8 Tips In Creating Engaging Product Descriptions In Your E-Commerce Site

Perhaps the biggest challenge business people and marketers face today is how to connect best with their target customers. To be effective, marketers should know how to present their products attractively to their customers. Successful salespeople engage prospective buyers and audience with powerful presentations through face-to-face or phone presentations. Skilled marketers persuade their customers by making them think that they need the products they sell. But, digital marketing presents a challenging spin in your product presentation online.

Difference in digital selling

Selling online is limited to showing products through images, audio and video while explaining them through text. Prospective customers cannot personally experience your products before purchasing. For example, in selling clothes, your consumers want to see and get a feel of them. However, it is a challenge to do this online by presenting your products with just visuals and audio.

Indeed, selling online needs a different strategy. Marketers need new tools to build up their brand and persuade their prospects to buy. Luckily for marketers, computer technology has become so advanced that even people without a formal background in designing, text editing, non-programming can participate in digital marketing. With minimal training, these technologies will provide improved artistry and value to the content on your product pages.

The eight tips

Now that you are armed with multiple tools for marketing your e-commerce website, the next question is, how can you promote your product pages? Here are some tips you could follow to build product pages thatwill generate sales:

  • Focus on your ideal buyer — Just like in traditional marketing, digital marketers should focus their attention and effort on the group or type of people that will likely buy from them. Experts advise to research well and create your buyer personas, a made up character that best represent your target market. He/she will be a sample person to whom you will communicate or talk to. To be successful, you must be detailed in characterizing your buyer persona. The more detailed your profile, the better you can connect to your target market with your tailor-fit product pages, in a manner that will suit their tastes and personality.

  • Create an all-inclusive list of features and benefits — To sell effectively, a master marketer must turn the products’ features to benefits for their prospects. This is also true in digital marketing, but on a different level. In digital marketing, you have to present your product in a page without your actual presence. Instead, you only have a page for your audience to complete their online purchase. Think of your product page as your product presentation to many individuals but, at the same time, delivered on a one-on-one basis. To make a great impact to your prospective customers, you should bridge the gap between the features and benefits of your products.

  • Match the tone of your voice with that of your target market — To communicate effectively, you should be at the same language tone as your audience. To make sure you understand your market and vice versa, you should speak the same language tone and register of your target market. Avoid using jargon unless your prospects and buyers use jargon too. As a rule of thumb, use jargon only when talking to sophisticated and top-tier buyerswho only constitute a small fraction of the entire economy.

  • Make your pages scanable — Web pages work differently from printed materials. One research stated that only 16% of the text on the average web page are being read. With text being a minor part of any successful e-commerce product page, you should design your product pages in such a way that their contents can be seen and understood effectively. To make your pages reader-friendly, consider doing the following:

    • Put subheadings to make a large chunk of text easier and more enticing to read.
    • Add bullet points to lists to attract readers’ attention to key points.
    • Choose easy to read fonts and make them large to improve readability especially to the elderly.
    • Include videos, photographs, or images to make your products more desirable. By default, visuals are more attractive to the brain than a bunch of texts.
    • Provide plenty of white space that will guide readers through your content, provide emphasis on which content you want your readers to consume and make your page easy to scan.
  • Make your text compelling — While the visuals attract your attention, your text often carries the logic and rhetoric of your product sales pitch. Hence, make it impressive. To make your text attractive, make many drafts of your text until it is persuasive. Use more active verbs and fewer adjectives. Include words that will boost persuasiveness by using decisive statements and by avoiding statements that you can’t back with evidence. By doing this, you can establish your credibility and reputation as an online merchant.

  • Optimize your copy for search engines — Search engine optimization offers one of the best marketing value among digital marketing channels. You canmake your product pages SEO-friendly by:

    • Adding keywords or key phrases in your headline, subheadings, and body text; or
    • Including key phrases in the file names, image descriptions, and alt tags of images to optimize your product.
  • Tell engaging stories to appeal to the imagination of your readers – This is one type of effective storytelling that still charms the mind of buyers. According to a Stanford Graduate School of Business marketing professor Jennifer Aaker, studies prove that human brains are not hard-wired to process logic or store facts for very long. “Our brains are wired to understand and retain stories,” says Aaker.

    It’s best to give your readers very engaging stories peppered with sensory words that they can relate with.

  • Tempt your target market with proofs — To establish the credibility of your products, you need to prove that they work, and they solved the problems of your past buyers. The best ways to present proofs are through customer testimonials and positive reviews. At 89%, customer testimonials are rated the highest in effectiveness for all types of content marketing tools.

Without a well-thought design and presentation of your product pages, the salability of your products is at serious risk in an industry with 80% failure rate. Follow the tips above to gain an edge in ensuring the marketability of your brand and products.

This article is written by Japs Buidon. He is a Social Media Specialist and SEO from a renowned magento development company in florida. He loves hiking as well as electronics.

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