4 Business Barriers That Can be Removed Using Mobile App

The world has moved a long way since the days of the traditional shopping. The online shopping was the first step in this revolution. It has simplified the way people do shopping to a great deal. However, this method of shopping had its drawbacks as well. In spite of all the convenience it offers, the business enterprises do face certain barriers. There is a need to overcome these obstacles and make the process as simple as possible for the customer. The mobile shopping apps can play a great role in removing these barriers. Let us see what these are and how the use of the mobile shopping apps can help in overcoming them.

Barrier #1:
Reaching out to the customers is difficult in the online method of shopping.

The online shopping involves the use of computers and the availability of the internet. Naturally, you cannot expect a person to be near the computer at all times in a day to enable the business enterprises to contact him. The mobile app can help in this regard because of their unlimited reach.

On an average, every person in the US uses more than 3 internet accessing devices in a day. This could range from computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. Out of these instruments, the most common one is the mobile phone.

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Statistics show that every person is within immediate reach of the mobile phone for more than 90% of their waking hours. Hence, contacting a person through his or her mobile phone is the easiest method today. Contacting a prospective customer is the prime responsibility of the business enterprise. The mobile phone has made it perfectly easy for him to do so. That is the reason why every online ecommerce website has a separate mobile application. Establishing contact with the customer becomes easy. You can sum it up in just two sentences.

  • It is the easiest way to reach a customer.
  • The mobile app provides the easiest way to interrupt a customer as well.

Barrier #2:
Collecting and maintaining data about your customers can be difficult in the traditional as well as in the online methods.

Data management becomes difficult in the normal online methods of shopping because of the different IP addresses people use while accessing the internet. This is not the case when they use the mobile apps. You have a dedicated mobile number using which the business enterprises can collect data and manage them as well.

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When a customer downloads the mobile app on his phone, you can keep track of the number of times he uses the app or the number of people who download the app, etc. Mobile Application should have amazing features that help to get better customer engagement. This can help you update the data on a real time basis.

Barrier #3:
Not all businesses have the capability to advertise their products on the internet. This could be because of a limited number of products. Hence, there is a need for a solution that could adapt to various platforms.

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The web app and mobile app are the best solutions under the circumstances. The smaller size of the screen allows you to limit the content available for display. This can make your website look more compact that it otherwise is. The smaller screen is the most convenient when it comes to creating content. You have the liberty of keeping things simple instead of complicating it too much. This can result in a better exchange of information between the business enterprise and the customer.

Barrier #4:
It is difficult to track the location of the customer when he uses the internet for shopping. It is not easy to locate the customer based on his IP address.

A mobile app allows you to track the location of the customer very easily. At the same time, you are also in a position to track the user responses instantaneously. This can make it easy to make the necessary changes to suit the customer’s preference. The availability of broadcast services such as Bluetooth and GPRS makes it easy for the business enterprises to estimate the location of the customer. This is particularly useful while notifying him or her about your promotional orders. The customer has an advantage as well because he or she is able to track the shipments effortlessly using these tracking methods.

business barrier 4 - mobicommerce

Based on the customer’s response, you can choose to start a dialogue with him or her. This increased level of personal interaction is a benefit of the mobile app.


To summarize, one can state that the mobile apps have revolutionized online shopping in many ways. It has made things easier for the customer as well as the business enterprises. As far as the role of mobile apps in removing business barriers, one can summarize as follows.

  • Reaching out to customers is very easy.
  • One can improve the data management using mobile apps.
  • The businesses can adapt to various online mobile platforms easily.
  • Tracking shipments as well as customer responses, is very easy

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