We Do Customizations to Meet Your Business Needs

We understand that every online business has different needs hence we offer customization service so that the mobile apps fits for your business and customers. Some of the most common customizations that we have offered to our clients are as listed below:

Themes & UI We do take themes and UI related assignments, we have good team of front end developers who can implementnew themes or professionally customize existing theme as per your requirement.

Modules and Extensions We have good team of mobile developers who are well versed with creating new functions or modifying the existing ones, hence we cater to custom development for client in order to help them meeting their online business requirement.

New Payment Gateways or Shipping Gateways Feel free to ask if you want to add new payment gateways or shipping gateways, everything will be handled smartly through experts.

Custom Workflow Implementation Customized workflow designed based on organizational needs.

If you need any other customization than listed above, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to assist you on how we can implement your feature requirements to offer an end to end solution.

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