Voice Search trends in E-commerce – A next big thing in Industry

Launch of Apple Siri had initiated the trends of Voice Search. But after the launch of few more such products like Amazon Echo, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant etc., it has given a fuel to market rise. With the heavy acceptance of such voice assistance in US, marketers have also taken up the challenge to beat the new rising mode of shopping.

Glance at statistics

Gartner predicted that, “by 2018 30% of the interactions will be based on Voice Search”, search strategies will be adapted in next 12 month.

According to Comscore, “50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020”.

Voice Search

Voice Search and E-commerce –

Voice search has enabled quick search alternative. You can just speak out and your voice assistant will help you finding the stuffs you’re looking for. It’s also available on your desktop, mobile, TV and tablets.

The technology is rising and will have great impact on various industries like ecommerce app and website development. Days are not far when you’ll add items to your cart with voice shopping! In the coming years, Voice search assistant will directly interact with ecommerce platforms and look for the products you’ve searched; it will show the comparative results to you!

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Business owners now need to make efforts for voice search in order to stay on top of the mind. Content in this case as well makes the importance.

There will be VOICE APPS soon that will interact with voice to have easy mode of communication without any interference. Few companies have already stepped into it by providing voice apps.

Amazon’s Alexa, Echo can help you out to place order on Amazon via voice search technology and make perfect end to end shopping experience.

Amazon echo

Walmart has partnered with Google to enable Voice shopping even more affordable. Yet the current structure of voice search is far below compare to what it is expected to grow.

How to optimize site for Voice Search?

So, to match the trends and to be available on SERPs, Business entrepreneurs need to make efforts to optimize their sites for voice search.

Tips to Optimize sites for voice search –

  • Optimize for questions

While voice searching, its general tendency that people asks questions to get answers. Here in voice search people won’t speak the way they type keywords in text based search. So, optimize your site for questions that people generally used to ask.

E.g. Voice search – where is Mexican restaurant near me?

Text search – Mexican restaurant near me

While speaking, people generally starts with why, where, what, best, good etc.

Publish question based blogs, testimonials or FAQs in order to be on top in SERPs.

  • Use Natural Language

Voice search will be led by natural language processing technology because people will tend to speak in normal routine language during voice search.

Your ecommerce store should be able to understand and reply to natural language used by people. Try adding general terms, product titles and showcase such way that they respond to query placed in natural language. Add natural language to your site content.

Google Assistant

  • Optimize for long-tail keywords

The content search by voice would of course be longer than what it is in text based search. And thus you need to optimise your site for long-tail keywords as well to match with voice trends.

We are coming back to the era when people used to type long questions to search.

  • Local Search Optimization

As voice search is 3X time more likely to be local due to instant shopping need, local search optimization will enable sites to be on top of search result page and to yield best outcome.

Make sure that you appear locally as well on Google by adding your business profile, business timings, delivery time etc. to be found local and provide accurate details. Schema mark-up helps to achieve rich and structured data in order to provide detailed product information.

Tips to integrate voice controlled strategy into your ecommerce –

  • Product Information in natural language
  • Consistency across channel
  • Analysing customer behaviour
  • Plan your Voice Search pattern

To conclude

2018 is may be the year for ‘Voice Search’ rise. E-commerce industry will be transform by the changed search pattern of consumers. Thee technology enhancement driving towards the change is accepted highly becauseit is consumer friendly, quick and also hands-free technology. You can shop while doing other tasks! So, let’s wait for Comscore’s prediction to be true when 50% of consumers will use voice search.

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