How Mobile Commerce Offers Retailers Huge Opportunities to Increase Sales and Customer Engagement?

Mobile Commerce | February 20, 2021
By Rakesh Jain

More than the craze of shopping via mobile, it is now the trend of selling via mobile. Wondering why retailers are keen on getting into mobile commerce? Let’s unlock the answers.

E-commerce, mobile applications, online stores are the latest trends happening in the world of business today. Everyone is running a homemade business trying to find a way to sustain their businesses in one way or the other. Where big players are capturing the markets with online shopping festivals, and mega year-end sales with jaw-dropping discount offers; small businesses are struggling with not only getting new customers but in maintaining the existing ones as well. After all, who won’t drool over such attractive offers?

Now the main question arises why mobile commerce? Does my business really need this? We know you need more convincing and so we have curated some of the key advantages of mobile commerce which will make you dive into it right away.

Mobile Commerce: Introduction, Importance, and Its Advantages

Mobile commerce or m-commerce is simply the process of buying and selling of goods and services through wireless handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. Online retailers build their eCommerce app through which they are able to sell their products anytime and anywhere and using which customers can shop on-the-go thereby making it easier and convenient for both to achieve their desired goals.

As far as why is considered then, the use of mobile phones and the internet are increasing day by day so taking advantage of this technological advancement is a must for every business. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic and the social distancing has shot up the usage of mobile and the need for a mobile presence to such a level that it is now becoming a necessity for any business to survive. However, there’s nothing wrong in it as mobile commerce is very much advantageous for a business as a wide number of people can be reached with much lesser efforts and ease.

Building an eCommerce app is no more an act of big players of the market. The mentality has changed now and with the cost of developing a mobile app gone down, small-scale retailers are finding it more convenient to sell compared to the traditional website and hence are now taking a leap by building an e-commerce app for their store.

Now let’s see what are the advantages of mCommerce:

Improved Customer Experience

Shopping experience matters the most in online retailing and guess what? The overall customer experience is much better using mobile apps as compared to the e-commerce website. The smooth navigation, ease of use, and most importantly the freedom to shop on-the-go is what makes customers feel more convenient in shopping via mobile apps. Therefore, a mobile app for your business is the first and foremost thing to do if you want a wide customer base.

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Quicker Purchases and Transactions

The purchases are made much faster via mobile apps. The easy linking of bank accounts with mobile numbers, browsing and filtering the choice of products, quicker checkouts, ease of inputting OTP for multiple payment options like Paytm, UPI etc. make the purchase hassle-free and faster which also plays a very important role in the boosting of purchasing using mobile apps. So, integrating mobile apps with the latest payment gateways will help the business to attract more customers.

Personalised Experience

A mobile app is an excellent tool for providing personalised experiences to customers. Since it is installed individually on smartphones, it becomes very easy for the business to understand the personalized interest of the person using the phone. From the user’s location, choices of the users, browsing history, shopping patterns, social media usage etc. personalised content, as well as a shopping experience, can be easily provided to the customers. Also, with the help of predictive search analysis, the seller can understand the behaviour of the customer more clearly and provide suggestions based on their searches, likes, and dislikes.

Moreover, using the push notification features, the seller can connect personally to the customers and push them to make the purchase or remind them about the abandoned cart to complete the payment.

Customer Engagement

Offers, sales, contests, games, all of these attract customers, and it becomes easy to lure and keep your customers engaged with such things via mobile apps than traditional websites.

Higher discounts, free coupons, referrals, polls, lucky draws, etc. are some of the easy and luring ways to not just promote your brand; but also, to keep your customers engaged, stay loyal, as well as come back to you.

Satisfaction Surveys and Analytics

Customer preferences keep changing from time to time, and hence it is important to conduct surveys, collect feedback, and study analytics in order to serve them better. Create attractive surveys in short time intervals, collect feedback in the form of comments, polls, etc. to help understand the needs of the customer in the best way and keep track of your analytics to know where you stand and where you need improvement all of which is easier to do via mobile apps.

Better Customer Support

You can get creative in ways you can imagine while building your eCommerce app. Since mobile users are multiplying day by day, you can offer better customer support via your mobile app than your eCommerce website because it becomes easier to implement innovative ideas to interact with customers like chatbots, automated voice messages, customer support calls with less waiting time etc. on a mobile app than the website.

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Role of Mobile Commerce in Increasing Sales and Customer Engagement

Add exciting pop-ups – When the users are trying to exit the site of your business giving a small pop window with some interesting offers will resist them to look more and end up buying one or the other items.

Provide festive offers – Festivals are the most attractive ways to capture the customer’s attention. By offering various discounts and festival specific items will keep customers to stick to you in the future as well.

Run campaigns and ads – Customers are always hanging out on social media and hence you ought to be there where your customers are in the form of campaigns, ads etc. Highlight and promote your brand by running ads and campaigns and keep them reminding about your presence, products or services, etc.

Wrapping Up

Mobile is the future and online shopping is becoming a daily routine now due to the pandemic and growing technology, therefore, if you as a retailer do not want to get lost in the crowd then approach a professional ecommerce mobile app builderright away to build an eCommerce app of yours to achieve all the above-mentioned advantages.

Rakesh Jain

Rakesh Jain is the co-founder and CEO of MobiCommerce. When he is not busy taking the company to newer heights, he authors detailed blog posts for leading publications, teaching eCommerce store owners different ways to manage, grow and scale their business. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he is passionate about proactively finding the “next big thing.”

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