5 Foolproof Ways to Increase Your Mobile App Reviews

There is no doubt that reviews play a major role for the website and for your mobile app. They can add or reduce your customers and your business based on the information shared through the review. They help in enhancing the business growth and adding more customers to the current list. Reviews have always been very important, earlier we used to take reviews in person. But today the scenario is a little different; we get more than expected reviews online when we are looking for some services or products to match our requirements.

Lets’ say You want to watch a movie, take a trip to an island or the forest, have dinner in a restaurant or buy anything else, reviews will be very helpful in making the right decision. As per the surveys of ConeComm and Score, let’s take a look at the stats below:

  • 80% of people change their buying decision entirely based on the negative reviews they have read.
  • 80% of people say they trust online reviews like they trust personal reviews.
  • 40% people say they search for local businesses online when they plan to approach them.
  • 48% will visit your app while 21% will do shopping from there.

What makes reviews important for any App?

Launching an app is one thing and making it successful is another thing. Launching is not enough for your app to be successful. You need to have a good amount of customers registered in your app and using it for shopping and other purposes. To grab these customers, it’s important to have positive reviews online. If your app has good reviews, its visibility will increase and anyone searching for apps with your services or products will see it on the first page of search engines. This way they will download the app and here begins your journey of success.

Along with the positive reviews, one has to be ready and prepared for the negative ones. You can’t satisfy all the customers. Where some are happy and there will be some having complaints about your services or products. You can take their feedback and see how you can solve those issues. People look for apps that are user friendly and use the latest technology. If you have that in your app, those negative reviews might not affect them much.

Here are 5 smart ways to Boost Reviews for Your App

#1. Boost Downloads through ASO

If your app has friendly features and users don’t face any problems understanding them, your success ratio will be high in App Store Optimization. This will increase the download of your app. So, if the customers' say that your app is user friendly and feature enriched, new customers will be compelled to download the app benefiting you the most.

#2. Ask For Reviews

Make it a rule that whenever there is a first time user of the app, you ask them to leave a feedback and rating. It is important to boost your sales and downloads and even more important to get the feedback to make more improvisation for the future. You can be sure to increase the reviews this way.

#3. Offer Rewards

Rewards are welcome anytime. You just need to set a few rules and you will see how happy the customers will be upon receiving the rewards. You can offer them discounts, or add money to the wallet for certain activities or purchase. This way you will get sales and of course more positive reviews from the customers as well.

#4. Give On-time Support

There will be many customers who are facing problem either using the app or making a purchase or adding products to the cart and they will always contact you for the same. Giving them immediate support and helping them sort the issues will always leave a positive impact and build more trust in them resulting in getting more positive reviews for your app.

#5. Run Contest on Social Media Platforms

If you want to target more people you must use social media platforms as your main marketing tool. You run a contest for the app users, announcing some enticing prizes for the winners. This will ensure that customers who don’t have the app will download it that helps to increase your customer base and you will have more contestants to participate. This way your reviews will increase more.

Just bear in mind not to have fake reviews added, because if there any fake reviews then you might end up losing customer loyalty plus your app might be removed from the app store.


Reviews play a major role for apps as it enhances the sales, and increases the visibility. Thus, one must always ask for reviews from their customers at the right time. Be it positive or negative reviews must be taken from them. If it’s positive, it is fine. But, what if it is negative as negative reviews will be dangerous for your business. Take an immediate action, solve their issues as soon as possible and make them happy.

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