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Read-out How Building a Mobile App with Mobicommerce has Helped Mr. Sahni

“Our B2B sales have increased more than 100% after launching our Mobile App”
– Mr. Sandeep Sahni, Owner – Auto Trends (

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1. Give us a quick overview of your business?

Ans. We are India’s first B2B eCommerce portal, selling car accessories directly to the Retailers, Dealers, Wholesalers, Distributors and Stockists owning any car related business. Not only B2B, our brand, Auto Trends, also has more than 15000+ registered B2C customers buying car accessories on a regular basis.

2. How did our solution help your business to achieve its objectives?

Ans. Mobicommerce is one of the important reasons for the success of the Auto Trends Mobile App. Among the many amazing features, its highly customizable widget design (Layout Editor) is creating a new benchmark in the field of companies selling Magento-based mobile apps. While Push Notifications, one of the best features of Mobicommerce solution, has helped us in retaining our customers by letting them buy all our newly introduced products and not only this, the cherry on the cake is the all new Deep Linking feature where we are now able to retain & grab new customers via WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media.

3. What challenges or needs did you face in your industry that led you to look for a solution like ours?

Ans. Our company is both, B2C and B2B seller platform, thus, we needed an app company who would understand our needs and the complex customization our business demanded which was quite difficult to communicate with the marketing team, but, the marketing head Mr. Danish from Mobicommerce made it easy for us. He understood all our queries and gave us a quote which suited our budget and we decided to partner with Mobicommerce.

4. How long have you been using our solution?

Ans. It’s been close to 2 years we have partnered with Mobicommerce.

5. Did you explore any other solutions prior to this that did not work out? If so, what happened?

Ans. We had tested Simi cart and few others but Mobicommerce being an Indian company & known for their friendly approach, made us choose Mobicommerce over others.

6. What was most important to you while evaluating your options or what made our solution stand out against our competitors?

Ans. The key reason for us to get back to Mobicommerce was their new AMC plan and free upgrade policy which I think is the reason they stand out in the crowd.

7. How easy or hard was it to get started with our solution?

Ans. Well, we did have our share of problems and issues of testing the app close to 100 times, and it was expected because we were customizing right from the login page to the checkout page. However, once the tech guru Mr. Yash from Mobicommerce understood what we were looking for, everything after that was in place.

8. Which unique feature of MobiCommerce solution do you like the most and Why?

Ans. Well, it’s difficult to talk about one feature but if I had to choose it would be the Deep Linking and Push Notification.

9. How much have your sales increased with your mobile app in %?

Ans. Our B2B sales have increased by more than 100% and the financial year still has 3 more months to go.

10. Give us the overall experience with MobiCommerce (Training, Delivery & Support)?.

Ans. Well, I would surely give a 5 STAR rating to Shruti, the support coordinator from Mobicommerce for her prompt replies on minor issues we have had in the past.

11. What is your future planning of expanding your business and how you think our solution can help you out in the expansion?

Ans. Well, with more than 10,000 downloads of the AutoTrends Android app and close to 4.5-star ratings; I must say, you (Mobicommerce) guys are doing a phenomenal job.

12. Would you recommend MobiCommerce to others? Why?

Ans. Yes, I would surely recommend Mobicommerce to all Magento users for one reason – if you can think of a change needed in your mobile app in the near or coming future, Mobicommerce can make it happen. Kudos!! to the entire team of Mobicommerce.

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