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by MobiCommerce | August 11, 2016

Why Push Notifications must be part of your integral mobile commerce development and marketing plan?

Push Notifications are one major way to get customers occupied on your apps at regular intervals. They have proved it also with numbers. Thousands of infographics and statistics mention that push notification open rates range between 47-80%. These open rates lead to customer engagement and finally to sales. Still there
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Mobile Commerce/mCommerce
by MobiCommerce | July 6, 2016

Mobile Commerce – A Success Saga

Mobile Commerce, once believed to be a part of eCommerce is a different and upcoming stream in online world. Just from being responsive to only mobile is a new and catching up trend. Have you wondered what are the reasons behind it and how this evolution started and now where
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Mobile Apps
by Roma Maheshwari | June 21, 2016

Watch out all Ps to build a perfect app marketing plan

A perfect app marketing plan with proper execution is only way to make your mobile commerce strategy successful. You might have come across tons of marketing guide, success mantras for increasing your mobile app downloads with all sets of suggestions like good description of products, quick checkout process, discounts and
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eCommerce Online Store
by MobiCommerce | May 10, 2016

6 Reasons Local Businesses Need Online Stores

Opening an online store is easier than ever. There are dozens of great e-commerce platforms that allow merchants with no coding experience to build up and run complex online store systems and reach customers from all around the world. Since the use of mobile internet also saw a huge increase
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