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Event or Show Booking Marketplace are Growing in South East Asia

Event management and all related businesses are running strong in South East Asia. With recent reports showing the emergence of a staggering number of millionaire businesspersons in this region, it is no surprise that conference, seminars and even private parties are on the rise. Naturally, event management companies native to the region as well as from outside are keenly interested in tapping into this market.

However, it is not so easy to penetrate this market as it is already saturated with high-end event planning and management service providers. So, smaller companies take advantage of multivendor marketplace options to optimize their business cycles. Generally, these platforms utilize Magento multivendor marketplace extensions to deliver the widest options to clients and also offer specialized services.

Now when it comes to these multivendor platforms, there are tons of other factors which will need to be considered. And all of it depends upon the online marketplace interface that you adopt. Since all bookings are done online and many happen on short notice, having a responsive, customized and easily used marketplace interface is key to success. Below, we have compiled a list of some of the most critical features that you must have in your multivendor marketplace script:

Top Features Your Event/Show Booking Ecommerce Multivendor Marketplace Must Have?

1. Region-specific Services

Customization is the name of the game in the world today and the event planning industry is no exception. South East Asia, in particular, is a culturally diverse region featuring blends of novelty and tradition. To successfully cater to potential clients from this region, your Magento marketplace software needs to be able to accommodate these different facets.

Exploration of services based on thematic similarities like cuisines, décor, purpose etc is a good way to help clients get what they want in quick time. If your marketplace platform can deliver this then it can potentially become a leading presence in the market.

2. Variety Ensures Success

One of the main reasons why event planning services offered via B2B ecommerce multivendor marketplaces are so popular is convenience. Having multiple businesses offer competitive services under one platform allows clients to compare and choose the best for their needs.

So, in order for your marketplace platform to get successful, you need to offer a wide number of options. This refers not only to companies but also services. Of course, there is a definite amount of value in specializing in say business events. However, the more diverse your list of vendors, the higher the chance of long-term growth and success.

3. Tier-based Services

Having a multivendor marketplace for your event planning and show booking services is only the start. Even if you have many options, it is not necessary that clients will be willing to go through them all to choose the one that will fit them best. So, it is important to structure the services on the basis of tiers.

There are many ways to establish tiers in your marketplace. All of them must be calibrated to provide a unique cross-section of services to clients. This is critical for helping them make the right selection. For example, a show booking service based on the venue charges should be combined with the potential catering and décor options. Similarly, multiple day bookings should be combined with the cumulative valuation of overall costs at a fairly lowered price.

4. AI-based Suggestions

Artificial Intelligence can be a great help for B2B multivendor ecommerce systems. They can help clients understand where their needs can be most easily and economically met. The AI can factor in vital things like location, budget, type of event etc. and provide smart suggestions to clients for the best experience.

Having a smart AI which can provide the best suggestions and navigational help to clients requires the use of highly-qualified Magento marketplace software builders. In order to ensure this, check the total validated work experience of your developers as well as their actual skills. This will help you get a fair idea of how much value for money you are getting.

5. Season-specific Service Options

One of the most effective ways of catering to any event booking market is to offer season specific services. Consider the most important times of the year when business and personal events are frequently held. During these times, you can offer lucrative discounts or complementary services through your multivendor market script. If you already have a good presence, then consider how you can expand it. All of this will help solidify your market reputation and popularity.


Event planning, booking,and management is a vast field and a very profitable one. It is also highly competitive and so, multivendor ecommerce marketplaces for this platform have risen to prominence. If you are planning to establish a dominant marketplace for these services, consider the factors we have mentioned above. This will help you cater to your clients in the best way possible and rapidly grow your enterprise.

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