Mobile App Battle of Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal : A Close Look

eCommerce | Mobile Apps | February 9, 2017
By MobiCommerce

Mobile Commerce – this term has a lot to say. Since there are myriads of strategies introduced to boost online market during festive seasons, the giants of mobile eCommerce are able to easily roll up with attractive business concepts to tempt their customers to buy during Diwali festival. All eCommercetycoons such as Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal offered 5 days of festive sale on heavy discounted price. 5 days were divided among various categories like apparels, household, electronics, mobile, furniture’s etc. Along with crazy and tempting discount offers, this time Flipkart and Snapdeal have applied one more tactic by collaborating with Bajaj Finance – No cost EMI. If the customer has Bajaj Finance card then customer can shop on EMI without paying any additional interest on it.

Let’s talk aboutFlipkart’s big billion day sale!

Within just an hour of its launch, one lakh foot wears were sold. As per the estimate of an industry on normal/regular days, value of fashion and lifestyle products sold by Flipkart is Rs700 to 1000/- whereas on big billion day sale, it got increased to Rs. 2500 to 3000!

There were over 20 million total visitswithin just 19 hours after the announcement of big billion day sales. As per Flipkart, they sold millions of products in first 10 hours. From the total traffic of 20 million, 60% was sale of fashion and lifestyle products were boosted. Add to this, mobile apps gave 73% of business, whereas desktops helped generate only 15% of business.

Let’s talk about Amazon

Surveys stated that, it took the place of Google Play and Apple App store under shopping category. According to stats, from Amazon they saw five times growth in mobile app and were able to generate 80% of the traffic. Online transactions taking place over the apps also increased by 7 times. Moreover, Samsung, Lenovo, Xiaomi had become the most prominent brands among the mobile category sales.

Along with mobile, mobile accessories sales raised 5 times more. Also, consumers’ electronics grew 20 times where as fashion category showed 44 times growth. Auto category growth was five times along with unexpected growth in furniture category of 12 times within 3 days of sale.

Snapdeal Did It Well Too!

After Flipkart and Amazon it was time for Snapdeal to introduce its season sale and let’s see how the sales performance was for Snapdeal. According to the latest stats,Snapdeal sales volume overall have surged 9-10 times higher than the other e-tailers websites. There was a sharp change in the quantity of sales; it was because of the partnership with key brands. Most of the sales were from Mobile app which covers almost 70-80% of total sales during the season.

As per Snapdeal they sold 10 products per second which includes Smartphone every 6 second, laptop every 20 seconds, on every 30 seconds a tablet, a pair of footwear every 10 seconds and many others. There was 100% sales growth this year as witnessed to the previous year. Categories like fashion and electronics played exceptionally well up to the mark and on the other side home décor and furnishing also came out to their expectations.

Here are the numbers which are being rolled out nowadays.

“Are you kidding me?”This is the reaction people give after reading thebelow figures.

Whopping Sales through Mobile Apps

How These Big Companies Can Claim Above Numbers?

Amazon released the numbers a day before and claimed 15 million units in five days of sales. Flipkart along with myntra and Jabong sales collection, claimed 15.5 million units.Snapdeal claimed to have 11 million units sold along with some cash-back offers from free-charge wallet. For Amazon it was the most important membership area which worked out well during this sale season. Using the prime numbers there is no fair match with Snapdeal and Flipkart which does not include any special customers.

Flipkart worked out technically this time and so it did not disappoint any of its customers, like previous year. Flipkart claimed that, this time they were ready to handle traffic which would be expected during those 5 days sales. On the other hand,Snapdeal and Amazon were never a part of any such technical issues.

Phew! The e-commerce giants played amazingly with their mobile apps.

An Immediate Verdict

Flipkart was on top and no one made it up to cross Flipkart! Thus it is a winner who is moresuccessful than others. The rivals are still standing behind Amazon and Snapdeal.

Stats are impressive and these had made customers buy things at economical level which in turn is helping these eCommerce platforms as well as small and large retailers and wholesalers. It’s like a 360 degree chain working when we talk about e-commerce!


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