerce

4. Promotions in your app marketing plan

Promotion of app includes elements like: mobile app advertising, public relations, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing and more. Remember to make each touch point of the brand uniform to provide same brand experience to your customers.

Continuous finding out creative ways of promotions in app marketing plan is very important. App battles are won not just by increasing downloads but by engaging customers to shop from mobile app continuously.

Good screenshots, catching app icon, SMS and Push Notifications, call-to-action for app download on website and social media profiles, app links in marketing collaterals and email signature all these are some ways of promoting your app in best possible way.

App Store Optimization is also one the proven technique and need to be practiced mandatory for achieving desired results. App store optimization (ASO) is, at it’s core, search engine optimization (SEO) for the Google Play and App Store. Just like search engine optimization, app store optimization focuses on keyword relevance, search relevance and the keyword density in your description. Read this article from Buildfire to optimize your app store completely.

5. Process in your app marketing plan

Design your app process to give great brand experience to customers. The checkout process in mobile app is quite an important aspect where every touch point matter.

process in app marketing - MobiCommerce

Image Source –

While designing checkout process for your mobile app, look for these aspects and try to check most of the boxes tick there.

Speed – While surfing on mobile app loading time needs to be less. With the slow internet and heavy site, most of the users become impatient and abandon carts from checkout pages.

Stay simple with form – Too much of everything is dangerous so just ask users to fill out the necessary information. Keep option of guest checkout mandatorily. So there will be no forced registration.

Progress indicators – A progress indicator of moving from one step to another gives customers an exact idea about when the process will be over and how much is left.

Payment Security – Reassurance about no frauds, secured online payments builds a trust with customers to shop online.

Payment Options – Be generous with payment options like credit card , debit card, paypal, internet banking and others.

No distractions – As we say no distractions that doesn’t mean less content, it means relevant content to complete the process.

6. Physical Evidence

This usually applies in terms of physical stores which includes ambience, color of furniture, lighting in store, and all those which gives look and feel to your physical outlets. I prefer to keep that in mobile app because good home screen, color combination, catchy call-to-action do the same thing for app here. One more thing here to include is user reviews which are also physically evident for other users about the experience of them with the brand.

physical evidence - mobicommerce

7. People

Human touch is irreplaceable and therefore you need a good customer care support over phone or chat or any other medium is necessary to handle brand touch points.

people - mobicommerce

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