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marketplace | October 29, 2020
By Dipika Jadwani
Marketplace solution for Multivendor

Mobicommerce Introduction:

Founded in the year of 2014 by the renowned entrepreneurs of the DesignNbuy web to print solution provider, Mobicommerce has become a renowned name in such a short span as a trusted ecommerce mobile app builder. With the vision to serve non-IT enterprises and individuals, Mobicommerce aids enterprises in establishing a strong online presence with a powerful online stores and Mobile Applications without the hassle of IT and the knowledge of the Technology Industry’s nitty-gritty.

While it all started with end-to-end development services, Mobicommerce soon ventured into Multivendor marketplace software solution to empower enterprises in establishing their own Multi-vendor marketplace store in the least possible time and effort. No matter what industry or domain you wish to target, with Mobicommerce marketplace solutions, you can incorporate the power of automation, personalization and establish comprehensive e-commerce solutions.

Mobicommerce Marketplace specializations:

Whether you wish to create a B2B multivendor marketplace or you wish to create an open market marketplace or an On-demand marketplace, with Mobicommerce your Marketplace Development Company you can get an optimized solution from experienced and technically proficient e-commerce developers that has immense market exposure and who work with an entrepreneurial mindset.

With customer-centricity and user-friendliness as the base of all our services, Mobicommerce has managed to provide satisfactory marketplace development services to various clients from various countries and industries. To help you understand why Mobicommerce is preferred in the market by so many enterprises, below are a few of the capabilities of Mobicommerce’s Magento Multi vendor Marketplace Software Solution:

Capabilities of Mobicommerce’s Magento eCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Software Solution that makes it “People’s Choice”:

  1.  Omnichannel marketplace:

Whether you wish to have an e-commerce website or a mobile commerce application, Mobicommerce provides end-to-end marketplace solutions. Right from multivendor marketplace website to native applications to Magento Progressive Web Applications (PWA), Mobicommerce delivers omnichannel sales opportunities with a seamlessly integrated digital ecosystem. Whether yous is a B2B marketplace business model or a B2C marketplace business model, optimize your sales and establish a sustainable digital ecosystem with the fastest go-to-market Magento Multi-vendor eCommerce Marketplace scripts and extensions from Mobicommerce.

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  1. Feature-rich solution:

Since our vision is to serve non-IT clients with the best IT solutions, all the platforms that we deliver are feature-rich as well as user-friendly. Irrespective of whether you have tech-savvy users or not, Mobicommerce helps you make the most out of your multivendor marketplace with the following modules and its extensive features:

With features like advanced search, customer loyalty program, promotions and other such features, Mobicommerce empowers enterprises to double their revenue with an elaborated customer storefront module.

For extensive reach and optimum lead conversion ratio, your Mobicommerce multivendor marketplace solution comes with numerous marketing and promotions features such as Social media integration, discounts and coupons, Upsell and Cross-sell automation and other such amazing features.

Manage everything right from vendors to commissions to tax to product approvals and lot more right from the admin panel with just a few clicks.

Empower your vendor with amazing features like dynamic reports, personalized dashboard, bulk product upload, catalog and order management and other such features for seamless onboarding of vendors on your multivendor marketplace.

Leave no stone unturned with features like payment integrations, real-time and manual shipping timeline, multi-shipping and other such shipping and payment features for optimized sales and delightful customer experiences.

  1. Dynamic Solution:

We as a pioneer marketplace solutions provider in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, understand that each organization and each industry has its own set of requirements and customer expectations. To ensure that all our clients can cater to all their vendors and customers, Mobicommerce multivendor marketplace software solution is completely customizable. Make your platform future-proof and initiate an innovation center to keep your platform ahead of the market competition with our dynamic marketplace solutions.

  1. Flawless solution that is tested periodically:

We understand the damage that happens to a brand image for every minor and major flaw that disrupts their online platform’s smooth functioning. To ensure that our Magento multivendor marketplace software solution helps our clients in establishing a strong brand image and create deserving tractions towards the platform, our marketplace solutions are launched only after they are fully tested and we also run periodic tests time and again to keep the platform flawless.

  1. Ready-to-go solution with quick go-to-market:

Whether you require a full-fledged enterprise solution or a quick MVP, Mobicommerce developers have created marketplace solutions that can be launched in the shortest possible timeline and thus empower our clients with faster go-live. All you have to do is state your customization specifications which our developers will develop on our standard solution and handover the Magento multivendor marketplace to you in the shortest possible development timeline.

Embark on your journey towards success with Mobicommerce multivendor marketplace solutions:

Hundreds of clients have established a sustainable and profitable e-commerce business with our multivendor marketplace solutions and magento mobile app development & you can too! The company that has been referred to as People’s Favourite is just one mail away. Just state your requirements, get your multivendor solution and join the list of elite clientele that is disrupting their respective market.

Dipika Jadwani

Dipika is a skilled marketer who manages marketing communications at MobiCommerce. From content and social media to branding and PR, Dipika overlooks all aspects of digital marketing meticulously at MobiCommerce. She collaborates extensively with the sales and operations teams to bring more business and build a loyal customer base.

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